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About this blog

A blog where Renfield muses on new rules, current projects, conversions, hidden realms and his lifelong obsession with the ratkin. 
or that's the intention. wish me luck. :)

Entries in this blog


Rat Tank - Some Assembly Requirend

Let's start with what they call a "money shot" I'm very pleased with how this turned out, it's crazy how well all three of these kits fit with some trimming. 

My original intention was to use the Steam tank & the doomwheel, but after looking at the kits, and the dimensions of the cannon port at the front, I decided to chuck in a warp lightning cannon kit for good measure.  I started with the main chassis of the tank, putting it together as per the instructions, once I got it looking like a wheelbarrow, I then began to assemble the main body of the doomwheel. 
due to some inspiration hitting me at just the wrong moment, and me just going with it, this is the earliest image I have of that step. 
as you can see, I measured out and clipped enough of the central scaffold out to fit the counterweight from the Plagueclaw catapult\Warp lightning canon kit. the wheels themselves were assembled and then dry fitted (not glued) onto the central framework. the back flywheel was also removed. 

Next came the cannon itself, the steam tank has a little bit of a cradle system where the cannon slots in, so I cut down the barrel of the cannon, and the barrel of the warp lightning cannon, chopped the back end from the central part of the warp lightning cannon and slotted and glued it all together. 
Giving me something a little like this.  Honestly, this was one of the more fiddly bits on this model.  once dry, I attached it to the chassis. 

I continued to build up the sides of the steam tank, before undercoating the inside and the cannon black. I started to add various embellishments from various Skaven sprues to the main body of the tank.  I created some green stuff cables and pipes using a Greenstuffworld greenstuff roller. 
and started to patch up and add detail to the wheel and attached powersource.  The gun turret also had some modification, using the back end of the warp lightning gun I cut off earlier, the front end of a storm fiend's warpfire thrower. and a greenstuff pipe, I replaced the secondary gun, with a warpfire thrower. 
at some point I replaced the little lightning bolt at the front of the doomwheel with one of the bits of the middle framework I snipped out partially to make it look a little more attached to the main body, and partially to give it another point of contact to actually attach it to the main body
The sides of the doomwheel had the blades removed, and more embellishments were added (including the two warp lightning projectors from the front of the doomwheel.
 before I undercoated the whole thing. 
After some thought, I decided that a heavy bronze, brass and warpstone scheme would suit it. 
so I got to work 
all of the warpstone was painted with a heavy edge highlight of green interference paint directly over the black, so it appears black until you turn it in the light, then as the light hits it shines green. I painted the centre part of the cannon in interference blue to give it a crackling electric appearance.  I attempted a little bit of a verdigris effect on some of the brass and copper bits, dulled the whole thing down with a was of agrax eathshard.  the chap on top was largely painted in the same metallics as the rest, his body was from one of the crew from the warp lightning cannon. his arms are from the stormvermin sprue, and his head was one of the pilot heads from the doomwheel kit.   most of the wood on the model was basecoated in various browns and greens, given an agrax eathshade wash, then drybrushed with flayed one flesh. 
the studs were then picked out in copper and silver.  The chap at the back was painted in the yellow of clan Skurvy. 
and now I need to find a base long enough for this thing. 
it can fit on a 120mm base if you don't mind the front and the back going over. 
the turret still comes off, the inside is still visible, the back of the cannon is the same colour as the rest of it. 
Start to finish, it took me around 5 days to complete. 
Let me know what you think, I believe the warscroll for the rat tank is still in the downloads. 




Pi-rat popup picture post.

