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Converted Nurgle Shrinemaster




To fit into my budget of Sigmar army I had to do a conversion of some sort on this model. I chose to create my own Shrinemaster figure. I took some of the leftover parts of one of the Maggoth lords as the top half. I glued some plastic sprue inside the body to act as a support post. I then cut the Shrinemaster figure in half and glued the pillar to his waist. The Maggoth Lord top half was quite a bit wider so I had to green stuff some more skin around the join to merge them all together, but I am happy with the result.

For the painting I just used the usual Nurgle colour scheme of Greens and Purples. I was pleased with the metals on this as well. 

Once he was finished I just superglued him down. With hindsight I should have made him removable so that I could use different sorcerers on top, but that is a lesson for another day!  


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