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  1. I think that folks should probably slow down a little bit with the panic about Hearthguard. By the numbers, they are indeed very good. Auric Hearthguard are super efficient when shooting monsters and merely fine when shooting at any other target. Hearthguard Berserkers with broadaxes are a little more efficient than poleaxes if you don't have rerolls to hit. If you do have reroll all hit rolls, the poleaxes are more efficient (note: you must re-roll all non 6's, not just misses, in order to get this level of efficiency). If you have rerolls both to hit and to wound, then the broadaxes are a bit more efficient. In each case though the numbers are reasonably close. Hearthguard overall are also very defensively efficient as long as they have a hero around. This is an easy condition to meet, but if the opponent is one of the armies that can reasonably snipe out your heroes you could be in trouble. Regardless, it's clear that Hearthguard are a very, very good unit at their current cost. That said, there are many units with comparable efficiency. Witch Aelves, Bestigors, Tzaangors, Tzaangor Enlightened, Morsarr Guard, and Boingrot Bounders are all good comparisons on efficiency. No unit is an exact match, but they are in the same ballpark. Plague Monks are a bit worse on defensive efficiency but their offensive efficiency is actually FAR higher than Hearthguard (like, it's not even close.) All of these are tournament caliber units, but none of them have really been shown to be broken. The most dominant warscroll on this list is probably Witch Aelves, but even these have mellowed a bit of late. DoK certainly has far overperformed over the past year, but since the release of the last several battletomes (particulary Skaven and FEC) they aren't showing the same level of dominance. People are also ignoring the one glaring weakness of this unit, which is speed. Movement is really important in AOS. I'll add the huge caveat that I haven't seen the allegiance abilities yet, but unless there are a TON of buffs which improve movement, this unit is REALLY slow. Every unit that I listed above is faster than this one, and many of them are much faster. Even the "slow" units like Witch Aelves and Bestigors move 6" and can run and charge by default, and many can be easily buffed to move much faster than their baseline. Only Witch Aelves have had a lot of success without access to high movement. The slowest unit of the ones I mentioned (Plague Monks) is still faster than Hearthguard, and despite it being ultra efficient (again, to a degree that makes Hearthguard look like a joke) it hasn't exactly ruined the metagame (at least yet). People who are imagining two units of 30 locking down the entire board are dramatically overestimating their defensive capability. High damage concentration units are pretty common in the metagame right now, and if you spread out a unit of 30 as wide as you can, you are going to get hit hard and only be able to retaliate with a few models. 30 Hearthguard can soak a ton of damage, no doubt, but there are plenty of units out there that can deal a ton of damage as well. I don't think you can count on holding out long enough. The folks who are imagining holding multiple objectives with a single unit of 30 should remember that a unit can only claim one objective at a time. I fully expect Fyreslayers to be solid, and Hearthguard are probably the single most competitive warscroll. I don't think we need to worry about them ruining the meta though, not when there are plenty of other things out there that are super strong in their own right. EDIT: I'll also note that stacking multiple +1 to save from the same source is something that will be very easy to FAQ, and if Fyreslayers do end up being kinda broken because you can stack them up to 2+ rerollables this will be the kind of fix that won't need to wait for a points adjustment opportunity.
  2. I don't think this is categorically correct, although it is mostly true that AOS 2.0 armies are better than ones that don't have recent battletomes. Freeguild, the main successor to Empire, is a bit of an exception. They certainly aren't top tier competitive but I think they are at least a strong tier 3 or perhaps even tier 2. Shooting is very powerful in the current meta, and Freeguild shoot very well. They also have a good sequence breaking abilities which are also very powerful. Their weakness is a lack of speed and an inability to go low drop. There are quite a few defensively inefficient melee armies in the meta, and Freeguild can eat these for lunch (although that does depend on the mission to some extent). Gutbusters, on the other hand, are categorically terrible. They have no above-average warscrolls, no monsters, no good shooting, very little magic, and no allegiance package whatsoever. They have no good battalions either. I wouldn't bother with these at all until they get an update unless you are playing purely for fluff/narrative/soft lists only. The free peoples update is just a rumor with no evidence behind it yet. It might or might not happen, and even if it does the existing units may not be going away. Just look at moonclan, which got a huge range update but most if not all of the old kits are still valid.