A while back, before I decided that warhammer wasn't the game for me anymore (some point after 7th was released). I decided that I wanted to make a small force of skaven with a pirate theme. 
and given the way that my younger self was, I would collect the miniatures, then flit from project to project without really starting anything or seeing it through. 
so I moved on to mordheim, then got my heroquest figures mostly painted, then my AHQ figures (which I still have a bunch to finish) 
and the pirates got put on the back burner for the better part of a decade. 
then Age of Sigmar was released, and I've been reinspired. 
I actually managed to get my giant rat ogre painted (use as either chaos giant, or hell pit abomination) 
a friend of mine bought me some storm fiends, the first of which has been converted with a pair of "broadsiders" 
The first miniature who really got rescued from the lead mountain for this project specifically, was my captain.  it was at that point, that I decided I needed to pick a clan, and firm up the theme a bit. 
I felt it stood to reason that a seafairing clan like clan Skurvey would be in essence, the clan Skyre of the Sea. 
and Sleekit would be more akin to clan moulder. as much as I relish the idea of giant mutant crabs as hellpit abomonations, I kind of felt the warmachine angle would give it a more cohesive feel. 
so with this in mind, my doomflayer was painted.  I wasn't a big fan of the miniature, so I pretty much used it as a test piece, I wasn't disappointed with the results either. 
More bases, more machines despite the fact I only have a handful of models painted for this force currently, I felt I couldn't really get away with not having a ship. 
and a stroke of luck find in a charity shop means I now have one (I think it's an old playmobil one, but it cost a couple of quid, so I'm not complaining) 
after I stripped down the decks a bit, and removed that cat figurehead, I gave my lustrian pestilens force a test run in there. 
if I can get a suitably sized ships wheel, I'll be laughing. but for now, the whole thing is having a bit of a restructure I have to note, I have no idea what I am aiming for here, but I also had the thought that I may not get too many nautical battles going with AoS, and even with a charming centerpiece like this, I would be better to give it more versatility, so my plan is to make it an amphibious ship, land and sea. rolling up a beach and through whatever lies ahead.  Still plenty of structure work to do, but I tried a couple of doomwheel wheels for size, I think I have settled on getting some laser cut to size now. 
I wonder how this will stack up next to an empire land ship.    -=R286=- 




Painter challenge 500pts (so far) Deadline 2a

This entry is basically just to give a couple of group shots of the 500pts. 
I don't think the 20 plague monks I just finished are going to win any beauty prizes. 
but I'm certainly pleased with the way the force is shaping up so far. 
I'm Excited about the next deadline. 
Which is to add another 500pts to the whole thing, and should be announced during Today's hand in. 

I think next on my list for this is 
Verminlord Corruptor
Plague Furnace 8 Giant Rats or 2 chaos familiars 
which should be 500pts on the button adding to this lot for the full 1000. 
also considering adding a bunch of Nurgle demons if I add anything to go for 2000, maybe some plague toads.    -=R286=-





2017 Painters challenge Deadline 2

So Deadline 1 had me painting Nurglich (Epidermis) and 10 plague censers. 
Model count 11 
Deadline 2 currently consists of

20 plague monks (140pts) I know, but I am getting there slowly, I think this round may have to just block, dip and highlight. I hate painting non-character infantry. 
plus I still have 20 bases to do too.  Fen beast (Beast of Nurgle) 60 pts.  this is him not finished, but after his first dip in the quickshade. 
A bit more work and definition and he will look less like a sh*t demon, although, kind of appropriate for a beast of nurgle.  The model itself is a Malefaux, bad Juju mire golem.    This takes my total model count up to 32. 
which for a skaven army, isn't too bad. 

I was thinking for the final deadline, given we will have another 500pts to play with. I might go for a Plague Furnace, A verminlord and a couple of chaos familiars.  the next hand in is this coming Monday, and I will pop up another entry to show you the finished results on these figures. 




2017 AoS Painters Challenge, Entry 1

it's no secret I'm a fan of Skaven. 
Recently, I became involved with a painters challenge at a local wargames club. 
This challenge has been an interesting way for me to get back into the swing of things in terms of painting, as I tend to have periods of inactivity between picking up a brush. 

The Idea behind the competition is simple enough, pick an army, build towards 1000pts in manageable blocks. 
score points on how much of it is painted per deadline. 

the first deadline caught me off guard, as I only really got involved when there were just under 2 weeks of the first deadline to go.
owing to the fact they make up the largest chunk of my unpainted lead mountain, I chose clan Pestilens. 
The theme I chose was the early days of pestilence, during the great migration, when plaguelord Nurglich (the first) pushed his way into Lustria and the new world. 
That is before he got his tail handed to him by the lizard folk and their winged serpent god. 

for this theme, I decided I would make some Incan-inspired path bases. 

My first 300 points:
Nurglich on great Pox rat (using the warscroll for Epidemus) 180pts
10 Plague Censer Bearers. 120pts 
I met the deadline, had everything based, everything painted and got 15points in the painters challenge, coming second to the person who got everything painted and won the best painted model\unit bonus. 

The next deadline is the 19th of June and the challenge is to add a further 200pts to our army. 
for this I have chosen: 
Fen Beast (Beast of Nurgle Warscroll) 60pts 20x Plague Priests 140 pts Wish me Luck.