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  1. Have any of you adjusted your purchasing plans due to the cost of the Alarith Stoneguard kit?
  2. While I heartily agree that the Blood Stalker warscroll is very disappointing, I think you are missing a key factor: hero sniping. Vanari Sentinels have pretty bad damage output for their cost, but the fact that they have good range and proc mortal wounds off the hit roll makes them good at picking off small heroes. At 80 points I think they'd be good enough to see play but I don't think that they would be spammable. Their offensive efficiency at 80 points still isn't that good, and their defensive efficiency is merely fine. You might see some Kunnin Rukk style builds pop up around using Morathi and/or the mixed battalion, but I don't think builds with 70 Blood Stalkers would even be particularly good. The problem is that as soon as Blood Stalkers become passably efficient (like in the 80 to perhaps 100 point range) they give the faction access to a key element that was previously to costly to really consider: hero sniping. One of the main things that keeps DoK honest right now is that they struggle to pick off support heroes. If you let DoK players pick off 5 wound support heroes for the cost of a 200-300 point unit then it might well unbalance the faction.
  3. If Stoneguard are $60 for 5 models that's outrageous. I had been planning on buying an entirely new-in-box army for the first time in ages with this release, but at those prices I'll be waiting on secondhand.
  4. @KingBrodd the spare loincloth would make a pretty nice banner!
  5. I'm not going to say that I'm confident that you are wrong, but I'm curious about a couple of things: How many games have you gotten in with Jaws of Mork that have left you confident about particular matchups being very poor? What matchups in particular worry you? How many different configurations have you tried? I know that the whole "4-1 army" thing is a trope and I tend to think that it's a bit overstated. Every list has bad matchups (especially on certain battleplans), and if you happen to draw the wrong opponent on the wrong battleplan you are going to have a hard time. For a list to consistently 5-0 the best tournaments it basically needs to be clearly OP AND played by top level players. Maybe such a list exists right now, but it might not. Adam Slovak's list is really interesting because it's really quite different from classic squigalanche type builds. It's focusing much more on hoppers than bounders, an approach that just wasn't very viable before. JoM brings hoppers up to the point where their explosive speed can actually matter, and their mortal wounds ability gives you another dimension of attack that allows you to threaten support characters much more effectively. My first instinct with JoM was to jam bounders, but the more I think about it the more I think that hoppers could really be a better core.
  6. I don't know a ton about GW's design and manufacturing process, but I'd be pretty surprised if the Underworlds kits were originally supposed to be for AoS and then got repurposed into a side game. It's definitely possible that some kits belong to factions that either got axed or just haven't come out yet. I'd just be very surprised if the kits that we've seen so far were originally intended for AOS as they are all easy build with sculpted bases while basically the only AOS kits that are like this are the starter set ones.
  7. I guess I'm not that surprised about Teclis. In the pics he looks significantly larger than a Bloodthirster. If the Sentinels and Wardens are $60 per 10 that'll be rather disappointing. Makes me think the Alarith Stoneguard will be $50 for 5.
  8. I don't mind the model at all, and yours look quite nice! I mostly like there to be a little variation, and a lot of my lists have 3-4 wardokks... so having that many copies of the same hero model takes something away from the visual impact if the army, imo.
  9. I don't think he would have helped in that particular game. Prime just doesn't do that much for his points cost. If you wait to charge up his mace he will come in too late to have an impact, and if you don't he doesn't do nearly enough damage (especially against Light of Eltharion or Teclis with the ethereal spell).
  10. Yeah, I think 30 blocks of Morboyz aren't very practical because of the 1" weapon range. For regular SO's with stikkas a 30 block is fine, but for Morboyz a big chunk of the unit is going to be sitting idle and you aren't even getting a massive regiment discount. Really I'm not much of a fan of Morboyz in general and especially not against SCE as you're basically never getting a monster kill. I'd much prefer maniaks.
