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  1. I don't think I would go for the second Boss. You should be using your A'rocks to support your riders and as the 5+ isn't liked to the boss I don't see a use for him. Maybe a foot shaman instead?
  2. Just lovely 😊. Can’t wait to see how you do with the new releases.
  3. Sorry for the disjointed post. I shouldn’t try these things with kids in the room
  4. Or no effect on the game. Before the game I was debating the usefulness of any of the A’rocks and now I would definitely include at least one maybe two shamans but not any other kind. Mall the buffs you are going to use come from spell. Command points are for battleshock and charges. I tried using the cauldron but never managed to get it off. I will be bring some cheep moonclan casters next time.
  5. Played my first game the other night. Here are my thoughts. Totem on A’rock is amazing, Skuttleboss with monstrous mount just kills things (one shotted my oponants Black coach), I did find the Moon and Shrine had little
  6. If its a command trait then it would effect both but an artefact like the black fang would only effect his spear
  7. No your right. Thanks for the correction.
  8. the A'rock with shaman Still has 8 spear attacks. Still would be good.
  9. Inconceivable! The man is talking rubbish
  10. Warparty isn't a hero. Shame that would have ben awesome
  11. don't you have to pick one weapon? which one would you go for? I think I would put it on the Skitterboss's spear.
  12. Well before I was having a lot of success with a big block of 20 to absorb buffs and a few groups of 5 to harass and grab objectives. However now you can get more than one group, on a good casting roll, with the spell and the 5+ venom is ether an aura or effects board zones maybe smaller groups to protect from battleshock misshapes. Having said that bravery is not the issue it once was.
  13. So what command trait did you go for?
  14. I think we have had a sizable buff with all the A'rock variants but I do agree all the real power in this book is Moonclan. However I have been playing the 8 legged guys for a while and I'm used to fighting up hill. Spell lore and more than three units is great.
  15. I see myself taking the totem of the spider god on my A'rock to buff the main body of the army and start the moon on my opponents side of the board to rain mortals and buff my Skitterstrands.
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