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A while back, before I decided that warhammer wasn't the game for me anymore (some point after 7th was released). I decided that I wanted to make a small force of skaven with a pirate theme. 
and given the way that my younger self was, I would collect the miniatures, then flit from project to project without really starting anything or seeing it through. 
so I moved on to mordheim, then got my heroquest figures mostly painted, then my AHQ figures (which I still have a bunch to finish) 
and the pirates got put on the back burner for the better part of a decade. 
then Age of Sigmar was released, and I've been reinspired. 

I actually managed to get my giant rat ogre painted (use as either chaos giant, or hell pit abomination) 
a friend of mine bought me some storm fiends, the first of which has been converted with a pair of "broadsiders" 

The first miniature who really got rescued from the lead mountain for this project specifically, was my captain. 


it was at that point, that I decided I needed to pick a clan, and firm up the theme a bit. 
I felt it stood to reason that a seafairing clan like clan Skurvey would be in essence, the clan Skyre of the Sea. 
and Sleekit would be more akin to clan moulder. as much as I relish the idea of giant mutant crabs as hellpit abomonations, I kind of felt the warmachine angle would give it a more cohesive feel. 
so with this in mind, my doomflayer was painted. 


I wasn't a big fan of the miniature, so I pretty much used it as a test piece, I wasn't disappointed with the results either. 

More bases, more machines


despite the fact I only have a handful of models painted for this force currently, I felt I couldn't really get away with not having a ship. 
and a stroke of luck find in a charity shop means I now have one (I think it's an old playmobil one, but it cost a couple of quid, so I'm not complaining) 

after I stripped down the decks a bit, and removed that cat figurehead, I gave my lustrian pestilens force a test run in there. 

if I can get a suitably sized ships wheel, I'll be laughing. but for now, the whole thing is having a bit of a restructure20170618_191531.jpg.e60a912a4d8767c37208a8006ef3cb28.jpg

I have to note, I have no idea what I am aiming for here, but I also had the thought that I may not get too many nautical battles going with AoS, and even with a charming centerpiece like this, I would be better to give it more versatility, so my plan is to make it an amphibious ship, land and sea. rolling up a beach and through whatever lies ahead. 


Still plenty of structure work to do, but I tried a couple of doomwheel wheels for size, I think I have settled on getting some laser cut to size now. 
I wonder how this will stack up next to an empire land ship. 








2016-01-24 16.16.37.jpg

2016-01-12 21.58.53.jpg

2016-01-13 20.07.41.jpg

2016-02-28 15.17.01.jpg

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The Doomflayer is definitely for clearing the decks of those pesky boarding parties! I'd be horrified to see that speeding down the decks of an enemy ship.

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7 hours ago, Mars_Ranger said:

The Doomflayer is definitely for clearing the decks of those pesky boarding parties! I'd be horrified to see that speeding down the decks of an enemy ship.

Tight spaces in tunnles, tight spaces on and below deck, what's the difference really? I mean, I may trust the warpfire throwers a bit less on a wooden vessle, but on a looted dwarven ironside I think it would be fine. 


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