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  1. For what its worth Jervis says that summoning is costed in, so in theory the Slaanesh stuff costs more points than it would without being able to summon. In that respect i think its pretty similar to stuff like plague monks being undercosted for what they can do.
  2. Unless the new death faction is fully fleshed out (sorry) deathrattle so they can stick skellies, black knights and grave guard in the box with a new hero, alongside the ogors. Id buy it!
  3. Im gonna go ahead and guess that next year will see a new edition of 40k so they can start that codex cycle again, while we'll get an apocalypse equivalent for AoS so we have skirmish, regular and apoc games for both main systems. We'll see the rest of the 2.0 books and some of these long awaited light/shadow aelves. Then in 2021 itll be AoS 3.0 and the whole thing starts again. All this has happened before and will happen again etc 😁
  4. I would expect Slaves to Darkness to be a big release next year, bringing Archaon back into the narrative and hopefully building on all the warcry designs to make something truly awesome. I think its fair theyre basically the last faction to get updated as to be fair theyve had new rules x3 for khorne, +1 for nurgle tzeentch and slaanesh AND had allegiance abilities in the GHB for 3 years. Ive enjoyed playing mine using these various rule sets and im not really fussed about having to wait a bit longer, i have plenty of stuff to paint and play in the meantime!
  5. Thanks @michu and @Still-young, i guess i missed the source! Ok i think we all have reason to be fairly excited for the rest of the year. Its worth noting that GW have done two dual battletome releases in the last year, SE/NH FEC/Rats, so thats a potential option for them, especially if there are more battleboxes coming!
  6. But who said it? If it was Ben Johnson or someone from the AoS studio in an AoS preview session then fair enough, if it was the guy who moderates the facebook page or runs one of the stores then thats about as reliable as me guessing whats coming next 😁
  7. Weve all seen the faq where it says you can place faction terrain models as unique terrain picks but they dont use the warscroll and instead just generate a random rule instead right? Im pretty sure only Awakened Wyldwoods placed as part of allegiance abilities or unit abilities will use the rules for Awakened Wyldwoods, any other trees would just be Wyldwoods from ghb18. Am i missing something?
  8. Re: expectations of new battletomes, id be wary of believing there will be 4 more battletomes this year. Ive followed the rumours as closely as anyone and never seen a named source for this - it feels to me like rumour reverb. This time last year we had stormies and nighthaunt aroumd now, then a complete surprise with beasts of chaos in september. Tje year before we had nothing after kharadrons in may. The year before was sylvaneth, beastclaws and bonesplitterz in august then nothing til tzeentch in january. I think GW use the back end of the year to work on the battletomes for the front end of the following year, with a few exceptions, giving players around 6 months with the meta established by the latest GHB. Happy to be proved wrong, but thats what i think the past few years indicate!
  9. I think having separate hit and wound rolls is more about the feel. Liberators with hammers vs swords encapsulates this: one hits easier, one hits harder. It could be amalgamated into one roll, but i like how it is now.
  10. Im not sure weve really identified a real problem that needs solving. Not all monsters are easy to kill - i dont think Nagash, Archaon, Alarielle or the various dragon guys need to be any tougher. Greater daemons seem about right to me, with the GUO very hard to kill for many armies. Sure buffed units are going to be tough to beat, the strategy is in not going 1 on 1 with them. I think Monsters need to be used en masse as a linebreaker, or in support of other units to generate a ton of damage from a small footprint. I dont think bringing S and T back will offer anything not already covered by to wound, wounds, and in matched play points.
  11. If i recall correctly GW used to do a line wide price rise pretty much annually up until Rowntree took over. For the last five years prices have increased on new releases but have otherwise not been adjusted. With no new edition of 40k or AoS in 2019 I think it makes sense to do a general price increase now to drive their continued growth. Its a pretty sound strategy as it reduces the wailing and gnashing of teeth to once every few years instead of annually. I remember when the plastic Bloodthirster was released during the End Times for 70 quid, when my metal one cost me 25 quid back in the day. That was enough to stop me buying anything for about 6 months, until they tempted me back with the free rules for AoS when it was first released. Since then ive set a monthly hobby budget that goes up only when i get a pay rise, regardless of what GW does with its prices. And to be fair i spend more on beer than on Warhammer so i cant really begrudge the business for fulfilling its responsibility to its owners, the shareholders.
  12. I prefer to play fully painted armies, whenever i use unpainted models they tend to die horribly and demotivate me from painting them!
  13. The new terrain looks lovely, it will fit in well with all the TT Combat Venice stuff ive been buying this year to create a nice Free City (and get some use out of the garrison rules for intact buildings!)
  14. I think the terrain looks good but i do resent the obligation to take it. I suspect theyll get points in the GHB, which will make them fine as options. Spamming out terrain and endless spells alongside the latest iteration of the rules is a double edged sword - sure its cool, but too much and itll lead to burn out. 40k is already releasing its second cycle of 8th ed codexes two years after edition release, i wont be impressed if AoS goes the same way!
  15. Not a single FW model has ever appeared in an AoS battletome, its weird when they are so prominently listed with their factions on the app. Mind you im still dubious of FW rules after how broken the mourngul and that chaos teleporting bloke were a couple of years ago 😁 stuff seems a bit more balanced nowadays tho imo.
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