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  1. swarmofseals

    AoS 2 - Clan Verminus / Skaven Discussion

    I remember seeing a post either in this thread or the Pestilens thread that the Screaming Bell/Plague Furnace now have keywords that stop them from benefiting from "Look Out Sir". I can't find the post now, but this is incorrect yes? Neither warscroll has the monster keyword, or has there been an errata that I missed?
  2. swarmofseals

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    The bonuses for battalions rarely justify the costs by themselves. The extra CP is nice, particularly for this army, but the real question is whether or not you actually want to be sure that you go first. If you are trying to play a very aggressive game, then you pretty much have to. I think FEC are under more pressure than most to go first because getting alpha striked and losing your characters before they have a chance to summon is incredibly devastating. All of the abhorrents are kinda undercosted, but only if they get their summon off. If they don't, then they are pretty much all overcosted. So perhaps there are competitive FEC builds that can afford to go second, but I suspect they will require you to be running a lot of ghouls to make sure that your characters don't get smashed turn 1.
  3. swarmofseals

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    If you haven't already, I'd suggest taking a listen to the Facehammer battletome review. Those guys are some of the best players in the world, and they convincingly make the argument that one drop is really not the norm. There are a handful of armies that can one drop, but most cant and the average number of drops is actually pretty high. A battalion doesn't need to let you one drop to be good -- trimming your army down into the 4-5 drop range will still let you go first in a high percentage of games, and taking one of these battalions really helps make that possible.
  4. swarmofseals

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    I did the math so you don't have to! Expected values of a "banshee scream" (2d6-bravery) and "terrorgheist scream" (1d6+6-bravery): Banshee Scream: Bravery 0: 6.996 Bravery 1: 5.996 Bravery 2: 4.997 Bravery 3: 4.025 Bravery 4: 3.109 Bravery 5: 2.276 Bravery 6: 1.554 Bravery 7: .9714 Bravery 8: .555 Bravery 9: .2774 Bravery 10: .1109 Bravery 11: .0277 Bravery 12: 0 Terrorgheist Scream: Bravery 0: 9.5 Bravery 1: 8.5 Bravery 2: 7.5 Bravery 3: 6.5 Bravery 4: 5.5 Bravery 5: 4.5 Bravery 6: 3.5 Bravery 7: 2.5 Bravery 8: 1.667 Bravery 9: 1 Bravery 10: .5 Bravery 11: .1667 Bravery 12: 0 If you want to translate Banshee Screams into Crypt Flayer screams, just use the same bravery value if in combat or Bravery+2 if out of combat. Terrorgheist starts to outperform a unit of 3 flayers at Bravery 8 (in combat) or Bravery 3 (out of combat). When you look at efficiency rather than absolute performance, the Terrorgheist starts to outperform flayers at Bravery 6 out of combat and Bravery 11 in combat. I also ran the math on the offensive and defensive efficiency of the Terrorgheist, Crypt Flayers, and Zombie Dragon (note: unmounted versions of the monsters). What I found is that the Terrorgheist and Crypt Flayers are pretty close. The flayers are more efficient on both offense and defense at baseline. If the Terrorgheist heals twice it passes the flayers on defense, and it's pretty close to even after healing once. The Terrorgheist starts off significantly worse on offense but scales a tiny better with extra attacks, at least when compared to a unit of 3 Crypt Flayers, but it would take an unrealistic number of extra attacks for the Terrorgheist to catch up to Crypt Flayers. In Gristlegore specifically, the Terrorgheist at baseline become essentially identical to Crypt Flayers in offensive efficiency. It'll scale a bit better than units of 3 Crypt Flayers with extra attacks, but will scale worse than large units of flayers. The Zombie Dragon is just straight up less efficient than either the Terrorgheist or Crypt Flayers and is defensively identical to the Terrorgheist except that it can't heal. In terms of ranged offensive efficiency, I tried to figure out against what bravery level the flayers and the Terrorgheist reach a level of efficiency that is generally "average" for a pure ranged unit. The results surprised me. The answer for Crypt Flayers is somewhere between Bravery 7 and 8, at least at melee range (5 and 6 for "long" range). So as long as your target is bravery 5 or less for long range or 7 or less for close range, Crypt Flayers perform at a level of ranged offensive efficiency that is typical of an average pure ranged unit. For the Terrorgheist, the Bravery target is Bravery 5, albeit at that point they are performing worse than Crypt Flayers. Overall, the efficiency numbers for both of these warscrolls are not good. They are VERY inefficient defensively and mediocre in terms of offensive efficiency. The ranged portion actually help quite a bit though, particularly for flayers as they look closer to solid at baseline when you consider that they perform reasonably well as a ranged unit except against really high bravery levels. Also, once you start factoring all of the crazy buffs you can give them both warscrolls start to look a whole lot better, particularly large units of flayers. Such units are a huge liability though with their high cost and poor defense though, so you really need to be sure you can hit first.
  5. swarmofseals

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    Aha, that did the trick. The archregent is better than I could have realistically expected. That thing is just nuts. The summon, which is now truly free because of the throne, is incredibly flexible and will reliably deliver 120-200 points worth of models to the table. So there are two costs that you are paying: Between 0-80 points The opportunity cost of fielding a large unit For those costs you get a model that's reasonably tough for a foot hero, a decent melee profile, TWO casts and unbinds with access to one of the best signature spells in the game, I think the opportunity cost is definitely a significant one given that FEC is looking to have a sweet buff game that benefits large units, so that may tamp down a bit on truly spamming archregents. That said, I think we're likely to see multiple copies in a lot of lists.
  6. swarmofseals

