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  1. You could be right but my feeling is that the figure in the video is an on looker and not Kragnos himself. My fond hope is that this heralds a AoS3 starter box of silent ones vs. Kurnothi.
  2. How would they play? I love the idea of an unstoppable swarm that devours everything in its path then moves on. Maybe a rule that would mean if you don’t finish off a model in a turn it goes to full wounds in the battleshock phase, like nurglings, to represent the endless swarm. Would they be disciplined or wild uncontrolled? Do we think they would have a hive mind?
  3. No, but the guy in the video talks about awakening from under the mountain and that his people are all dead. I think it’s a pretty good fit.
  4. Is broken realms 4 not going to be these guys?
  5. I can see that. I was really hoping for this before broken realms but Spider riders need a warscroll rewrite not just a halfway go battalion
  6. I think this is bad news to be honest. I was hoping that the fact we didn’t get one of these WD updates ment we were getting the full broken realms treatment.
  7. Mainly clan rat bodies and some head/arm swaps from my bits box
  8. They are clan rats. If you want to see more check my thread Fishing for Warcry.
  9. Working on some netters because 45 points! I got the colours slightly wrong/different this time. Not sure if they will work with the others. We will see.
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