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Starting the Jalopy of Doooooooom!

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Honestly, I’ve been hesitant to start the altar for a couple of years. I love painting warriors and wizards and creatures... but machines, not so much. I rarely feel any real inspiration for colours or styles.

Strangely enough though, last week I finally got struck with a bolt of inspiration  and realized I’d better run with it immediately before I lost it. 

I’ve been painting my cold one knights and corsairs with dark blue-grey armour, and ended up applying that to my bolt thrower. I figured that might still work for the altar, along with magenta flames and runes to help tie it into my welves.


So far, so good! In fact, I’m actually enjoying painting the sharp edges with high contrast, it’s fun to figure out lighting angles. 
I’m using mostly GW paints for the blue-grey, but decided to add a bit of Vallejo prussian blue to each step of stippling to add some colour saturation. I think some if the blades will be light grey NMM, so the blue helps with the contrast.
The OSL for the runes and flames are fairly subtle, because I’m too scared of overdoing the effect and having to repaint everything. These are gaming models, so I’m trying to boost my productivity and complete these for table. 
I’d love to get this completed inthe next two weeks, minus the Avatar of Khaine, guardians and hag/slaughter queen. 



Doesn’t this look like something the Addams Family would drive? It’s the Jalopy of Dooooooom!!


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Thanks, I appreciate that :)

I like working on fine details more than big structures. As far as machines go, this is kind of organic-looking with lots of interesting curves and angles, so it ended up being fun to do once I looked at the project as long of smaller shapes with high contrast... but I had a hard time picturing how it would turn out, what colours to use, etc. If I can’t get excited about what it could end up looking like, I know a project will be long, slow slog.

Plus, I find vehicles with wierd angles need to be painted before assembly is completed, and that makes it harder for me to picture what styles and colour schemes will work best.

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