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Starting in the Middle



Good Evening!


So many people (I hope) will of seen my work in progress on a shiny new destruction faction for Age of Sigmar:




The Suneater tribes are comprised of fanatical Ogors and Grots who worship the Suneater aspect of Gorkamorka, following the teachings of his Great Prophet they seek to tear down all civilization that seeks to steal the realms away from the Wilds and to feed the souls of their victim to the Great God. It is the Suneaters belief that all that is built must be torn down and rendered to ash, and that by feeding the souls of their victims to the Suneater he will one day swell in size until he can read the very Sun itself and rip it from the skies above them. 


They are a fire centric faction with a unique allegiance trait centred around setting terrain features ablaze in great Pyres to the glory of the Suneater, it is through these pyres and their priests that they can earn the attention of their volatile god and rain havoc down on the battlefield. 


As I progress, shape, test and reshape the faction in terms of models, rules and background they will likely pass through many incarnations until I reach such a stage as i am happy with them. But for now here are those I have completed thus far!



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