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  1. blueshirtman

    Realm-Specific Artefacts Rundown?

    Man I wish there were some options to take more then one artefact. Having a single one, is imo too limiting for some armies.
  2. LoL If they start new battle tomes by nerfing the old stuff, what I understand is painful for people with already good armies, I wonder what they are going to do with BCR. I mean they could make them worse, but they are already bad
  3. 1. Can I afford it 2. Can my army use it 3. Is it good. Rest of the stuff I don't find very important.
  4. blueshirtman

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    how different are they from each other, the crossbows look very simiular. Anyway people probablly won't mind it much, she won't play tournaments, and crossbow judas aren't world breaking good. Thanks everyone for the help.
  5. blueshirtman

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    Thank you guys for the help, last question. The castigators seem to be meh at best, but in the end they seem to be crossbow armed dudes, do you guys think that they could be used a stand in for boltstorm armed judicators, This would give him the 3ed battline to play in normal games.
  6. blueshirtman

    Terrain advice for Age of Sigmar

    We mostly use a lot of micro art studios, a few GW center pice models and hills carved out to give LoS blockers. Works fine, as long as you have flying.
  7. blueshirtman

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    I have a question from a friend, that wants to start SCE, with the new models. He would like to get some tips for sequitors and evocators. Assuming he takes formations that buff them both, are swords or maces better for the sequitors. And the same with evocators should he kitbash great staffs, or go with the basic load out? He wanted to ask about the bolt throwers too, he only has 2 and not hero to buff them, so he asks if he should keep them or sell them?
  8. blueshirtman

    AoS 2 - Beastclaw Raiders Discussion

    I don't really play at tournaments, tried a few times, but it felt like am paying to lose 6 games and for prizes for other people. People in non tournament games don't want to use the artefacts, and the realm spells drop decision was a whole store decision. Most people don't care what cool stuff the realm stuff has, when is also brings the bad stuff. Plus GW did a their usual stuff they do when new editions comes, store owner ordered 10 magic expansions and 20 starters and 20 GH. Got 10 starters, 5 GH and 5 magic expansions. And we have 30+people playing the game here. I hope GW brings out 2-3 battletomes soon, and when they are done with the tomes they designed before people got to play 2ed, they will write an Ogor/BCR one. The funny thing was, that at my store the initial reaction was that BCR were going to dominate everything, there was a ton of salt about cheaper stones and tusks being thrown around. But then I showed people that at 2k points the points drop don't allow me to run the battalion I wanted to run, or get a butcher, and suddenly or the kill the BCR players whinning stoped. It was bizzar to watch, because people within 2 weeks went from BCR too OP, to BCR still the worse battletome in game. Would be even more fun, if I wasn't a BCR player myself.
  9. blueshirtman

    AoS 2 - Beastclaw Raiders Discussion

    Because they would have to ok, the realm spells then and both the relics and the spells are considered too OP here. And it is not like I disagree with them, I played vs banishment a few times, and it is not fun. I will ask around, people are generally very anti proxy around my store. And the box divide stuff sells for some crazy money, I saw someone 2/3 of the box cost, in our currency, just for the mirrors , the cogs and the balls thingy. when you want something people automaticly hike up the price here. Plus we only got 10 of those sets here, so it is not like there are many spare around.
  10. blueshirtman