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    Weird, my app still has the old warscrolls. I tried restarting it but no update.
  7. swarmofseals

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    Where are you guys seeing the new warscrolls? I checked on the NZ site and the links to all of the FEC warscrolls are broken.
  8. swarmofseals

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    In a Royal Family build the throne is absolutely crazy good and will be akin to having 200-300 extra points for free. That's clearly the high end of its effectiveness. The low end is probably like 50-100 points worth, like you said. That's still quite good -- far better than the Gloomtide Shipwreck, for example. It's not an army-defining piece of scenery like the Wyldwood, but even at just 1-2 command points it's still a decent bonus for free. If you told me any of the factions that I play were getting 1-2 free CP at the start of the game I'd be ecstatic. It's a really big deal. I'm not sure I'm following your reasoning. The bell seems to mostly useful for it's battleshock immunity. I don't think you can count on rolling exactly 13 on 3d6. The lightning and vortex spells are certainly offensive though. In constrast the FEC horses are clearly offensive while the corpse wall is defensive. I don't actually think it's fair to characterize the grail as defensive though. It's a healing spell, but it has quite a long range and triggers off kills. Sure it can be used to keep your tarpit going like you suggested, but it can also be used to allow you to extend your monsters deeper into enemy territory. It's a lot easier to move your dragons/terrorgheists away from support for a deep offensive move when you know they are going to be able to heal themselves effectively after the first round of combat and will likely be at or near full strength for the opponent's retaliation. It's a support spell that enables both offensive and defensive strategies.
  9. swarmofseals

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    I have to admit I'm pretty confused by the reactions to these warscrolls. The throne is basically a handful of free CP, which is absolutely huge for this army. It remains to be seen if all-in summoning remains a popular build, but if it does this thing is like having a couple hundred free points. Given how powerful the feeding frenzy command ability is, I suspect FEC is going to be a very CP "hungry" (heh) army and the throne is just pure gravy. The endless spells are all good examples of design that is actually functional. The wall is probably the most lackluster, but I suspect it will be cheap and still quite useful for forcing a dispel. The grail is an awesome design. You set it up where you are about to hit the enemy and it helps you recover from the damage you take during that round of combat. Then your enemy is forced to make a choice between dispelling it, or trying to fight away from it. I suspect if it functions even just on your turn it'll make up its points cost pretty frequently, and if it stays on the table for longer it'll be even better. The stampede is a predatory endless spell that might have enough impact to actually see play. Even against 3 wound models it has respectable damage output and it moves really far. If you hit two or three enemy units with this (which is pretty realistic given that it has an average threat radius of 24.5") you are doing really well. It could be overcosted, of course, but I think the design makes it at least plausibly useful which is more than one can say for most endless spells.
  10. swarmofseals

    Could use help creating balanced decks for four factions

    Yeah, I thought that might be a reasonable starting point but was worried about issues like the one you mentioned about the objectives. I'm only going to be playing 2 player games with what I've got at the moment though, so I could use the objective cards in multiple decks as long as the base set comes with two copies of each. I'd just need to know which cards I should be subbing in and out of the expansion warbands.
  11. I've owned the first four warbands for Shadespire since they came out, but I hadn't actually cracked open the box and learned the basic rules until two days ago. I'm definitely looking forward to getting more into it and filling out my collection over time, but at the moment I'd love to put together a set of four decks that are reasonably balanced against one another so that I can get others into the game. I have the base Shadespire set plus Ironskull's Boys and Sepulchral Guard and whatever cards come with. Given that card pool, do any of you have suggestions for putting together a set of balanced decklists?
  12. Man, Charles Fryer going 4-1 with Deepkin while only destroying 2500 points. I would love to know how that happened. Edit: would also love to see the high finishing death lists.
  13. swarmofseals

    The Rumour Thread

    I depends on what your frame of reference is. The heroes, Witch Aelves, Sisters of Slaughter and Cauldrons are all pretty quick for foot units with a move of 6". The WA and SoS can also run and charge, and the whole faction gets to reroll 1's to run on turn 1 and additionally reroll 1's to charge on turn 2 on. Snakes are a bit faster at 8". Transformed Morathi is very fast. Then you've got the Khinerai and Doomfire Warlocks, which are both also very fast. Khinerai can drop in, have HUGE movement and even have an additional movement related ability. The problem is that neither of these units can really hold up in melee, so they are much more tactical scalpels rather than part of a real Alpha Strike. So overall compared to a conventional army, DoK is a above average for speed on the main battle line with supporting units that are extremely fast. Compared to the tournament metagame though, DoK is actually quite slow. When you compare to the plethora of true alpha strike builds like Dreadwood Wargrove, Gavriel Stormcast, Eel Spam, Dragonlord Host etc, DoK is at least one turn behind.
  14. @Kaleb Daark thanks, yeah I was aware of Crom and Wulfrik as I have complete versions of those already, but I had never seen the BSB and now I know why XD.
  15. Hah, that is one search phrase that I didn't try. I was generally including 2004 and typing out "battle standard", perhaps a mistake. That's brilliant though, as it turns out his right hand is the shield and axe combination on the top row, so the model is complete! Apparently his name is Kordel Shorgaar and he was only released in the Archaon's Siege Attackers army box for Storm of Chaos in 2004. Edit: and seconds before I hit submit @VBS swoops in with the extra info ?