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Gorechosen - 1st thoughts




I was lucky enough to play a game of Gorechosen, GW's new boxed game last Thursday. We played a couple of games and I thought I'd pop down my first thoughts.  I played with Ben and I'm sure you've heard or watched his review on the Bad Dice YouTube Page.

The Good

Firstly the game is extremely good value. The four models are excellent sculpts and if you buy them individually you'd pay considerably more than the rrp for this game. The game itself is quite simple - the rules are clear and unambiguous. Everything is powered by the cards that you have one your hand, allowing you to move and fight. The turn mechanic is cleverly done by shuffling the initiative cards and randomly determining players turns. You can increase your chances by making sure you keep your rage up on the wrath tracker. This means that you have more turns the more angry you are. The actions that you take can increase or decrease your rage, killing an opponent can increase your rage, and the critical injury cards can affect the wrath tracker as well. Critical Injury cards are a nice addition which speed the game along. The ability to use cards to block and dodge hits or injury cards that force you to discard cards means that your hand management requires some thought. 


The Bad

This game relies on players playing the game within the spirit of the theme. I could easily see the game generating into two 1 on 1 battles, and then the two winners duking it out  rather than a swirling melee of action. You could also have a scenario where one player stands aside and lets the other three fight it out and then swoops in for the win (not something we experienced, but could happen). Or you could have three players gang up onto one and eliminate them quickly. There is a nice mechanic that allows you to carry on playing once you are dead, but it isn't that exciting. There is also the possibility of sudden death, no matter how many wounds you are on, which isn't a great mechanic in a game and could switch off players that aren't invested in the GW/AoS world. I know if I played this with my regular board gaming group these issues would hamper their enjoyment of the game. 


Final Thoughts

Overall I would give the game 6/10, with a caveat that this is based on its sole merits as a stand alone game. It is quick, the models are terrific (but probably overly complicated for a non miniature gamer) and the theme and production values are really high. I particularly liked the care taken with the insert tray and small touches like the Khorne logo on the inside of the lid. There are some fiddly mechanics with the wound tracking, and the fact the game can degenerate into mini battles rather than a big scrum of fluid fighting is an issue. It would be better if there were more ways to fight, move and then fight a different opponent, rather than being stuck fighting the same one unless you choose to retreat away. If you are a GW and AoS fan in particular however, I would be inclined to say that this game would be a very good purchase (essential if you are a Khorne Bloodhound player!). It would work well as a filler at club nights and the value you are getting for the four models is outstanding. I enjoyed the game and would definitely play it again, but I'm not sure I would pick ups copy as I don't have a an army to use the models in. 

Let me know what you think of the game in the comments below. 

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Just played first game and the wrath tracker doesn't have any real purpose - apart from moving up and down. We played it that you couldn't below the lowest 2 

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 After playing a few games, I've found that most players will gang-up on anyone with the least amount of wounds. The more I play, the more Khorne-like it all feels.

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