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The Empire Great Cannon

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This one was also bought in a our local shop. Afterwards i realized how lucky I was because this gorgeous model is no longer officially sold :(
In my opinion this is the most beautiful artillery piece on the whole GW range. It`s just a cannon how a cannon should be. I`m searching ebay for an unbuild one ever since. I need a second for symetric purposes :D

Here are some pictures :)

I really like how the crew turned out. You can see in the faces what kind of guys they are.
The seasoned gunner with a long beard and grim look commanding the crew, picking targets and firing the cannon:

The normal cannon crew member, having seen his share of the battle. Being determined in his duty:

And the greenhorn without any facial hair. :) Maybe it`s his first fight? Having a more shyish look and hasn`t earned some individual equipment pieces yet. At the moment he may only do the most easy work and carry those heavy cannonballs:

In the end I`m really happy with this model.  If you got an unbuild sprue of it at home. PM me, I`d be glad to take it :)


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