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  1. I think the terrain looks good but i do resent the obligation to take it. I suspect theyll get points in the GHB, which will make them fine as options. Spamming out terrain and endless spells alongside the latest iteration of the rules is a double edged sword - sure its cool, but too much and itll lead to burn out. 40k is already releasing its second cycle of 8th ed codexes two years after edition release, i wont be impressed if AoS goes the same way!
  2. Not a single FW model has ever appeared in an AoS battletome, its weird when they are so prominently listed with their factions on the app. Mind you im still dubious of FW rules after how broken the mourngul and that chaos teleporting bloke were a couple of years ago 😁 stuff seems a bit more balanced nowadays tho imo.
  3. I enjoyed the Realmgate Wars series, would have liked it if theyd chronicled the whole series though. As it is, they novelise Mighty Battles, Search for Ghal Maraz and a bit of Balance of Power then just stop! Id love a trilogy about the All Gates wars, and more on Archaon like when he kills Vandus and his godbeast schemes. Everything else fleshes out the setting nicely, but i think the Realmgate Wars just missed out on being the narrative backbone of AoS.
  4. Did anyone watch the Flesh Eaters vs Daughters of Khaine game at the AoS Grand Tournament Heat 1 on Twitch? FEC player conceded end of turn 2 - after giving the DoK a good decking and penning them in, the survivors were still hard enough to kill the 2 terrorgheist kings and break the back of the FEC. Carrying on wouldve been a foregone conclusion, but it made me think of this thread!
  5. It looks like shadowspear up for pre order next sat, then maybe khorne AoS the week after. Im not convinced theyll drop Black Legion and a bunch of new kits at the same time as a heavily discounted box set, and even dropping Abaddon separately would be precedented by Calgar and co being released outside of a codex release. So im expecting khorne BT in my grubby mitts by 23rd march, or 30th at the latest!
  6. GW has been publically traded since 1994! This https://investor.games-workshop.com/our-history/ gives a good overview of what GW themselves say their priorities are. "Playing" and "rulebooks" are mentioned but only after collecting, modelling and painting. I think selling models is absolutely GWs top priority, and having rules to play games with them is very much a secondary consideration. Same with the lore, its just their to create some emotional resonance with the models, and with AoS theyre going whole hog by advancing the narrative in tandem with the release schedule. An interesting approach, but seems to be working for them!
  7. Do any TOs put a handicap on certain lists, say if its a copy of a list that won or placed top 10 in a previous tournament? That might level the playing field a bit and lead to fewer concessions. Or is that a whole other can of squigs?
  8. Um, sorry for spoilers if thats the case, consider them to be Tzeentchian misdirection!!
  9. It was Kairos Fateweaver, as shown in Quest for Ghal Maraz. The news didn't help him as he still got hammered by Vandus and Thostos 😁 Thats not to say there arent other interested parties though!
  10. What are we expecting from this updated Khorne book? GW have indicated they will make playing pure daemons of khorne or bloodbound more feasible. Im gonna guess the bloodsecrator is gonna get the wholly within treatment and maybe even be limited to khorne mortals only. Theres also an opportunity to completely review the warscrolls as we've seen with skaven and gloomspite, so id expect buffs galore to all those 4+ abbilities and rendless attacks. Simplifying the battalions will be nice too. Also i wonder if there will be free terrain, or if those not endless spells will fill that role?
  11. I believe Brets and Tomb Kings were usable at launch, the ranges werent discontinued until the following year when the Order and Death GA books were released and loads of stuff went on Last Chance to Buy. The way GW have kind of surreptitiously removed Gitmob and common trolls, then the weird way they discontinued Greenskins has started some alarm bells ringing. What could be next for the chop!?
  12. I believe 2500pt games are recommended/supposed to be played on 8' x 4', for which the tiles are definitely too small!
  13. I have it, its pretty good and all the battleplans work on it fine as objectives are based around the centre point... saying that those missing few inches really bug me 😁 i think GW have standard box packaging sizes so the tiles are made to fit them.
  14. So the Stormvault is a boardgame eh, phew! Ive not yet even finished the Sacrosanct guys from Soul Wars so the thought of another chamber being released was making me antsy!
  15. Well the last three years have had no battletomes in the last 4 months of the year, and last year saw 7 books released so with gitz out id expect only 5 or 6 more. GW are pretty good at doing the unexpected tho so heres hoping for more!
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