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  1. What app are you referring to? Warscroll Builder does not show the Varghulf doing any of these things for me.
  2. Sure, they could have written that - but again this is a poor argument; just because you think something could have been worded differently doesn't change what it says.
  3. To me it's crystal clear that models lost to battleshock count as slain, therefore Horrors split. Also, using the argument "If GW meant the rule to work like that they would have said specifically this" hasn't ever worked, because for the last 20+ years GW rules have been worded poorly. Same discussions happen in DnD language; you can't assume you know the intent of the designers just because you think there's a better way they could have phrased something.
  4. Gryph would still see use if they had kept it a single model instead of trying to push the ridiculous packs of them on us. Warning Cry alone made them useful when they were 40 points; no one is going to pay 120 for them without a rules overhaul. Unfortunately I think SCE just has too many units for them to care about the forgotten ones. The entire reason I collected Stormcast first was because I loved the look of Prosecutors - and they've been dreadful for a long time now.
  5. I don't see the point of the Gryph Hounds... it seems like there is zero reason to take them over Aetherwings in any list unless you have a good shooting unit to take advantage of Warning Cry (which this list doesn't). Swapping would allow you to replace the Libs with more Sequitors; though I don't know if that's the best use of the points.
  6. I've seen people psyched for this being available, but I just cannot see how it will be even remotely effective. Once you lose the Longstrikes the list looks like it has no punch whatsoever - how do you expect it to excel in competitive? Edit: Also regarding the Anvils list that you ran in the '18/'19 days, do you still expect it to be able to hit a consistent 4-1? Seems like power creep also hits that one pretty hard.
  7. What SCE lists do you see pushing for 4-1? I've been away from the game for a while, and haven't touched my Stormcast lately.
  8. It really does - that's how opinions work. The massive hammer-head looks out of place with the slender Aelven frames in my eyes. If you want to "breathe new life into fantasy aesthetics", then something a little more inspired than "hammer" would likely do a better job of it.
  9. Hammers on Aelves just looks wrong, no other way to put it. I'm excited, but combined with how bad I think the Teclis sculpt looks I'm not going to get my hopes up on loving the rest of the aesthetic...
  10. In a 1k game you're talking about 26% of your points into a single fragile unit - 6 wounds with a 6+ save... there's a LOT of stuff that can pop that before you get a chance to summon. If you're talking about bringing in 2 of them - that's 520 and you still don't even have Battleline addressed. I think they're good - but they are expensive.
  11. I keep seeing people mention 10 pinks for "free" from the Gaunt, but I think that's the wrong way to look at it. The only way those Pinks would be free is if you would take the GSoD without any summons ability; paying the full 260 points. Would you pay 260 for just a GSoD? No - I'm pretty sure no one would... which means the summons aren't "free". In reality, the Gaunt on Disc is probably worth ~160 on his own, so what you're really getting is a 100 point discount on a unit of Pinks that comes with a few downsides: 1. They don't count towards battleline (somewhat huge). 2. They can
  12. People play competitive events to compete...obviously I can't speak for every individual, but by and large I am comfortable saying that. I don't think there is a real difference between the racing engineer crafting parts wanting to be the best and a tzeentch player crafting lists wanting to be the best.
  13. The same reason why an attorney who finds a new niche in written laws becomes praised by their firm, or a racing engineer becomes a hero for figuring out how they can shave another 10 pounds off a car - it's natural to look for a competitive edge within the rule-set given to them. Competition breeds creative thinking, pure and simple.
  14. Because the GW rules writers are legitimately bad at their collective job... there's simply no other conclusion. When new release rules need immediate erratas, and those erratas need immediate erratas... people just aren't being held accountable for their work. Time and time again we've seen this; and I don't expect it to change.
  15. I'm pretty surprised that people are still complaining even after all the broken aspects got addressed. If your complaint lies solely in chucking 20 Pinks down the field - this isn't exactly a unique (or new) strategy; hell Sayl did that for years. Are Horrors still good? Yes. Can a block of Flamers still jump forward and roast something? Probably. Changehost still a 1-drop? Yep. Is any of this going to unbalance Tzeentch and let them run rampant with an 75% winrate? Sure as hell shouldn't.
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