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  1. I think I've managed to suss out the grainy image: * Razordons: 40 up 50/120 (3) * Salamanders 40 up 50/120 (3) * Saurus Warriors 100/360 down 90/330 * Stegadon 200 down 200 * Troglodon 160 down 140 * Lord Kroak 450 down 430 * Sk Starmaster 200 down 180 * EotG 220 up 240 * S.OB on Carn 260 down 240 * Chameleon Sk 120 down 110 * Kroxigor 160 down 150 * Saurus Guard 90 down 80 * Saurus Knights 90 down 80
  2. 70 points a unit then if it is indeed "small".? And maybe 90 for the warriors, 80 for guard? Hopefully they'll reduce (increase?) the points bonus for taking 40 - though its nuts that you have to take 40 of them just to get the bonus
  3. Some points drops for BCR! 160 - > 140 for Mournfang If we have 20 points off on the other two (SHBR, TTBR) theyd be 300 and 320 respectively. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/06/14/the-generals-handbook-2019-major-points-changesgw-homepage-post-2/
  4. Points reductions for Seraphon! https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/06/14/the-generals-handbook-2019-major-points-changesgw-homepage-post-2/
  5. True. I wouldn't begrudge them a new book/models to be fair.
  6. So, Generals Handbook 2019 announcement has 'allegiance abilities and expanded rules for seraphon!' Link for the curious https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/06/09/coming-soon-the-generals-handbook-2019/
  7. I would also say that it is incredibly easy to magnetise the big guy heads so that you can use them as either the Stornhorn or Thundertusk. for the sake of a couple of quid of magnets, you can 'double' the number of big guys you have. Also, Gargant Hackers on the mournfang.
  8. Another great tournament result for BCR. Pete Wrench taking 43rd out of 126 at the SCGT! From the looks of it, the only player to take a pure BCR list. Anyone know what he took?
  9. Brilliant, thanks for the answer
  10. Couple of questions regarding AoS Skirmish, particular focus on the new rules from white dwarf. WD says: warbands must include 3 models, one of which must be a hero (in bold for keyword) But in the bat rep they just run champions. Is it supposed to say one must be a champion? As they now gain the 'champion' key word to single them out. And standard bearers. Are they free? Many units says 'any models' may carry a banner, so potentially the whole unit (if being beardy) so doesn't fall into the 'limited number upgrades' cost 5 pts. Any help much appreciated!
  11. At least I now know they do exist! time to start hunting.
  12. Does anyone know of any companies selling anything that could be used to track the Blood Rites table? I've been using a print out for the moment, which works well, but wouldn't mind something a bit more permanent.
  13. AAR for the recent 1k I took to the Hampshire Hammerers Doubles Tournament was; Huskard on SH; Everwinter Master and Gryph Feather Cloak Everwinter Master Gryph Feather Cloak Mournfang Cavalry (2) Gargant Hackers Mournfang Cavalry (2) Gargant Hackers Thundertusk Beastriders With my partner running Iron Jawz; Warboss 3+, reduce rend by 1 armour Shaman Warchanter Brutes (10) w/spears Ardboyz (10) mix of GW and Shields etc) Gore Gruntas (3) Game One: Shifting Objectives: BoC//Seraphon: Major Victory The first game was against a Beast of Chaos//Searaphon dual list. The BoC were Tzangor focused and the Seraphon were very big creature heavy (carnotaurus, bastiladon etc). We decided to forgoe an Arcane terrain piece, and went with the benefit of the terrain, with three pieces dotted down the middle on their side of the board, they had to funnel in towards the objectives where as we had full reign over choices. We also decided to take the second turn, with the hope of a double round, but could at least respond to their actions. T1 we had a rear charge from some Tzangors into the Brutes and Shaman, which held back our flank attack. They then moved forward but came unstuck with the terrain. Haivng to present just one unit at each gap. In response, whilst tidying up the tzangor rear guard incursion, we marched up the board. Dirty snowball taking out their General in our T1, and chomped through the units presented to us. able to hit first the saurus knight, then the carnotaurus etc whilst the bastiladon was trapped due to space and speed by the terrain. The brutes and big unit of Tzangors went to town on each other, brutes ending up the victor. Some lucky major objective rolls and a failed charge by a unit of summoned un-gors cost them the match, but it was hit or miss for a while in the middle. Game Two: Duality of Death: Kharadron//Slaanesh: Major Loss On the face of it, the Slaanesh didn't look any more potent than the Exalted Greater Demon of Slaanesh (Forgeworld), but holy hell, those Depravity points soon rack up. In addition, the slaanesh list had 3 heroes on steeds, perfect for that early objective capture. The Kharadron provided perfect anti-magic defence, as well as the necesasry tools to wreak havoc on big guys! Again, we elected to go second, with the hope (need) for the double turn. The mournfang (bottom right) got vertiably steam rolled by the Exalted GD, the SH then charged in response, but due to buffs, only inflicted 5 wounds on the E.GD. She then 'fled' left chewing through brutes and 'ardboyz as she went. We lost the roll for the double turn, which would have been crucial for getting those charges in. Instead the SH got popped full of lead by the bristling array of Kharadron weaponry on the right flank, and the Deamonettes pinned the brutes down preventing the IJ heroes from making the most of the board. The TT made good with it's dirty snowball, but even he was brought low by firepower and attacks. In the mean time, the depravity points just kept ticking up, with a hero on steed, three harpists and regular greater demon summoned! Game Three:Total Commitment: Sylvaneth//Seraphon: Major Victory Our final game saw us facing a seraphon list again, with Slyvaneth allies, but this time running two blocks of 40 blow piping skinks! After the SH's last mediocre outing, this time he (and his two mournfang buddies) outdid themselves, crashing into a block of 40 skinks, killing 30ish with the rest running away, before crunching through 20 dryads. The IJs, under threat of losing 3 points to ripperdactyls, held some forces in reserve, with the brutes going all out to hit a major part of the Sylvaneth force, including drycha, and the other 40 skinks. The TT again did wonders, snowballing left right and centre including killing off a unit of tree revenants on T1. This was a bittersweet match, as we managed to win quite decicively, but to some opponenets newer to the game than us. They had the potential for a great list, but I feel were let down by a couple of choices - i.e not hitting the TT with the skinks or the bow'd Kurnoth Hunters, which let him run riot. If you guys happen to read this at any point, I know you felt a little disheartened, keep persevering! Anyway, good games all round, and a great atmosphere and opponents.
  14. 2k Double Tourney coming up, and looking for artefact advice. Partner in crime is running an brute focused Iron Jaw list, whilst i'm (obviously) running BCR. Pretty typical 1k list * Huskard on SH * 2x 2 Mournfang * TT Beastriders To that end, i'm looking for suggestions on what kind of Artefact to take. We're not running any endless spells, so no cogs etc, so maybe something to propel myself forward? or maybe the -1 to hit?
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