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Halflings Crush Khaine!!! ~Narratively~



Halflings are back after another three-month hiatus! It seems to be the trend for this blog.

Anyway, a few days ago I was lucky to play my good friend Chuck Moore at local FLGS. He brought his Daughters of Khaine that he is taking to a Narrative Realms at War (RAW) event in England!

Here's a link to his blog! (In case you guys didn't know Chuck has a blog). 



We played Blood and Glory scenario, which worked to my benefit since  I could bunch up a lot of my key units in one corner, with them benefiting from one another.

Long story short, I was able to outshoot his army and my Griffon was a total meatgrinder on his one charge, so by turn four there was not much left of the poor ladies.


I will say that I'm definitely more of a competitive rather than a narrative player, so I had a tough time getting into a narrative playstyle. However, Chuck managed to keep the game very lighthearted and made it fun, letting me know when I was taking the game a bit too seriously. 

In the end, while neither army won major, Halfling snatched a minor victory! Another win for the small guys!

Currently, I'm working on a unit of Halfling crossbowmen so expect some progress shots of those in the future.

That's it for today!

Hope you like what I've got,

Until next time!


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