    6 Nations take aways

    I don't really count the first part of AoS as being an actual game. Without points it was at best a beta test. I don't know, look at the faction focus articles. For chaos or Legions they call on actual players, people that know the armies and have something to say. For something like BCR they call on a guy that started the army a month before, and whose advice to new and old players is buy 3 starter sets and charge. I don't know who in the studio is responsible for writing the ogor/BCR rules, but from the changes in the generals handbook it does not look as if the person plays BCR or even maybe the game, be it 1st or 2ed. The will have they time argument seems strange to me. What if your army ends up like one of the legacy ones, am sure people were telling bretonians that one day their army is going to have a time of their own. But again my problem with the non symetric design is not that is creates worse and better armies. My problem is with GW making bad armies. It is one thing to have a theme for your army, or even a handicap, as long as you get something in return for it. Undead don't have shoting, are dependened on their heroes etc but they get powerful magic, their heros are really powerful etc. No problems with armies like that. Problems start when, and I feel like am repeating myself, is when GW gives your army a set of rules that does not work. A BCR army that could work, and not just in top tournament setting, exists. It probablly is fun to play too. It has only one problem it is a 2400pts list that has to play vs 2000pts list. The BCR just miss too much of the stuff which is essential to what makes armies good in AoS. No battalions, no command abilities, horrible relics, horrible at least ruleswise battle lines, and elite army with low resilience and weak offense. No magic unless they ally it in, and if BCR do the casters pool they got access to is the destruction one, which lets be honest isn't earth shattering good. it maybe 66% of ways to play, but it sure is not 66% of games being played. Ok, so you play BCR, how do you adapt? Other then drop the army and start playing something like LoN, because I think we all do assume that lizardman and kroak in specific are going to get FAQ nerfed soon. You know am not a very good player, but even I know that if a unit of skeletons can kill a stonehorn worth 150 more points then itself, and that the unit can be resurected, buffed etc I can compare the worth good enough. Same way even the most new order players, knew that skins, I know it is no longer the case, are the screening battle line to get. the type of interaction isn't as important either, what is important is can the interaction be pulled off. Stoping a LoN player from using his skeletons or ressing them back requires luck, and it doesn't matter if it is double turns or the LoN player being new. Some stuff has or had 0 chance to fail. Slayers could in some scenarios charge the objectives and just sit on them till the game end with most armies being unable to kill enough of them to claim anything. And I did, when I started stonhorns where good. Then they got nerfed, everyone kept telling me to wait for the battle tome and General Handbook, that the nerf was too harsh and only happened because of K Rukk interaction etc. Nothing like that happened, everytime GW had the chance to fix BCR they either just didn't do it, or worse change it for something worse. Can you imagine playing BCR in a scenario where wizards, BCR have 0 of those, and heros with relics can only claim objectives, and no battalions means BCR have exactly 1 such dude and their relics suck? If you get to play that scenario it aint even worth to set up the models as a BCR player.
  11. blueshirtman

    AoS 2 - Beastclaw Raiders Discussion

    Nope, people here don't want to use the relics or realm rules from the spell box, only the big spells with models are accepted here. I am still thinking about buying any butchers, I worry that maybe in a year or so GW will phase them out or replace with other models, and I don't want to end up with another 3 big models that are based or unusable. I can't really use the endless spells right now, as I don't have the money to buy the expension, and even if I had the money I would probablly buy butchers first. It is good to hear though that the swarm works, one of my friends bought the expansion and plays stormcasts told me it is not worth the points.
  12. blueshirtman

    First turn change idea

    Sounds nice. mechanicly it would work a lot like it does now, but without the super edge msu get over more elite armies. But then again this is only the 2ed, with new people doing design of a new game, there will always be things that could be done better. Plus with GW policy of little steps, it is hard to imagine that they would suddenly go out and test different modes of unit activation.
  13. blueshirtman

    6 Nations take aways

    Ok, lets say you pick destruction as your faction or worse BCR, no amount of money, research is going to help you. As both the grand alliance and the specific army are horrible. And 2.0 did not change that. I mean I guess there is still something wierd like narrative or open, but few people play that. I don't agree with that. If you make lets say a LoN army, and you have your tarpits, casters, screening stuff all of it costs points. You can compare those to that of other armies, same with the mentioned before Kroak build, with stuff other lists can do. If another army can't do the "same things" aka claim objectives, support them, have units to counter stuff etc or it can do the same but it would cost the army 3000pts, then you have the difference in efficiency. you can of course make a list that doesn't care what the opponent does. swarm objectives turn 1-2 with 150 vulkits, and math told you that with a bit over avarge rolls almost no army could shift you from objectives. But that also has it roots in points. But the best example of it is tzeench. It was nerfed, changed as an army 3 or 4 times, maybe more. And it was the best army whole 1st edition, because the rules for the points were that good. a "simple" point cost fix, and suddenly tzeench is no longer the god mode army.
  14. blueshirtman

    6 Nations take aways

    I agree with you . But, to again use a warcraft example, having all healers identical is bad, but on the other hand if you design all your encounters that only moving dps is worth taking, the class that does not have such an option just got killed. I remember what an uproar there was when suddenly in Black Templa all druid tanks, that worked for their guilds for multiple raids, suddenly were informed that the raid requires uncrushable tanks and that they have to re-roll, although the spots for healing and dps are probablly already taken. I don't mind this army being swarmy, that not shoting and another being magic heavy. As long as two things happen. First the points cost of those lacking mechanics are build in to those armies, and non of the skiped mechanics are moved from just a mechanic to core design paradigma. Magic is fun, adds another layer to the game. It is thematic too for a fantasy game. But you can't create a situation where not having magic casters kills the armies validity. The new predatory spells are fine, some of the realm ones are ok too. But something like banishment or the spells being dispelable only by wizards should not be, specially as with the new edition we got the generals hand book, so we are stuck with the rules for another year.
  15. blueshirtman

    First turn change idea

    What if the game was something like, I move one unit, then my opponent moves one unit. Till all units complet movment and then do it for every other phase. This way msu swarms would have their flexibility of multiple units, while lower count armies wouldn't feel punished for being played. Plus there is a good chance that some sort of mid range , unit wise, army would start existing.