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Rise of the Witch Elves



I’ve always loved the Witch Elves... they were one of the units that really defined the dark elf personality and helped differentiate them from the high elves which were ubiquitous in fantasy, even back in the 80s. 

But a few things kept me from adding them to my delf army:

1. The price.

2. Low armour (glass cannon doesn’t suit my play style).

3. The price.

4. Liked the corsair models as well, and they cost less while having higher survivability.

5. Did I mention the price?

$70 CDN was ridiculous, and still is. But now that they have a competitive list that’s also fun to play, it’s more worthwhile to make the plunge. I have to admit, I was getting tired of getting crushed because of the basic list available for the delves.

I’m really bad for painting and repainting models, trying to figure out colour combinations. I’m never satisfied, always feeling like there is a “correct” combo that’s just out of my grasp. It’s terribly inefficient when it comes to finishing models, but... whatever. It’s my thing. 

So it took me a couple of years to reach a colour scheme that satisfied me with my original delves. I finally settled on dark purple and golden yellow, with dark blue armour and white hair. After all that work, I was finally happy, and started repainting all my stuff for a final time... 

...but I was underwhelmed when I applied that scheme to my welf. 


It was ok...ish. The golden yellow really popped on my other models because the rest of the palette was so dark. The contrasting colours really worked. But when applied to a model that was 80% skin, the yellow was lost.

So, time to experiment again.


The pink hair was a model I was making for a Blood Bowl team a couple years ago. Liked the colour, but decided I wanted to keep the hair paler. More vibrant than my first model though; these murderers are defined by vanity and visciousness, so I wanted a little more colour than silver.

So, I finally figured that out. This is where they currently stand:



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