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About this blog

Hello and welcome to the fun!

I have lots to do and I thought I would share as I move through these miniatures. Building alone felt like a pretty big accomplishment. Im hoping to find a way to prime them soon out of the heat of the SW United states (easily over 43C/109F every single day here currently).


While I look for another way to prime these with out ruining them I plan to work on some modifications and different conversions to add to my army as well! But hopefully I can get to painting soon as its one of my favorite past times to relieve stress


Currently the list to paint is as follows

  • 1x Treelord 
  • 1x Treelord Ancient
  • 1x Spirit of Durthu
  • Alarielle
  • Drycha Hamadreth
  • 9x Kurnoth Hunters (6 bow 3 scythe)
  • 10x Spite Revenants
  • 32x Dyads (some are partially painted as you can see)
  • 2x Branchwraith
  • 1x Branchwych
  • 3x Sylvaneth wood! (only one built so far)




Entries in this blog

Sylvaneth update

It's been a minute. My Sylvaneth army finished but not pictured in it's entirety. Why did I stop posting I don't know. But I do feel compelled to finish all my stuff and share it. A lot has changed for Sylvaneth in the last couple of years. Not as fun to play admittedly but still fun to paint! I've learned a great deal.



Huntmaster with his 3 trophies taken from 3 generals.

Took a bit of a break from... well... everything but now that Im back I set to work trying to work over a paint theme for my kurnoth hunters.   Really wanted to set this mini apart from the others. He has been the last man standing in several battles. In 3 different battles he has killed the general. Once as he was the last man on a hill he launched an arrow through some trees killing the general. Second time he was also the last man standing on a hill when he got charged by



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