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Slaaneshi Warriors: Resin Hell



Hello all. Post two is about the battleline I'll be working on. 

First of all, Chaos Warriors. I already professed my love for the archetype in my previous post, but here I'm planning out my resplendent Slaaneshi champions. I'm using the model as basis for a kitbash: the helmet's horns will be shaved off and replaced by a plumed crest, the weapon replaced for a more elegant blade (I'm using Tree Revenant bits), the shield will have a Slaaneshi emblem (more on that below), the torn cape un-tattered (tried this with green-stuff to mixed results, but hey) and some extra gems added. 

Colour scheme is something I'm struggling with a little, though. I know the general colours I want:

  • NMM purple for amour (still learning how to do that, though)
  • Gold trim (also perhaps NMM, as I've tried the Valejo liquid metal range and it's such a pain to work with)
  • Sea-green teal as the contrasting colour (gems and the basing water) 
  • Rich pink as the complementary colour
  • White for cloaks and tabards to balance out the dark colour

I've just not exactly worked out how this will all fit together. I'm currently thinking white cloak and shields, purple NMM armour, minimal gold trim, pink crests and teal gems. I've put together a rudimentary colour tester for the basic warrior in paint. Let me know if you have any thoughts. 

As for the shields, I sculpted 4 Slaaneshi patterns on filed down chaos warrior shields with the plan to try out resin casting them (though, funny story: I had them ready for a mold pour for a few weeks. The super-sculpey I was using as the base kinda melted the edges of the plastic, ruining the shields. I got annoyed, tore the green stuff off and stuck it on new shields, which is why the designs are a little janky and not quite symmetrical. Oh well).

So far resin casting results are mixed, but some have come out okay, and it's the only workable solution to crafting bespoke Slaaneshi shield designs.  In terms of the design, I wanted each to have the elegant curves reminiscent of Slaanesh's icon, but with slight design differences. I especially like first right and third right (using the prototype image). The first is supposed to resemble a melding of the male/female icon as symbol for gender-fluidity. The third is supposed to symbolize a unity with Chaos as a grand alliance, a Slaanesh icon with lines converging in a way similar to the classic eight-pointed star. 

Oh, and lastly: an indication of my marauders. I'm a lore gamer, with mortals being the focus of my army, but I'm thinking of proxying them as Demonettes (hence the choice to use their claws) since they are some of the best Slaanesh units. The base is the namarti reaver. I remember seeing them when the Idoneth previews came in. I was already considering some kitbash to make a Slaaneshi marauder, with little which appealed to me, but upon seeing these new Idoneth I KNEW: dynamic, mixed gender, and simply gorgeous models. True, the strange markings on the armour will be a little inconsistent with my  army, but I think the models work as a kitbash. 

The recipe is basically  Slaaneshi heads (hellstrider bits for men, independent female heads with horns added for women), hellstrider shields, revenant weapons and demonette claws. I'm happy with how these have turned out, and am already beginning the paint job. White cloaks and shields, purple armour (not NMM, just a simple bit of edge highlighting), pink hair and tassel, teal gems, black trousers, brown boots, and three skintones (dark skintone, tan caucasian and pallid). I'm starting the cloaks, going to give wet blending a try... 

Schemes 3.png





20181215_150832 (1).jpg





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These look amazing. I'd been pondering using namarti as Slaaneshi marauders myself. The only question I'd have is if the sylvaneth blades aren't a tad too big? Maybe dark elf swords would work better.

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Thanks! As for the size issue, I guess it's a preference thing. The Namarti aren't that different to Revenants in terms of size (though the trees are a little taller), so it depends on whether you like the large weapon look. Plus, they're the same height as my Chaos Warriors (though lither) so I feel it's consistent. 

My reason for choosing that over the Dark Elf stuff is that, to me, the Slaaneshi Aesthetic is soft curves and swirls rather than the harsher, jagged look of the Dark Elves. But either would work. 

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