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AoS28 Wjolnir's Retinue



Hey guys, 

Recently heard about AoS28 which has completely grabbed me by the narratives. I am gonna try my hand at a small warband that I have been wanting to do for years inspired by Berserk, Junji Ito novels, Lord of the Rings and plenty of stories about heroes who fall from grace. 

The story behind the warband will be about a hero who has drawn the eye of Papa Nurgle and is a reluctant minion of chaos, trying to evade nurgles messengers while battling the corrupting pestilence that has been bestowed upon him by his unwanted lord. The champion of the warband is not a follower of chaos and has no ties to the dark powers. He is nothing more than a mortal with the usual mortal selfishness, greed and desires. 

The battle reports I post will hopefully mark the fall of the character and his descent into madness that drives him into accepting Nurgles embrace and drags his retinue with him.


This is all WIP and may change, especially when I get a chance to properly go through the Hinterlands rules.




Wjolnir's Retinue



Wjolnir | A former smuggler cursed with a growing plague that has covered the left hand side of his face and body with angry sores and boils, a tell tale sign of nurgles involvement. He is harrased by nurglings, plagubearers, visions and hallucination, all promising him reprieve if he submits to the Grandfather of disease. 


Unnamed Seer  | An old crone who has taken to following Wjolnir, recognising his true potential and power. While never truly travelling with the retinue the seer is always nearby watching and aiding from the shadows with the grace of a puppeteer pulling strings. Wjolnir regards her as an ally of convenience.


Shan Rackham | Originally Shan was a hired bodyguard to Wjolnir who served as the heavy muscle when business deals went wrong. But people should not be fooled by his immense size, Wjolnir quickly recognised that Shan possessed a keen mind as well as martial prowess and he quickly became a trusted confidant and friend. Shan accompanies the retinue in service of its captain, serving as his second in command and most talented fighter.


Originally leading a vast band of mercenaries, most of Wjolnirs followers have left for more lucrative business propositions or fled seeing their captain cursed by the gods. The remaining stragglers are slaves and  those who see Wjolnir's affliction as a blessing and see him as a herald in human form. 



Wjolnir is a cursed individual destined to be challenged by those seeking nurgles favour, religious zealots and witch hunters. He is a veteran of many brawls and handy with a vast array of weapons but this can take its toll on even the hardiest of individuals and he is no exception. His greatest enemy is himself as he struggles with his inner demons and his faltering body. He struggles to stay positive in the face of such adversity as he knows should he falter he will surely become a pawn of the ruinous powers. 




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