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  1. Durning playtesting is the focus put on new armies, or are old armies like BCR or dissposed other mentioned, play tested too?
  2. ok, that is sad. I guess I will just wait for next edition or something.
  3. Any words on priests or casters for BCR, or maybe a merg with other oger factions ?
  4. Thanks man. See you guys in a month then
  5. Any news or rumors about an ogor/BCR join up, or a BCR updated book for 2ed?
  6. Well that is that, but also the hobby parts has much greater limitations. It is easier to find a good army, with easy game play, like lets say eel spam, and learn how to use it well and have succes mastering it. Painting or converting on the other hand has tiers. If you lack the manual skill or imagination, your army will never be the best. And a lot of people don't want to do stuff they can't master, it would be a waste of time to them.
  7. Non resin ogor stuff or new ogor stuff would be nice.
  8. But it doesn't have to encompass everything. If you have a set of 20 tournaments world wide, both sides of the pond and some units like lets say a big blob of skeletons or unit X being taken over unit Y every time, you don't need another 20 games to check what happens if the unit of skeletons is not there or someone decide that the DoK snake girls that are bad should be used. Same with factions win %, Sure they maybe some skews, because someone in UK decides to bring a non tournament army to a big event and suddenly ends 0-5 with LoN. But that is why you have statistic and its rules. It is a science, and we don't really have to invent new methods of analyzing the AOS specific data sets.
  9. Any knews about a possible ogor merge or BCR battletome update?
  10. I play beast claw riders. ??? Now I don't know what is the definition of imminent, but when was the last time BCR or destruction got anything updated? I know that BCR are, baring GW messing up some rules, will never be the best army. That spot will always be reserved for armies with much bigger number of models. I am ok with that. But I don't think it is ok to design factions with them missing important parts of the game. Specially as at the same time as the new edition came, they brought out the General Handbook. Would it have been such a huge problem for GW to remove the shoting option from the huskard, something all other players seem to hate, and turn them in to a priest or wizard? I don't get the easy to play comment. GW itself gave the recipe for playing BCR, it is charge and get good rolls. There is no army with a more simple game play in the entire game. But simple does not equal good. The good armies often have a skill cap, that is not trivial or at least requires to learn what to do what unit to activate when you charge with your blob of evocators. I am sure a lot of BCR, or even destruction players would welcome such level of difficulity. But no is saying that AoS got nothing. there was a new edition for example. They did update two armies, even if those were the armies that they just updated in 1st ed, but there was new stuff. Again I have no problem with other people getting stuff for games they play. But I don't understand why people who do not play w40k or necromunda should be happy about those. Or is it being happy that others get stuff? If that is the case, then ok. If people like me are suppose to be happy, that someone gets stuff for his necromunda, then they should, or at least I am assuming they should, understand that destruction not getting any updates in like a year and a half may make some people unhappy. It should work both ways. But it seems like the only accepted thing is to be happy all the time about everything, and any discontent is being viewed as you want GW to die, AoS to flop hard and probablly Trump win a second term.
  11. Not having a caster of some sort means that in multiple scenarios you have a 2k pts lists with almost no scoring units. Also no magic protection means some real unfun times, if your opponent happens to bring one of their own. A
  12. puting a new edition out and then giving it 0 support for 6 months seems crazy. Meta stagnets after a month of two, what does GW expect people to do if thee army that they have or want to start isn't the top 3 right now? Wait, and hope that next year there is going to be new stuff, is techniclly an option, but you would have to be sure that it is your faction that is going to be updated first. If not you could be looking at a year or more of no updates So because GW did something really bad in the past, now that it does something bad, it is ok? Doesn't seem like a good argument in favor of such game design to me. Plus it is only effective on people that played in those days. If someone started in AoS 1st edition or wants to start right now, it doesn't help those people much. Cool, so if your army has no wizards and narrative is not the dominate way to play, what did your army get in form of fixs in the new edition? Stories don't help a bad army get better, plus am not even sure BCR actually had any stories about them durning the campaign.
  13. Well non destruction stuff, when your a destruction player isn't really helping much. In fact if people get more ways to play, there is always the chance, that suddenlllly your army gets hard countered. There is nothing good coming from other people geting stuff ever. But as you said we still have tomorrow, who knows maybe there is going to be a whole AoS day.
  14. Wouldn't it just died if it was on fire or am I missing some joke? Well here is to GW saying something about destruction tomorrow, otherwise the next few months look rather bleak.
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