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Completed Maggoth Lord



I've finished the first model for my Rotbringers army. I had a maggoth that was being used as a demon prince, but I decided to put the rider on. I took quite a bit of time working on the riders armor, and then realised that the bone I'd done didn't match the bone on the maggoth. I went in and repainted these from black to cream, and I also had to rebase the model as it was on a 50mm square for 8th edition. Overall I'm pleased with how it came out and he will make a nice addition to my army that I want to do for the PMP challenge. One thing I did do was base the model to match my Sylvaneth rather than my chaos force as I'd like to play some of the scenario games from the realm gate wars books. 



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Man I hope Nurgle hits me up with the ability to paint my maggoths that well when the time comes.

Really nice work.  Everything is bang on awesome from the bumps to the basing. >.<

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