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Huntmaster with his 3 trophies taken from 3 generals.



Took a bit of a break from... well... everything but now that Im back I set to work trying to work over a paint theme for my kurnoth hunters.


Really wanted to set this mini apart from the others. He has been the last man standing in several battles. In 3 different battles he has killed the general.

Once as he was the last man on a hill he launched an arrow through some trees killing the general.

Second time he was also the last man standing on a hill when he got charged by a Freeguild General with a -3 great weapon. He withstood most of the wounds and was left with one. He brought the general down to 1 as well. Then using the stomp ability smashed him in the face killing him.



Fh8wQHn - Imgur.jpg

mszd5CG - Imgur.jpg

zqd4JUe - Imgur.jpg

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Hate those dirty tree-creatures, but dig the story and that he's making a name for himself sniping and stomping his way through your opponent's generals!

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