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  1. Ok over the last few months ive accumulated the slaves to darkness battleforce, feast of bones, gloomspite battleforce and aether war. Do i do a whole box at once or a big from each, and in either case where do i start!?
  2. Doh maybe theyre phasing them out then, in which case WHY do that at the end of a run of army books...!?
  3. Warriors got a +1 in their melee profile, to wound in the case of hand weapons, and reroll saves of 1 at 20+ went to reroll saves at 10+. I think this is way better and worth the originall 100pts they were on par with liberators. And this before all the enhanced buffs they can get! I agree with the chariot nerf, but then it was dumb having a load of individual chariots all with exalted charioteer stats - why take a unit of more than one at all? One thing i dont get is the removal of the massive regiment discount. This doesnt make sense when the KO and Tzeentch books still have them...
  4. I dont get the fuss, GW significantly buffed all of the warscrolls AND the ghb allegiance abilities. Chaos warriors actually feel like a decent threat now before you even taje into account the improved auras, sorceror, lord and warshrine buffs. Nerfing the clearly ridiculous nirgle DP ability was a good move, it was a horrible rule that skewed Slaves armies towards always taking it. Similar to plague monks, which were ridiculous to include in the skaven book with their original warscroll and at 70pts for 10, both of which have finally been fixed. Hopefully this indicates GW will fix egregious stuff like keeper spam and petrifex rules more promptly, altho ill concede theres not really any other indication of this. The only bit that i found annoying was how mixed weapons in chaos warrior units got into the book in the first place. The wording was deliberately changed and then changed back, with a potential real impact on how customers will have assembled their models, or even changed their existing ones. Perhaps these slapdash errors are an outcome of rushing out all the battletomes so fast?
  5. I think this is nonsense. Im a KO fan and while i agree they are not very competitive right now, im sure thisll be fixed whenever their new book comes out. And considering the army is only two and a half years old they can afford to wait a bit longer. I think Seraphon and Tzeentch should be ahead of KOs in the queue by virtue of being older. I certainly dont feel likd GW has dragged me through the mud! 😀
  6. The index books put me off 40k completely - i bought them all only for them to be replaced almost immediately with codexes which vastly outclassed the index rules. Now, only 2 and a half years into 40k 8th, we already have 2.0 codexes for SM and CSM - financially i want to spend my hobby budget on models not rules, so ive dropped 40k. This has however led to a massive influx of AoS models 😁
  7. I think the terrain looks great, but it should be pointed and probably just treated as a unit in your army that cant move or be destroyed. Id like if skaven gnawholes deep striked in rather than how they currently deploy around the board edge. I only tend to buy the terrain pieces if i have a good 2k force already, and i only have malign sorcery and forbidden power endless spells as i have better things to paint for my armies!
  8. I like to have around a start collectings worth of one faction from each of the grand alliances on the go at the same time. This means i can flit between projects at will, bit will get a good chunk of several armies done in a reasonable amount of time. Currently im working on fyreslayers, nighthaunt, squigs and slaanesh, with a bunch of terrain in the mix for good measure!
  9. Im obsessed with terrain and the stormvault and warcry stuff this year has really motivated me. My current fixation is to get enough of the raised plaza pieces from TT Combat painted to create a good city board on multiple levels - this works great for Forbidden Power games in a stormvault! I also grabbed the last box of Citadel Woods from my local GW to add it to the Deathworld Jungle stuff i got from Kill Team last year, which works nicely as dangerous terrain in Shyish, Ghyran, Ghur... or anywhere really!
  10. I dont think this is likely for a £17.50 box, nice as it would be.
  11. Ha I think they look great! Is this the first example of a unit being reimagined after being removed from sale? I mean this hints at a new Grot book somewhere down the line, could Gitmob and Grotbag Scuttlers be a combined tome perhaps?
  12. Aww 😢 oh well all the bone dudes are looking awesome anyway!
  13. The ones in the pic above the regular ones have shields and horned paldrons and all sorts i dont recognise from any of the ogor kits ive seen... i think!
  14. I think i see new ogor models as the opponents in one of the pics. I believe GW only puts released models in their books, which would suggest mawtribes will be out before ossiarchs! Which i also would interpret as ossiarchs probably going up for preorder in the back end of october, a bit likes the orks did last orktober 😁
  15. For what its worth Jervis says that summoning is costed in, so in theory the Slaanesh stuff costs more points than it would without being able to summon. In that respect i think its pretty similar to stuff like plague monks being undercosted for what they can do.
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