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  1. That would put it around $200 -- while expensive it seems reasonable to me for so much content. It's crazy that something like CC and a mega are the same price (says more about the pricing on the mega, imo).
  2. an updated take on my MSU shooting list -- 3 bloodwrack shrine 1 haq queen on cauldron 8x5 stalkers 9 shadowstalkers 10 freeguild guard Alternately can try going down to 7x5 stalkers and 3x9 shadowstalkers as I believe someone else suggested. Some kind of screening is really necessary.
  3. Not a big fan. They just don't do enough damage to be a main battle unit. They can generate a lot of depravity, but I think one unit is probably good enough for that. I suppose I could see a case for 80 raiders and 30 Bestigors over 40 raiders and 60 Bestigors but I suspect the latter will be better most of the time.
  4. Lurid Haze has mandatory CT and artefact choices, but if you choose not to go Lurid Haze then you can certainly pick your own. Probably mostly summoning Daemonettes, I'd guess.
  5. Thanks! I'm super excited to try it. Hopefully will be able to find some opponents on TTS this week. All in all after messing around with this tome for a bit now I can see both sides of the coin. I think this is one of the coolest and most unique playstyles in all of AOS, which makes me love it. That said, I get how people are upset that the amazing (looking) new units are taking a back seat to Slaves to Darkness and Beasts of Chaos. I still think that people are being too harsh on some of the new units, and I think dropping the price on Blissbarb Archers, both types of new seekers, and Glutos would be a mistake. The twinsouls, Sigvald, and shardspeaker could all come down a little, the painbringers could come down a decent amount, and slaangors need a big decrease. I just hope that people who like the tome don't turn a blind eye to the problems, and that people who are upset about the new units not taking center stage don't turn a blind eye to the things that the book does well.
  6. I like the Diaz Daemonettes and seekers, but mostly for their dynamism. I tend to agree that they are too heavily weighted toward the lust end of the spectrum. If I do end up working on a Slaanesh project with actual models I'm looking forward to converting up my own Daemonettes.
  7. Played a game against Lumineth last night against a very new player, so not many learning points. Slickblades continued to show value though. Their speed allows you to really take advantage of any positioning mistakes your opponent makes. In this game my opponent was flanking with two units of dawnriders that had to snake out a bit to fit between terrain features, and I was able to intercept them with one unit of 5 slickblades and wipe out both units of dawnriders in two rounds of combat, losing one model to actual damage and a second model when I rolled a 6 for battleshock. Taking a Plague Priest or a unit of 5 Plague Censer Bearers continues to seem incredibly powerful. In every game they generate a ton of DP for me, and they truly shine when your opponent takes the first turn. This list may be kinda dumb, but I also think it might have some play to it for those of you that still like Beasts of Chaos: Invaders - Lurid Haze Doombull (general, mandatory artefact and command trait) Doombull (general) Doombull (general) Great Bray Shaman (rod of misrule) Plague Priest 3x10 Ungors 40 Ungor Raiders 2x1 Tuskgor Chariots 2x30 Bestigors Cygor There are a couple of things that I really like about this list. First and foremost it's 2 drops and thus will get the turn choice most of the time. That's super powerful with Slaanesh, as you can often give your opponent the turn, generate DP and then start summoning right away. The list is also very beefy (especially for a Slaanesh list) at 188 wounds. When your gameplan is to just keep flooding the board, starting with that much will make it even harder for your opponent to stabilize. You also don't have any real key units that your opponent can kill to cripple you. Nothing really takes huge advantage of Lurid Haze, but being able to bring the Raiders or a Doombull or two in from the edge will at least stress your opponent, and it makes getting a general in enemy territory very easy. You've got a lot of screens and trash units to act as speed bumps, and you've got some legitimate hammer units that can also take a hit. You should have plenty of CP to take advantage of the +1 save CA, making those 30 Bestigor blocks a lot tougher. The Bestigors also have an impressive threat range with run and charge. The Ungor Raiders and Cygor also have very long threat ranges, which should allow you to sprinkle most of your opponent's army and generate a good amount of DP even if you are being conservative with your melee troops. I could also imagine a version dropping a bunch of things for Glutos and cogs or a Contorted Epitome and cogs.
  8. That Kemmler fluff is awesome. I wish they had worked that into the Kemmler campaign in TWW.
  9. I could see that if you're going Hagg Nar, but if you're Khailebron you've already got plenty of access to teleports and this list won't be very CP hungry. Mirror Dance might be enough as is.
  10. @Peegee I'd probably go with a 20 block of stalkers and cut the 20 Witch Aelves for 5 sisters or stalkers and Lauchon. So it'd be 20 stalkers, 10 stalkers, 5 whatever. That'd bring you down to 1 drop and give you the option of double shooting on turn 1. The lack of screens is absolutely a concern, but then again morathi, your heroes, and your two smaller units are all screens. Caveat: I'm not 100% sure you can fit 20 snakes on Lauchon, and if you can't then that's a problem. Either way I don't think this is the strongest DoK shooting build. I'll need to test it but I think my other build is better (hag cauldron, 3xshrine, 9x5 stalkers). It has no single target that you can take out to cripple the list, has nearly as much firepower, and can be all over the board at the same time. It should work a lot better against Idoneth as you will have a greater ability to not waste shots. I think it's almost certainly better in the mirror match even though you can't dictate the turn order. Assuming average rolls, Vyperic Guard shooting first will kill 12 snakes. 33 snakes shoot back and kill 9 snakes. The problem is that Vyperic Guard is now down to 2 units of 10, and thus only 60 shots next turn while the 33 snakes have 66 shots and the chance to pull off the double. Even without the double VG eventually loses. That's an oversimplification, but there are a bunch of factors that I'm ignoring which help the distributed list.
  11. You don't get DP if you wipe out a unit or if your unit is wiped out. This fact makes Slaanesh's playstyle very different from the usual.
  12. If you look through my post history you'll see some more in depth thoughts. In general though I think that very heavy ranged damage is probably going to be Slaanesh's toughest matchup, and such lists are quite popular right now. There will be certain enemy faction + battleplan combinations that will be very difficult to win. So if your entire goal is to 5-0 a major and nothing less will do, then I probably wouldn't play Slaanesh right now. But that doesn't mean that Slaanesh is bad. If the metagame shifts toward melee then Slaanesh will be very good, and even now I think Slaanesh can do very well if you get the right opponents. I looked at all of the 3+ round events on tabletop.to for February that had lists available and checked all of the lists that had one loss or fewer and found that only 11 out of 47 lists were heavy shooting. There were some moderate shooting lists in there too, of course, but I think those will be less problematic. It's hardly a guarantee that you'll run into a gunline at the top tables even in this meta.
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