  3. Yeah, I'm going to go ahead and agree with the "anything goes" idea. I think if you want to be silly/cartoony, then you can do almost anything as that amazing Nurgle army above shows. Pink Nighthaunt would be interesting, as would pink dark or high aelves. Bubblegum Punk Fyreslayers could be great. Really the sky is the limit. If you have buckets of cash to spend, a pink Chaos Dwarf army would be hilarious. What better way to show that you hate everyone by dressing you whole army in electric hot pink? As far as "traditional" pink armies, most of them have been mentioned I think. DoK: pink and white go well here as many have mentioned. Also I don't know what you mean when you say DoK doesn't seem too strong. They are one of the best performing tournament armies in the game right now (although other factions are starting to show up) Idoneth: tropical color scheme with lots of coral could look great here, and they are quite competitive as well. Sylvaneth or Wanderers: Cherry Blossom themed Sylvaneth are a classic at this point (even a bit overdone, imo), and you could follow the same theme with Wanderers if you want (although they are definitely not competitive at the moment). Sylvaneth is competitive right now, but you might want to wait until this rumored moonclan vs. sylvaneth box comes out in case they get a new book. Moonclan: pink squigs are classic. Pink gobbo robes are a bit strange, but white robes would look fantastic (albeit if you live in the US do note that this might look a little suspect). It might help if you painted pink trim on the robes. Pink trolls and lots of fluorescent crazy fungus are quite encouraged. Tzeentch: Pink is a classic Tzeentch color, although blue is a more common dominant color. Nothing says you can't paint all your daemons and tzaangors pink though. Slaanesh: All pink would fit right in here, or you could go for an androgynous/ambiguous theme by doing a contrasting pink and black harlequin style design. Keep in mind that the battletome is known to be coming though, so you may want to wait on that.
  4. lol, yeah i wasn't quite sure given your post count, but i figured maybe the OP was curious too.
  5. I can't pretend to know the full extent of why this is the generally accepted way of doing things, but there are a few clear reasons: 1. It reduces the likelihood of needing to interrupt the game in order to review rules. By exchanging lists at the beginning, players can identify likely questions and have an opportunity to discuss the fundamentals of how their armies and abilities function. This generally leads to a smoother and more enjoyable play experience. 2. It reduces "gotcha!" moments and encourages sportsmanship. If things are hidden, then players are encouraged to obfuscate what their units do in order to surprise their opponent. When players fall for this kind of trickery it generally feels crappy, particularly for newer players. There are so many factions and supplements in Age of Sigmar, expecting players to have an encyclopedic knowledge of every possible permutation is rather unreasonable, particularly at the local level of competition. Hidden information also creates problems around how to handle situations when opponents ask questions about what your units do. While a solid set of rules can be created to handle these situations, it almost certainly incentivizes players to give as little information as the rules allow, or to present information in a deliberately deceptive way that nevertheless fits with the letter of the rules. Needless to say this has a deleterious effect on sportsmanship. 3. It helps ensure that players start the game on equal footing. Over the course of the tournament, players are likely to overhear information from other games. What happens if your opponent happened to hear from a friend what your list is, but you didn't get the same information about your opponent? In a game like Magic, where hidden information is a big part of the competitive environment, professional level teams are heavily encouraged to share information between rounds and even have non-participants wander the room gathering information. I don't think this kind of approach fits with the culture of the hobby very well. 4. You'd still need to present your list to the TO to ensure that you are playing a legal list and aren't changing things from round to round. Presenting the list to opponents as well reduces the burden on the TO, and it also reduces opportunities for shenanigans. While this might not be likely at the GT level, the idea of a TO sharing information with friends (either maliciously or just "accidentally" through casual conversation) is a real risk. I know many of you would be shocked at the idea of a TO helping tip the scales in this manner, but I assure you there are many FLGS where this kind of unprofessional behavior is relatively commonplace.
  6. As a fellow sword nerd, you are definitely on to something. I think the model is great overall, but she is just asking to get that finger broken.
  7. Just want to make sure that I'm not missing anything -- it's not possible to get any bonuses to casting for any of the rotbringer wizards, is it? Aside from arcane terrain, of course.
  8. What kinds of things gave you trouble, if you don't mind me asking? And is the spellportal mostly for Dreaded Plague?
  9. I'm fairly certain that a unit of 40 can have both banners and instruments. 1 in 20 models can be a banner or icon bearer and 1 in 20 can be a gong or chime bearer. It doesn't say that both need to be equipped the same way.
  10. Yeah, there isn't much you can do to stop six rippers from munching one of your units. If you have another unit nearby to counter-attack with, however, then you've basically taken off half their army while only losing ~200 points. Summoning is also a greater concern at 1k though as the relative value of the summoned units is much higher when compared to what is already on the board. I was wrong about the HPA though, I forgot that the Avalanche of Flesh ability is an actual attack and not an ability that is triggered on contact. So it's maybe not particularly good against Skinks in that way. It's still solid though. It's combat stats for the points are pretty excellent. It's reasonably efficient (particularly for a monster) even without the Avalanche of Flesh attack, and with it it can be insanely efficient. It has poor defensive efficiency though and worst of all is the random movement. I have a feeling that it's going to be the sort of unit that will win some games singlehandedly while other times will feel like total dead weight.
