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  1. The Rumour Thread

    My god that model is gorgeous!!! love it!
  2. Let's chat: Steelheart's Champions

    With the release of the new warbands, here is my revised deck. OBJECTIVES: awe-inspiring butchery precise use of force seize ground crushing force conquest contained denial no remorse unbroken wall swift advance lightning strikes PLOYS: sidestep time trap tireless assault last chance spoils of battle righteous zeal earthquake distraction healing potion peal of thunder illusory fighter momentary madness UPGRADES: soul trap shadeglass darts flickering image fatal riposte vampiric weapon heroic might shadestep cunning duelist blessed armor heroic stride great strength trickster's charm I've built this deck with offense in mind eschewing most 'hold objective' type objectives in favor of 'kill objectives'. I use vampiric weapon on either obryn or steelheart as those two will be my front line fighters. cards like triskster's charm, shadeglass darts and flickering image are reserved for brightshield who i'll have in the backfield to clean up any rat infestations that pop up. Worked quite well so far as i'm currently undefeated with this list.
  3. The arena compliments of Malerion leave it up to a Dark Elf to create an arena where people can fight and die all over again.
  4. Shadespire community FAQ

    No, it's basically allowing you to dictate what hex your fighter gets driven back to. But, since it counts as a push, you can still remain adjacent to your enemy. Which is awesome.
  5. Shadespire community FAQ

    Well, the defense dice and attack dice are rolled at the same time. Then the players compare the number of successes, then inspired Gurzag would get to reroll one of his attack dice.
  6. Shadespire community FAQ

    That's how my group has been playing it.
  7. New Aelves

    That was the best Valentine's gift ever!
  8. Shadespire community FAQ

    It was a question answered in the FAQ on page 2 Q: When a fighter is driven back, is that part of the Attack action, or is it a new action? A: When a fighter is driven back by an Attack action, that happens within that Attack action (the Attack action is not over until after the fighter has been driven back).
  9. Shadespire community FAQ

    The attack action ends after you are given the opportunity to drive back your opponent, provided your opponent didn't roll more crits than you did.
  10. Shadespire community FAQ

    Except that if the warden was using multi attack against my steelheart who is equipped with heroic stride, I would have the option to react first to move steelheart out of range before he could use his ceaseless attacks reaction to attack with another fighter. The who point of contention was that his warden wasn't in attack range of steeheart at all. His warden was attacking my Brightshield. But, used ceaseless attacks to start a new attack action with another of his fighters (champion) against my steelheart.
  11. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    Not sure if mentioned before, but, did anyone notice that both morghast variants have the same weapon options? so you could equip halberds to the Harbinger morghasts with the 18" charge threat range. Seems pretty good IMO.
  12. Let's Chat: Spiteclaw's Swarm

    The skaven are going to be tough to deal with.
  13. Shadespire community FAQ

    Thanks for the response, as much as I hate it, I agree with you. It was well played by my friend.
  14. Shadespire community FAQ

    So, a situation arose during a recent match with my stormcast vs. the sepulchral guard. my opponent used the card ceaseless attacks after he attacked with his warden in order to make another attack with his champion against my steelheart several hexes away. Now, my steelheart was equipped with heroic stride. My opponent argued that I couldn't react to his champion's attack with my heroic stride because it was the warden who activated and not the champion. ceaseless attacks- Reaction: play this after a friendly fighter's attack action. Make an attack action with another friendly fighter. heroic stride- Reaction: After an enemy fighter ends their activation within two hexes of this fighter, you can push this fighter one hex. I was thinking that because his reaction started a new attack action, that I would be able to react to that. Am I wrong?
  15. The Shadespire News and Rumour Thread

    I am predicting 'illusory fighter' to be a staple in most if not all decks to counter the skaven and other speedy warbands.