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Of Daemonsmiths and Rules




As promised in the last entry, the update to the army this time is a Chaos Dwarf Daemonsmith from Forgeworld.

Forgeworld has done a great job with their Chaos Dwarf characters, they've kept the core elements from the previous ranges - the scale mail, curly beard, tusks, bull imagery - but updated it to fit in with the modern GW aesthetic. This also means that they fit in pretty well with the Chaos Dwarf ranges of the past.

A side by side comparison certainly demonstrates the advances in casting techniques over the years, but they are still recognizable as belonging to the same army, despite a 20+ year age difference.13886873_10210098724967912_9444957581632


Now the other question is which rules to use? Do i use the Legion of Azgorth ruleset from Forgeworld, or counts-as rules, using them with the Slaves to Darkness warcrolls? Both have pro's and cons. 

In the games i've played so far, the Legion rules aren't as good as the standard chaos. Ironsworn just feel like worse versions of Chaos Warriors. They're cheaper true, but they have also lost the survivability of the Warriors.  Also the miniatures i'm using don't look like Ironsworn any more than they do Chaos Warriors. There's also the matter of the Hellcannon. If i use the Legion rules as written, no Hellcannon as it's not a Legion unit, which means Ironsworn cease to be battleline.

But on the other side of things, Chaos Dwarfs are Chaos Dwarfs, so really i should be using the Chaos Dwarf rules, right?

Thoughts and opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Until next time i remain your FLGS

Al@Ad Hoc Games

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The fact the legion have no battleline units is a major annoyance to me. 

It means I can't use units like Hellcannon or any of the forgeworld monsters without changing to chaos and needing 3 battleline units. 

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That's a tough decision and one that I'll eventually come up against too.  I picked up a few warmachines and Ironsworn back in 8th edition.  I'd like to use them in AoS but the warscrolls seem so lackluster.

Can you use your Hellcannon as a counts-as Dreadquake Mortar?  I'm not sure which is better, I think I saw the Hellcannon was FAQd to not be Mortal Wounds but I think that was in their weird Facebook FAQ and not in an official document?

I'd think it may be easier to run a Hellcannon as a Dreadquake then to run your entire army as a Slaves to Darkness.  Maybe!?

Goodluck either way!  They look much pretty as well.

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