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[Cards] for Skaven


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So on the back of the work of @Soulsmith and @Killax who've made Tzeentch and Khorne cards (and for the sake of my own gameplay) I've been making some Skaven play cards for the various spells and command abilities. 

For the moment these cards are based on my own needs, but if anyone wants any knocked up then let me know. If you've got a suggested artwork - even better. 

Also - comment/critique on design, colour combo choice etc is welcome. 



I also wanted to make up cards for the 'generic' command and spells, with a Skaven focus. So i've managed Arcane Bolt and Inspiring Presence - appropriate artwork for Mystic Sheild is a little lacking. 


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Have now done cards for each of the Verminlords (excluding Forgeworld)

Verminlord Warbringer

Made a change to the existing Death Frenzy card. Updated the card subtype and switched around the artwork. 


Vermindlord Corruptor

Despite its short name, the description for 'Plague' is rather long. It's been edited for brevity, but hopefully, confers the full rules.


Vermindlord Deceiver


Verminlord Warpseer

The full title of the Warpseer Command ability (Forth-forth, Children of the Horned Rat) had to take a cut, as cardsmith wouldn't allow the full thing, but it should be obvious enough. 


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