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Reaving Blood and Escalation



Hey everyone how goes it? Recently my LGS started a slow grow league for AoS which is perfect as it coincided with me getting back into the game. We're staring at 500points and we will be escalating every month up to 2500 points(of course I do plan to buy other things in the mean time) I had a friend generous enough to give me 40 blood reavers along with the characters from the AoS starter box. I like reavers more than warriors because Sid the mass amount of rend I have access too. Sure I'll never get a save but when supported by a blood secrator being immune to battle shock may as well be its own save. 

Needless to say getting those models helped out. Next I purchased 2 boxes of blood letters. Again the rend along with nice amount of mortal wounds is appealing.

I settled on the following 500 point list:

Blood Secrator

30 bloodreavers

20 Bloodletters

it has a boat load of attacks of which all of them rend. My secrator will be taking the extra wound and the +1 to hit ability meaning if my bloodletters make it unmolested they will be dishing out mortal wounds on 4+

Sorry for the giant wall of text I guess I just needed to offer some background. I finished up 20 reavers last night. I went for a quick and dirty approach only because of time constraint. I plan to periodically revisit these models to bring them up to my personal standard. Tonight I plan to assemble the letters, secrator and final 10 reavers.

I hope you enjoy and thanks for reading :)




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