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Intro - First Miniatures



Hello all. Having just begun a busy MA, I'm of course trying to cope with the pressure by taking on a massive hobby project :P  I've started a lot and completed a little, but, as my holidays begin, I've decided to commit and finish my project. Slaanesh has always been my fave Chaos god, so when I returned to the hobby, I knew I wanted to finally realise my vision for a warband of slaaneshi mortals.

Lore and other models forthcoming, I decided to start off by simply enjoying/getting to know the mini of the chaos warrior. 

Seems odd to start off a Slaaneshi plog by painting up everything but. I have this odd neurosis about my painting shortcomings, and so put off the things I WANT to work on as I'm afraid I won't do them justice. Either way, though, since my glorious Slaaneshi warriors shan't be sporting tattered capes or Viking horns, I wanted to paint up some more 'traditional' warriors (stinky bois, nerdy bois, angry bois, and one hipster who thinks the old four are too 'mainstream'). I'll probably use them as unit fillers, though my Glitterhost is sure to get a perverse pleasure from tempting worshipers of other gods to fight their battles. 

The basing is that of a Hyshian alpine river, the realm of light being this host's home. I've made some generic terrain to fit with it: grassy outcroppings and corrupted tar-pits. 

Coming up: Slaaneshi Chaos Warriors and Marauders (kitbashed Namarti reavers) 

20180615_192515 (1).jpg

20180615_192600 (1).jpg










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