  11. It's a bit tough to calculate just how good Plague Monks are in part because so much of their value comes from the bajillion different abilities on their warscroll. Skaven is such a massive battletome that I'm sure playtesting everything extensively was difficult to impossible, and this is just one of those things that fell through the cracks I'd bet. This is a fair point, for sure. 40 Stormvermin are still more expensive than 40 clanrats + 40 plague monks though, and perform far worse on offense and defense. That said, not everyone wants to field a bajillion models. To me, it all comes down to your reason for fielding them. If a person tells me that they want to field Stormvermin because they hit hard, look cool, and they want to focus on Verminus or Skryre or what not then that's great. If they say that they are fielding Stormvermin because they are the best unit option in terms of power level, then I'll pick an argument XD Interesting for sure. I'd bet that if a Seraphon player really tries hard it'll be very difficult to kill his Slaan pretty much no matter what you do. Skinks are a pain in the butt no matter how you slice it, and I think Plagueclaws are too expensive to be a real solution there (not to mention the resources that you'd need to devote to guarding them. Skinks are just a pain in the butt to deal with for almost everyone, and Skaven are no exception. Weapon teams seem like a bad idea as they are pretty short range and the Skinks can likely shred them with their own shooting. I could see Stormfiends being a decent solution as they should be able to smack Skinks around in melee as well as clear them out with warpfire/ratling cannons in a way that isn't totally vulnerable to Skink shooting. Another interesting option are warscrolls that deal damage when they move/charge like the Doomwheel and Hellpit Abomination, as they will still deal damage to the Skinks even if they retreat. Random movement is a problem, though. All in all I think the best solution might just be pure mass. If you just march up the board the Skinks will have to give way or die. You should be able to take objectives pretty much at will, and nothing the Seraphon player has can compete with your efficiency. Once you have the objectives, pushing you off will be really difficult. Yeah, I should stress that Stormvermin are actually not terrible in terms of their pure stats. Their offense and defense are both reasonably efficient, although the sheer point cost is problematic in that it gives your opponent a very juicy target. I think Grave Guard would see more play if they weren't dominated in every way by Grimghast Reapers, and Stormvermin might as well if they weren't dominated by various superior options.
  12. I think 20-25 is a bit of an exaggeration. Let's do the math though based on your numbers and see. 30 stormvermin, all of them getting to attack vs. 40 plague monks with 20 models attacking with knives and 30 models attacking with staves. Note that having 30 models also helps the stormvermin, but we're going to need to control for the significantly greater point cost. 30 Stormvermin: 33.88 rend 1 damage on average Plague Monks (not charging): 8.89 rend 1 damage plus 26.67 rend 0 damage on average Plague Monks (charging): 15 rend 1 damage plus 45 rend 0 damage. If you use my WDR formula to normalize the rend (rend 1 = 1.33 times rend 0) and then control for the cost difference, you get the following numbers: Stormvermin: .1073 Plague Monks (not charging): .1604 Plague Monks (charging): .2706 So there you have it. Even if only 20 Plague Monks get to fight with their blades and 30 with their Staves, they are still nearly 50% more efficient when not charging and 152% more efficient when charging. That and they don't lose their +1 to wound roll after taking only one casualty. On defense it's absolutely no contest. Even if you assume the Stormvermin never lose their +1 to save, their defensive efficiency is .1429 when compared to Plague Monk's .2. So Plague Monks are 40% more efficient on defense vs rend 0. That increases to 56% more efficient against rend 1, 94% more efficient vs. rend 2 and 133% more efficient vs. rend 3 or better.
  13. 20 Stormvermin will do an average of 18.22 rend 1 damage per turn, and they have an expected wounds vs. rend 0 of 40. Note that the damage falls off dramatically even after losing just 1 model, and their expected wounds drops if they fall below 10 models. 40 Plague Monks will do an average of 15.5 rend 1 damage plus an additional 46.67 rend 0 damage per turn. That does not count their charge bonus. If they charge, that number goes up a LOT. They have an expected wounds vs rend 0 of 48. The only problem is that it will be harder to get 40 Plague Monks in range to attack, so you can probably expect that some of your rats will be idling. Still though, it's really no contest. For 40 points fewer you get tremendously more damage and more survivability, and it takes 11 deaths before your damage per model starts to drop off rather than 1. Plague Monks are by far the most OP offensive unit in the game right now. And as far as support goes, why not take a Plague Furnace? Giving your monks battleshock immunity is great, and it actually is quite efficient on its own. Even if you don't do that though a unit of Plague Monks is still going to be great. My biggest gripe about this battletome is how much better Plague Monks are than Clanrats. I'd love to be able to support my infantry with all of the cool and fun Skaven toys, but it's so hard to justify the downgrade from monks to Clanrats as battleline. EDIT: Regarding Plagueclaws, I think they have a completely different role than WLC. Plagueclaws are far and away at their best when shooting at large units. When shooting at 10+ strong units, they do similar average damage to a WLC, but it's rend 2 instead of mortal. In exchange you get added range, slightly slower cost and indirect fire. WLC are at their best when shooting at support heroes who would otherwise be very difficult to hit with conventional shooting. Against a target like this, the Plagueclaw is expected to do only a third of the damage of a WLC, and at rend 2 instead of mortal. Personally, I don't like the Plagueclaw mostly because Skaventide has access to better tools for wiping out hordes. WLC, on the other hand, does something special by enabling you to snipe support heroes. That said, your concern about LOS is a valid one. I'd just suggest that Plagueclaws will be too ineffective against small targets to be worth bothering with.
  14. 4 dice for each model in the target unit that's in range. This is a key distinction, as some people were talking about this ability as if it allowed them to target multiple units.
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