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Howdy everyone!

Its great to see there is such a large and active AoS community out there. I got into AoS with the release of the generals handbook. I flip flopped on a few armies but I've finally found my home with Khorne. I love the models I love the synergy and I love removing my friends toys from the table. Join me as I pave a path of blood and skulls to appease the mighty Khorne.

Entries in this blog

Letting blood and reading a bit more

Hey everyone!! Sorry for the delay on updates been really busy with work and life. In the mean time I've managed to get a few games in with my 1000pt Khorne army to great success (only losing to iron jaws)! I haven't been able to get much painting in sadly but this week is shaping up to be a good one for hobbying. I managed to get 30 bloodletters primed red and the skin finished on 8/10 reavers(I somehow missed the other 2 lol) ill be back at the end of the week hopefully with 30 compl



Reaving Blood and Escalation

Hey everyone how goes it? Recently my LGS started a slow grow league for AoS which is perfect as it coincided with me getting back into the game. We're staring at 500points and we will be escalating every month up to 2500 points(of course I do plan to buy other things in the mean time) I had a friend generous enough to give me 40 blood reavers along with the characters from the AoS starter box. I like reavers more than warriors because Sid the mass amount of rend I have access too. Sure I'll nev



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