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Wanderers Skirmish (30 renown)


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I'm joining a Skirmish event at my local GW and am planning on bringing Wanderers/mixed order. The starting renown is 30 and I have a couple ideas. To begin, would it be best to just stack up on bodies or would it be better to have at least some rend in my initial list?

Painted models that I have ready to go are Glade Guard, Sisters of the Thorn, Sisters of the Watch and Tree Revenants.

I can do:

List 1:

> Nomad Prince (16)
> Tree Revenants x 2 [champion and musician] (6)
> Glade Guard x 4 (8)

The Tree Revenants provide some rend and the ability to teleport, giving some much needed mobility

List 2:

> Nomad Prince (16)
> Sister of the Thorn (9)
> Glade Guard x 2 (4)

This list comes in at 29 renown and is much lighter on bodies, but it does have a wizard. One Glade Guard can be replaced with a Tree Revenant champion here to make 30 renown, same number of models.

List 3:

> Nomad Prince (16)
> Sister of the Watch (4)
> Glade Guard x 5 (10)

Same number of models as list 1. As much as I like the sisters of the watch they don't seem particularly amazing.

In the one skirmish game I have played (50 renown, Prince, some thorn sisters, watch sisters and GG) I found my lack of decent melee (pretty much just the prince) hurt quite a bit when the enemy got close (we were playing assassination, with my general as the target stuck in the middle of the board).

Thoughts on which list looks like the best start would be great, and any suggestions on particularly good units to expand into would be helpful. I'd like to stick to a Wanderers core but don't mind branching out into other order factions (Phoenix Guard look good, for example).

Also I'm assuming that as each model acts as an individual unit, the Glade Guard can each activate their arcane bodkins ability one at a time, whenever they wish to.


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I have only played a few games of skirmish, playing mixed Aelves, but found the sister of the watch champion pretty useful - 4 attacks if she doesn't move is not bad.  I also took one Doomfire Warlock which is 3 points cheaper than a Sister of the Thorn.  Their doombolt does the same as arcane bolt so have two and do both.  My two Executioners were pretty good in melee.  I prefer their better offense over the extra defence of the Phoenix Guard. My opponent had a couple of nice choices; for long range he had a Handgunner champion with a long rifle - 30" range +1 to hit if you don't move (and why would you) -1 rend and 2 damage - it was powerful, especially for 2 points. He also had an Ironbreaker champion with a cinderblast bomb - fairly slow but survivable and an almost guaranteed D3 mortal wounds once per battle.  I found Glade Guard underwhelming and too inaccurate, so will probably leave them out in future.  Considering taking a Shadow Warrior for that 12" move after setup.  I did use one Dragon Blade and he was okay, just kept being shot by that long rifle!  All three games were fun and looking forward to the next setof games - sticking with Aelves though sorely tempted by that rifle.  Have fun whatever you choose.

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