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  1. Mainly clan rat bodies and some head/arm swaps from my bits box
  2. They are clan rats. If you want to see more check my thread Fishing for Warcry.
  3. Working on some netters because 45 points! I got the colours slightly wrong/different this time. Not sure if they will work with the others. We will see.
  4. @Vasshpit amazing! I am working on something similar for Warcry
  5. I am toying with building a second Spiderfang army. Making grot driders using chain rasp body’s with grot heads attached to the spiders centaur style. I think I would also need to remodel the legs to make it work. I made a skuttleboss out of a pusgoyle blightlord’s mount and the plastic Gitmob shaman.
  6. This is a great video guide to the style of painting I am trying.
  7. The bases are cork and miliput covered in Stirland mud and forgeworld weathering powered.
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