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  1. @Fairbanks indeed -- just to be clear though I wasn't intending to represent the community's actual reaction to those ranges, but simply to suggest that the criticism that is being levied against Lumineth could also logically be applied to a bunch of other factions.
  2. I'm pretty sure most guns in 40k shoot goblins on purpose 😆 ...and yeah, the throne of power was literally just carried around by other dwarfs. I think that's arguably more ridiculous than it just floating. _______________________________ On another note, can I just say that I really dislike the new Lumineth stuff compared to the earlier bits, but I think it's a totally fine decision by GW and don't feel betrayed or slighted or cheated in the least? I think every army that I have ever played has had sculpts that I don't care for. If I play Lumineth and include the cow hammerers, I'll be doing headswaps or remodeling for sure. That's fine. There are so many ranges in both WHFB and AOS that could cause this kind of disappointment if they were rolled out in a certain way. Kharadron: initial previews of Arkanauts and Thunderers: yay! it's updated Dwarfs! ; Reveal: airships and balloon boys: wtf! I hate steampunk! bait and switch! I wanted classic Dwarfs with an updated aesthetic! Stormcast: initial previews of any of the infantry, dracoth riders: yes! the good guys finally get badass chaos warrior types that ride beef dragons! ; Reveal: anything riding a gryph charger: wtf! why does this army have chickens in it??? Sylvaneth: wait, what? the faction entirely made up of plants and spirits is led by a giant lady riding a beetle? Seraphon: Dinosaurs riding dinosaurs! So cool! Wait, my only special character is a sort-of undead frog? My best wizards are just fat toads riding a floating chair? This is just scratching the surface. Only the smallest factions have truly and fully unified design. It's common to have units within a faction that loosely fit the aesthetic and theme.
  3. I'm also in the camp that thinks that this likely will create negative play experiences. But that said, you really don't have to kill it. It's not that damage efficient (unless you have a lot of Chaos Daemons) and it's one model. You can: Use mortal wounds to break the shell Chaff it Focus on objectives A lot of negative play experiences are manifestations of the mindset that you need to or should be aiming to kill everything your opponent puts on the table. I don't deny that this upsets people, but a simple shift of perspective will both improve one's skill with the game and probably make a lot of these kinds of things feel less bad!
  4. @PJetski I think getting 9-12 into range isn't nearly as hard with flying and potentially 3d6 to charge. It's much easier to surround an enemy unit that way. If you can fly across the enemy unit with 9-12 Terradons you should be able to accomplish a similar feat with rippers. There's also some serious goalpost moving going on. I was responding to claims that rippers are useless, "buried and dead," not worth considering etc. You yourself imply that Ripperdactyls are not viable. You support that claim by stating that Ripperdactyls are a pretty good hammer unit, but that Terradons are better competitively in large units. If anything, the fact that they can be a "pretty good hammer unit" means that they are viable. Are the optimal? Probably not -- and I absolutely agree with that. I think most competitive lists are going to favor Terradons over rippers. But that hardly means that Rippers are "useless" and "not viable".
  5. Terradons: 4 base, +1 Coalesced, +1 Stegadon Chief Rippers 1 base spear + 1 Ripper Chief + 1 Stegadon Chief, 3 base bite +1 Ripper Chief + 1 Stegadon Chief +1 Coalesced If you are curious I did extensive comparisons of Rippers and Terradons a bit upthread. Might be a page or two back at this point. Suffice to say that they are in the same ballpark on offensive efficiency. Terradons are likely a little bit better at baseline but they are squishier and lose a lot in subsequent turns after they drop their rocks. They are faster though, which makes a huge difference. Rippers are slower but have more staying power (particularly if you take an extra min sized unit or two as objective grabbers, which will allow you to have multiple blot toads for your main ripper unit).
  6. I think you guys may be exaggerating a bit. Terradons also lack the spear attack. Terradons max out at 6 attacks in melee while Ripperdactyls max out at 9 (3 spear and 6 bite each). Once you factor in the exploding hits on 6's and rerolls for 6 of those attacks, you end up with a lot more hits, which translates to more mortal wounds with the Skink Starpriest buff. I still think that Terradons are likely better due to the extra 4" of move, but it's a close call and I hardly think that Ripperdactyls are "buried and dead" or "useless". When fully buffed they are still one of the most efficient combat units in the game. EDIT: I just wish we got a clear ruling about whether the Thunder Lizard CA works on the Skink Chief on Stegadon. Would also love to know if you can include a skink chief on either of the "regular" Stegadons that go into the Thunderquake battalions.
  7. They also didn't answer the ambiguity about the Skink Chief on Stegadon general in Thunderlizard. Skink Chief on Stegadon states that command traits and artefacts only affect the rider, but the Thunderlizard command trait says that it only affects the mount and not the rider. I'd guess that RAI is that it works, but RAW I'm not so sure. Bastiladons will be a nightmare for any army that has poor access to mortal wounds, but that's not really all that many armies. EDIT: also, for thunderquake temple/star host the list specifies an EOTG/Stegadon w/ Skink Chief, and 2 Stegadons/Bastiladons in any combination. That's the specific warscroll Stegadon, not the keyword Stegadon, but technically the Skink Chief on Stegadon is part of the Stegadon warscroll. It's not even a subheader, they just share the warscroll right-out. Would it be legal to include a Skink Chief on Stegadon as one of the two "Stegadons or Bastiladons in any combination"? If not, is there a specific rule somewhere that I can reference?
  8. I really liked the way that asrai.org did it-- they just had a dedicated forum for battle threads. Made it easy for anyone on the site to follow along and leaves us with a trove of battle reports.
  9. I wonder how long it will take to get kits like the Stegadon back in stock with the backlog the factory shutdown will create.
  10. Seems pretty clearly to be a punch dagger type weapon.
  11. Hopefully we'll get the FAQ this week to clear some of this stuff up! The Shadowstrike Terradon thing is interesting but also not cheap -- 820-1180 depending on the Skink unit sizes, and then you need a priest and starseer on top. Definitely worth considering though. I also think that Thunderquake is going to be a potentially strong option. A full kit with 3 salamanders and a skink chief on steg will run 1100-1140 depending on the mix of Stegadons and Bastiladons. You *can* do both, but I'm not sure that it's a good idea: Skink Chief on Stegadon (270) Skink Priest (70) Skink Starpriest (120) Terradon Chief (70) 10 Skinks (60) 20 Skinks (120) 3 Salamanders (240) 9 Terradons (270) Bastiladon (220) Stegadon (240) Thunderquake Temple Host (150) Shadowstrike Temple Host (150) You have to give up the starseer and either 3 Terradons or 1 salamander to make it fit, but at least you get a nice 4 drop army that has a chance of getting the turn choice.
  12. Guess the article isn't for you then? IMO the smartest thing GW could do is use a multibasing system like KOW or the ASOIAF miniatures game with square/rectangle trays that round bases can be slotted into. Not all AOS stuff would be usable, of course, but it would allow you to play both systems without rebasing your models.
  13. A fair point, although I still might be tempted to take Darkshards in that case!
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