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  1. Fisher KIng

    grots n that

    Great staff thanks for posting
  2. Fisher KIng

    The Rumour Thread

    This is my found hope. I want this with a nice joint battalion the will give my spider the boost they need. Plus super cool. I want Grots to get all the insects. Very jealous of Alarielle’s beetle. In any sane world that thing would have a load of angry grots on top of it. The important question and I think I could be one for any new faction release is what will the terrain piece be? For Moonclan maybe a mushroom grove. What would it do?
  3. Fisher KIng

    Destruction - Battle of TGA

    One thing Destruction does better then the other GA’s is Command stacking. Is there a competitive list there? Could you build a list around artefacts that regain command points and then just spam waaghs? It seems a little resource greedy.
  4. Fisher KIng

    The Rumour Thread

    I definitely think something has been photoshopped out here, sneaky GW, just like the string of bullets from earlier. The astectic really matches the fungoid cave shaman and Zarbag’s Gitz, mainly the armoured squig herder. I LOVE the idea of the giant armoured centipede that @Sabotage! mentioned. I have quietly hoped for this too. I’m trying not to get too excited because it could be anything but......IT’S GROTS!!!!!
  5. Fisher KIng

    Getting my feet wet

    I know you said that Orruks aren't your thing but have you considered the multi Waagh!? Staying away from IJ the bonesplitterz at a great option for this. Allie in an Orruk Warboss, put him on a boar, get a couple of extra command points and watch you Boarboy maniaks explode that unit with all those extra attacks and their double pile in. Also if you in the mood for a glass cannon have you thought about Spiderfang? Elite-ish for Grots, so not too much hobby fatigue. When buffed by the Arcknarock's spell and big boss's command ability they can make units disappear in a hail of mortal wounds. They do have a tendancy to melt to battle shock and they are not the most durable unit in the game but its all worth it for the time you roll all those 6's.
  6. Fisher KIng

    The Rumour Thread

    What do you have to crush my poor Spiderfang hopes
  7. Fisher KIng

    The Rumour Thread

    I think it was suggested a while ago on Warhammer weekly that you could use the different style spiders from the sider rider box to make different units. The skull backs being more about poison but then some of the others being different types. A trap door spider with a ambush style deployment, a web spitter having something like the moon clan netters -1. that kind of thing. I could be done with no need of new kits. I not saying I don't want new kits but I am just trying to be realistic. If Spiderfang where to get a Battle tome I think we would have to see a plastic Big boss. Having said all that I don't think we will see this soon. I think Moon clan are coming next and I'm happy for that. Grot are great even if it's not my flavour of Grots. I am holding out hope that they double down on the centipede astatic from the Fungoid cave shaman and we get some kind of giant bugs which will have a Braggoth's style battalon with Spiderfang. Just something to make them a little bit more competitive. Maybe we will get some love in GHB 2019.
  8. Fisher KIng

    Faction Development Concept: Troggoths

    Come GW make this!!!!
  9. Fisher KIng

    The Rumour Thread

    Please let this happen!!!!!!!
  10. Fisher KIng

    The Rumour Thread

    Looks LotR to me, sorry.
  11. Fisher KIng

    Destruction - Battle of TGA

    Thanks @GriinWan What does Destruction do better than anyone else? is it bodies on the board? Can you more experienced guys brake it down for me. What does an army need to win 5 games? I hear about Donal's neg three to hit list. Is that hard to do in other Grand Alliances?
  12. Fisher KIng

    Destruction - Battle of TGA

    I don't really have any experience with the game but what movement tricks can Destruction do? Do we have any deepstrikers?
  13. Fisher KIng

    Wishlisting Thread

    Expanded range of Spiderfang. New types of siders or insects. Ogroid Faction of priest types in Destruction. The Thaumaturges of Tzeentch are outcasts from the race. They worship an aspect of GorkaMorka as part of the cycle of rebirth. Battletomes for Dispossessed, Spiderfang and Skaven united.
  14. Fisher KIng

    Should Orruks (and maybe Grots) gain summoning?

    Scratch that just read the warband focus.
  15. Fisher KIng

    Should Orruks (and maybe Grots) gain summoning?

    Looking at the size of the new grot underworlds warband I wonder if they will have to summon there squigs in to play. If so this could be a president for grot summoning. Also when the units get AOS warscrolls maybe that would be the bosses spell.