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  1. Best ploys for skaven for inspiration

    Ok whatever. Different topic please. I’m sure it’s gonna be in the official faq soonenough any other thoughts on ploys?
  2. Best ploys for skaven for inspiration

    Hey everyone. What’s everyone running plot wise to balance between being good ploys and being “choose” ploys to inspire. I feel like Inspiring skrtch right away with s good ploy is key
  3. Let's Chat: Spiteclaw's Swarm

    I like that clash winning deck. It’s similar to what I’ve been playing. Objective focused and avoiding combat. But able to survive hits through dodge and inversion and acrobatic. And with upgrades and skritch, killing when I need to or picking off chaff bros. I don’t think so many keys is good. My own deck has focused around objective 3-5 cause it’s easy to get them even on opponents board.
  4. Let's Chat: Spiteclaw's Swarm

    I think also that ressing might end up being a bit of a trap. Like it can be for guard. It will take you an activation to res. Then that skaven will neeed to move to an objective with another activation. And not if he already moved or charges that action phase. I can see it being something useful for denying denial and contained but so is just moving one guy across the centre. Anyone experience this yet?
  5. Let's chat: Sepulchral Guard

    will have to see how the skaven plays, playing first game this weekend, but i almost feel like it's everything that guard wants to be....faster, able to res on any spot, and easier to inspire without using an activation
  6. Tournament format

    So with organized play packs coming we will be running some clashes locally. Can I ask people who have been to a GW clash or to LVO. What was the format? How long per round? Any restrictions? How many rounds. Also do you bring your own boards and tokens.
  7. LVO grand clash decks?

    yes, i think its very important to know whats in your deck so you can almost predict what you might end up with, both for the power deck and the objective deck. I think keeping things around for more than an action phase is probably a trap.
  8. LVO grand clash decks?

    Oh nice! Your the winner. Why didn’t you say so lol. Gratz!
  9. LVO grand clash decks?

    How did you do? Summary of matches?
  10. LVO grand clash decks?

    Anyone found a source for top decks at LVO?
  11. Let's chat: Sepulchral Guard

    Yup. And if you the side with the 3 hex LOS blocking terrain and put that close to your opponent literally they are sending in one guy at a time. If you stratageically use your warden or a minion and shardfall you literally jam the orks up for a whole turn
  12. Let's chat: Sepulchral Guard

    tbh, ive not had too many problems with orruks, but is very draw dependent, and whether or not you can place the second board. if you can, just put it long wise and narrowest as possible, choke the middle and use your objective tricks and pokey pokey from back line with warden.
  13. Shardfall on Hexes with an objective Token?

    Clarified in faq today. You CAN put shardfall on an objective
  14. Time Trap discussion!

    Personally, it says take an action. Not take an activation. So pick a fighter and take an action. Seems simple enough. You are not activating a fighter again. You are simply using a fighter to take an action. Like many other cards that let you take another action out of turn (except most of those tell you what action they are) those cards don’t tell you to activate. Just to take an action. My 2 cents