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  1. Yeah, I didn't think you were addressing me specifically. It just seems to me that the majority of commentary (particularly among top players, who I think GW listens too far more than the masses) is specifically directed at the interaction between Changehost and Horrors and Flamers. While it's possible that an overnerf will happen, I doubt that it will be caused by something like people not liking to play against fate/destiny dice. Those have been in the game for years now and if GW were going to change them they likely would have done so with the battletome itself. GW is inconsistent enough that it's reasonable to be worried about an overnerf, but I think there are a lot of people out there at the top levels of play that see a problem that can't really be adapted to. The mechanics are completely non-interactive.
  2. I don't see how the kinds of changes I suggested above would make Changehost "unusable" -- two teleports and getting to be 1 drop are still fantastic. It's also not at all clear that horrors and flamers themselves need to be nerfed. I think you are absolutely right that these units, at baseline, are things that the metagame can adapt to. I hardly think that they are the only good things in the tome though -- Kairic Acolytes and a bunch of the heroes also seem quite strong. If you don't deal with what Changehost is doing, however, I don't see how the metagame can adapt. Most armies can't do anything that interacts with it. What can you do against being bottled up in your deployment zone by 100 wounds of models that are basically immune to battleshock? What adaptation is really possible?
  3. Has there been any period since the 1.0 battletome where Tzeentch hasn't been at least decent? Even nerfed as it was Tzeentch was providing solid results all the way up until the new tome came out. Flamers are definitely good, but there are quite a few ranged units out there now that output damage at similar efficiency and can be teleported into range. If Flamers are broken, then there is a bunch of other stuff out there that is broken as well. I'm inclined to think that just the flamers are probably not that big of an issue. The Horrors are more problematic imo. Being able to guaranteed teleport (at least) 100 wounds of -1 to be hit models into melee with the opponent on turn 1 is much more impactful. Of course, the combination of these two things together is especially egregious. You get to bottle up the enemy in their deployment zone for at least one if not 2-3 turns while also hammering them with efficient ranged damage. It might be that they tweak some points values here and there, but there are a bunch of possible errata that would likely fix the problem without overnerfing. Here are a few ideas: Changehost teleport: teleported models can't move for any reason until the end of the turn Changehost teleport: can only teleport inside your own territory on the first battle round Changehost: your opponent automatically gets the choice of first turn order That's not to say that these should be the only changes that GW considers of course, but I think any of these three could potentially solve this particular problem. The first one might not be enough - it stops the horrors from fully bottling in the opponent quite so completely, but it still might prove to be too good. The second and third ones should do the trick, I think.
  4. Hi all, I'm looking to acquire a lot (probably 60-70ish) of darkshard crossbow bits and/or handbow bits. Looking for most recent versions. I'm US based but am willing to pay international shipping (especially from the UK) if there are enough to make it worthwhile. I'm also happy to consider trades (I've got a huge collection, so just let me know what you are interested in).
  5. note: I did not read any other responses, so if I repeat something said by someone else I apologize! I voted mixed opinion. I think it can be a useful balancing mechanism and certainly allows for some more interesting "free" traits, but at the same time I like the Cities of Sigmar version better (where the universal allegiance package is quite lean and most of the abilities come with the faction choice). I think that part of the problem is really just the way that GW presents the abilities in the books. They present the command abilities and artefact lists separately from the subfaction choice, which leads to a sense of losing something by being forced to take a specific ability or artefact with your subfaction. Instead, GW could present it as "choose from one of these subfactions, or design your own faction using one of the command abilities and artefacts listed below" that way it's presented as a choice that you gain by designing your own subfaction instead of a choice that you lose by picking an existing subfaction.
  6. Another possibility is that "Light of Eltharion" isn't actually a named hero in the same way that "Spirit of Durthu" isn't a named hero.
  7. Agreed - to me they have a vibe that is more Hellenistic than Hellenic. I'm super excited for this release. Not a huge fan of Eltharion but love the rest. I'd have preferred Teclis coming with a giant owl, but the sphinx is great too!
  8. Gosh if that is fake then someone went through a huge amount of effort. The packaging which requires the fully painted version of the model plus the on-sprue version. My guess is that it's either something we will hear about in the not-too-distant future or it's something that was supposed to get released a while ago and got canned for some reason.
  9. what in the.... Is it just floating around in space after someone inverted its entire digestive tract? What was the prompt that the artist was working from? "Glowing blue space fetus is surprising chill after literally pooping its guts out"??
  10. You make some great points, and it makes me wish that GW would be a little more aggressive in pushing the boundaries of "Three Ways To Play." The main problem with the kind of randomness that you are talking about is that it creates hugely different play experiences depending on what kind of gamer you are. I'll reference the classic Magic: The Gathering psychographics here: Timmy, Johnny, Spike, and Vorthos. A review for those of you who may not be familiar: Many players don't quite fit cleanly into one of these categories (humans have mixed motivations after all!) but I do think that quite a lot of players are predominantly one type. So imagine the kinds of outcomes from the randomness that you described, @JPjr. Timmies are going to love the big, swingy events. Whether it's your entire artillery battery exploding or your entire opponent's army exploding, it's a good story for Timmy. Vorthos might love it too, as long as the rules are a good reflection of the fluff. Johnny could love it or hate it, depending on if the rules are something you can really build around in interesting ways. Spike is going to hate it, because it means that games are going to come down to a small number of dice rolls to the exclusion of strategy. This situation puts GW in a predicament. They can either choose to ****** off one set of players to please another, or they can try to play it safe. Unsurprisingly, they generally choose the latter. Armies like Gloomspite and Skaven are a bit more random than others, but not enough to really satisfy Timmy and Vorthos and not so much as to really ****** off Spike. Instead, I think GW should have no compunction about publishing multiple warscrolls for the same unit: one for matched play and one for narrative play. Open play gamers can use either. The matched play warscrolls can be designed to satisfy Spike by tamping down on randomness while the narrative warscrolls can be really off the wall to satisfy Timmy and Vorthos. I know that this risks rule bloat, but because these are warscroll variations they can be published on the website/in the app and really shouldn't be hard to keep track of as long as they are labeled well. I also think that this is exactly the kind of rules bloat that would be good for the game. You choose which set before the game starts, so it doesn't overly complicate actual gameplay, and it has the potential to impact every game unlike the relatively niche narrative rules that get pushed out in supplements. Narrative battleplans and things like siege rules are nice and all, but they don't have nearly the impact that actual narrative warscrolls could have.
  11. I'm hoping to run Glade Guard as Freeguild Crossbows and am looking into the feasibility of converting them to actually hold crossbows. I don't suppose any of you have tried this, and if so what crossbow bits were most compatible?
  12. I don't know, but it's keeping me back from placing an order. I really want to know how interesting the two box only characters are before I decide if and how many boxes to buy. Given Feast of Bones I'm not as worried about availability.
  13. It frustrates me greatly that this is region locked.
  14. I'll be pretty surprised if the LoC summoning faction ends up as the most competitive, mostly because it requires jumping through hoops and accepting restrictions for a payoff that is probably (barring warscroll changes) not that amazing. I'm a lot more concerned, like @Frowny, about gaunt summoner spam. Depending on battalions though it might not be so bad as the list may be forced into pretty high drops and gets hard countered by anything that can project force on turn 1, particularly long range or deepstriking shooting. CoS bridge lists, shooty living city, or builds with a bunch of shadow warriors will easily table a 6 gaunt list on turn 1 if Tzeentch can't keep their drops low.
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