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  1. Captain Marius

    The Rumour Thread

    So the Stormvault is a boardgame eh, phew! Ive not yet even finished the Sacrosanct guys from Soul Wars so the thought of another chamber being released was making me antsy!
  2. Captain Marius

    The Rumour Thread

    Well the last three years have had no battletomes in the last 4 months of the year, and last year saw 7 books released so with gitz out id expect only 5 or 6 more. GW are pretty good at doing the unexpected tho so heres hoping for more!
  3. Captain Marius

    The Rumour Thread

    Well the last three years have had no battletomes in the last 4 months of the year, and last year saw 7 books released so with gitz out id expect only 5 or 6 more. GW are pretty good at doing the unexpected tho so heres hoping for more!
  4. Captain Marius

    The Rumour Thread

    Crikey all those things on last chance to buy is a bit of a worrying trend, on top of the confusing disappearance of greenskins, which are still advertised in this months white dwarf!
  5. Captain Marius

    Oh god this article...

    Interesting article but completely misses the mark with the reason for GWs success. Three years ago we didnt have GW social media, twitch or warhammer community - since their launch its been a textbook demonstration of the power of digital consumer engagement. Hardly "White Dwarf is the only way they communicate with customers"! Also plastic crack would have been way more appropriate than the heroin comment. Also maybe the Guardian/news media in general could maybe learn something from GW - i dont see any articles on Warhammer Community ending begging for money 😁 Not a bad article tbough, the heart was just about in the right place.
  6. Captain Marius

    Starting skirmish with Storm Strike

    Could be worth grabbing the nightvault warbands for nighthaunt and sacrosanct, theyre cheap and should give you some nice variety.
  7. Im not worried about plus 5 or 10 quid for a start collecting set, theyre still superb value, and its not like my monthly hobby budget will change until i get a pay rise, when it too will rise and cancel out the price increase anyway. Compared to the bad old days of annual line wide price rises i am far more satisfied with this approach 😊
  8. Am i right in remembering that the factions weren't split at launch but rather with the release of the Grand Alliance books the following year. At launch free pdfs were provided for every wfb army including TKs and Brets, and all the special characters, many of whom had just been killed in the End Times. The new factions were slowly rolled out with the first few Realmgate Wars books, which just added to the confusion, until the GA books came out, squatting Brets, then TKs, and a whole bunch off random stuff like high elf infantry and empire knights.
  9. Captain Marius

    Wrath and Rapture

    I like the tweaks to the khorne daemon rules. Bloodletters are now consistent with more recent units with rules which trigger on a 6 to hit, while a bloodcrusher charge is now something to be feared, which i hope skullcrushers will one day be updated to do! Karanak is my favourite though, now hes been buffed to be a proper death doggo!
  10. Captain Marius

    The Great TGA Christmas Thread!

    I got myself wrath and rapture as i couldnt resist, and was very lucky to receive some night gobbos and a fungoid shaman in advance of the new book, and Gordrakk himself to lead my sprawling Destruction hordes! Very happy camper right here!
  11. Captain Marius

    The Rumour Thread

    I like that theyre bringing back the odd old world character here and creating tons of new ones as well - to me the whole point of AoS is that gw and the players can do whatever they want and not be confined by the stagnant narrative of 2520 IC! Anyway, who else is excited that Karanak now gets 2 attacks per head rather than just 2 attacks!? Im more excited for Wrath n Rapture than for Xmas! 😁
  12. Captain Marius

    How to deal with a Behemoth

    Ive found Path to Glory fun, but you certainly cant count on it being balanced, even with points, as, as mentioned, something as powerful as an old blood on carnosaur will tend to dominate. Id suggest your opponent maybe try him as a scar veteran on carnosaur in these smaller games, then promote him when you each have a few more units and veteran abilities. Also, try the narrative scenarios instead of matched play ones, as they can offer different challenges to attackers and defenders that can balance out some of the unbalance inherent in the matched play points system!
  13. Im sure i saw a collection of Undying King and Neferata scheduled for sometime next year but cant find it now, can anyone confirm?
  14. Captain Marius

    CP having more variation

    Where are Clan Pestilens on this list? My mate plays them from time to time and they always run rough shod over me no matter what I take, i cant believe they dont appear in more tourneys, especially with shooting apparently falling out of favour.
  15. Really good overview thank you! Ive grabbed the Hammerhal, Legends and Realmgate Wars omnibuses and they are superb value for money!