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The Lord Ordinator

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This one is a kinda tragic story. I bought him to accompany my artillery. Obviously. In Malign Portents he had a command ability which let him pick an artillery piece which could fire twice this round! WhoopWhoop! With AoS 2.0 there came the possibiliy to spend more than one command point each round. So the idea was to make a really cannon heavy list with around 1600 points to get 8 command points for the remaining 400 points. With these command points you could have made your 4 cannons shoot twice in the first 2 rounds. I guess this would have brought a lot of fun. At least on my side. :) (You can read about this in the Ironweld Arsenal discussion Thread started by @Double Misfire) But GW was aware of this fact and changed his warscroll in the new Stormcast battletome. Now he has some ability about battelshock immunity for stormcast units only. Its a real shame because I put a lot of effort in this model. But on the other hand it`s not that bad. I also had a lot of fun painting him and he looks good on the shelf :D

So that`s the story of the Lord Ordinator. Here are the Pictures:




I think I done quit well with his cloak and really like it. It looks even better if you turn the miniature in the light. :)


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