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Just wanted to make a quick post about a new technique I tried out last night. This is my WiP of the Lord Relictor. There's still a fair amount to go and every time I look at the model I'm surprised by how much detail I've missed off. There's always something else which catches me out. Anywho, I've been trying a few techniques on stuff like cloth and whatnot and the normal layering or edge highlighting stuff I just can't get along with. It just appears unnatural to me on some materials and I can't seem to get the blend quite right. On the bone, for example, I'm really happy with the layering but my recent attempts at Yndrasta's cloak have told me I've a lot to learn. Consequently, I decided to give glazing a pop. You can see this on the below with the white pauldrons. Although I'm quite clearly still a novice in this, I'm really happy with how it's beginning to look. The white is Celstria Grey with a Drakenhoff wash. Celestria Grey is then glazed on with a mix of 4:1, Lahmian Mediaum:Celestria Grey. For the final highlight I'm gonna glaze on some Ulthuan Grey with the same consistency.

One thing I found difficult with the technique, however, was how runny the paint becomes. I found it really difficult to control the paint when it was so "wet". My experience developed as the session progressed though, e.g., I tried to make sure the excess on the brush was wiped away on a tissue. I also found it time consuming as well as it took multiple layers with drying time in-between. To pass the time though I would just work on something else on the model at the same time.      



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1 hour ago, NauticalSoup said:

I quite like what you've done with the banner!

Cheers. I deliberated what to do with it for a long time and looked at a lot of pics. 

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Quick update. Don't think I'll be doing anymore painting this week so currently here. Chuffed with how the glazing worked out. Will be using this white with the other models moving forward. 



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Calling the guy done for now. There's a few things I've still got in mind for him (e.g. the hourglass) but it all involves new techniques, which I'll try probably on some Vindictors. I've plenty of those spare in case it goes wrong. Gonna aim to get the Lord Imperatant to this standard next. 



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