  11. On a different topic, anyone know of any good wardokk proxies out there?
  12. I have so many OWC lists that I want to try and can't >< RL circumstances keeping me off TTS for the moment. Aughhhhh.
  13. Has GW stopped releasing the models-only WHU sets? I'd probably buy multiple boxes of Morglok's Krushas to add variety to my brutes squads but at $35 per it's a lot less attractive.
  14. I know you posted this a little while ago, but hopefully I can still be helpful. First and foremost, I think the research that you've done is likely very out of date. Orruk Warclans (including Ironjawz) is definitely a very competitive faction right now with multiple viable builds. They may not quite be "S" tier but they are definitely up there. FEC and Skaven haven't really been boogeymen for quite a while now, and the game overall is much more balanced than it was when Skaven and FEC were at the top. I also wouldn't say that Ironjawz is reliant on lucky dice rolls really at all. You can build lists that will be more effective if you make a key roll or two but you can also make effective builds that are not reliant on specific dice rolls. Ironjawz units are also VERY consistent in combat. They tend to hit and wound on 3's or 2's and they have very few if any abilities that trigger only on 6's. To answer your questions more specifically: 1 - Orruk Warclans allows for a couple of different basic builds: Ironjawz - only Ironjawz units Bonesplitterz - only Bonesplitterz units Big Waaagh - any combination of the two (only IJ, only BS, or mix) If you only want to use IJ units that's totally fine and can be viable in both IJ builds and Big Waaagh builds. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses. If you don't want to use BS units you really don't have to and there are plenty of competitive builds that don't. BS units don't really do anything that IJ units can't also do, they just tend to be a little different (cheaper points per wound, worse armor, little to no rend, a bit faster). In Big Waaagh armies it's often nice to have some BS because they provide more bodies on the table to help build Waaagh points, but they are far from necessary. 2 - They absolutely can be used competitively. There are some factions that will be difficult matchups, but you should be able to compete against almost any opponent. IJ units and abilities are just all around solid at baseline. 3 - If you like smashing things, then IJ are a good choice. When your units swing they will hit hard against almost anything. There are some opponents where this kind of approach won't work so well (some Seraphon, Fyreslayer and OBR builds, for example) but against most opponents you can be very aggressive. There are several tricks in the faction that can take some getting used to but give a lot of tactical depth. Most revolve around the spell Da Great Green Hand of Gork, which is incredibly good if you can get it off. IJ have several ways to close the distance after teleporting, allowing you to teleport and then charge pretty consistently. Overall the best way to describe IJ is that they are "solid" -- very efficient on offense, quite efficient on defense (although a little vulnerable to high rend/mortal wounds), a bit slow but not really all that slow. Just good all around. 4 - not really, but if you are wanting to learn AoS and try out different armies I highly suggest getting Tabletop Simulator and using it to get some online games in. Slaves to Darkness is much less competitive right now, but the model range is a lot wider and the faction is a lot more flexible overall. Nurgle is in sore need of updates, but given that they are one of the oldest books I'd speculate there is a good chance of them getting updated on the sooner side (but this could still be like a year or more, who knows!) OBR used to be extremely good but was recently nerfed. They are still likely quite competitive though, largely for similar reasons to Ironjawz (albeit with a little bit more variety in the faction and more of a slant toward defense). IJ is a much lower model count army overall though, so that might factor in for you. 5 - You can use the Warhammer Underworlds models in AOS but they tend to not be that good.
  15. Since I started actually playing Orruk Warclans I've been very surprised at how tactical they are: Ironjawz may seem very straightforward but the number of "wierd tricks" involving Great Green Hand of Gork, self triggering Zog 'Em/Mad as Hell with Green Puke, and Ironfist to accomplish unpredictable positioning and charges really surprised me. Zog 'Em/Mad as Hell means that opponents have a hard time guessing your exact positioning. Bonegrinz ability to force charge and prevent retreat allows for all kinds of shenanigans.
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