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  1. Contained and Denial

    I love those cards, I put them in my deck every time because I usually score them for a late game upset.
  2. Trust to Luck

    I love Trust to Luck!!! have had great success when using it.
  3. Must have cards......

    I loathe this card, lol my buddy uses it against me to steal glory EVERY SINGLE TIME! ARRRGGGHHH!!
  4. Must have cards......

    I always include, distraction, sidestep, illusory fighter,soultrap and healing potion for my Stormcast. Love those cards.
  5. Driven back mechanic

    The target takes damage on a successful attack and the attacker can always push the target to an unoccupied hex not adjacent to the attacker. Unless the defender rolls more crits than the attacker. The attacker does not have to drive back the defender. The attacker decides what hex the defender gets driven back into
  6. Question about word "immediately"

    there is a shadowed box in the rule book on page 25 that states an objective that is completed during the action phase, results in that player drawing another objective card immediately, But, you cannot score the newly drawn objective until after a subsequent action or activation. Even if the conditions on the card have been met.
  7. Problems with texture paint

    With that paint, you really have to glob it on pretty thick.
  8. customize your shadespire

    Those are some proper Reavers right there!!
  9. Events USA: Da Boyz GT

    Next year, i'll be looking at getting in on this for Age of Sigmar.
  10. Concerns about objective play

    The hold objective cards have extra choices with more players involved. For example, hold objective 4 becomes hold objective 4 or 7 in a three player game, and hold objective 4,5 or 9 in a 4 player game.
  11. Concerns about objective play

    You are correct, which is why I don't use the numbered objective cards, instead I use one's like: seize ground and plant a standard.
  12. Time Trap discussion!

    My group had this situation come up last night, I allowed my opponent who played that card, to activate his warden again and charge with him again.
  13. Concerns about objective play

    For my stormcast warband, I do have a few hold objective cards in my deck, but, those are strictly ones located in enemy territory as i'm going offensive build and will be in enemy territory all game anyways.
  14. Let's chat: Sepulchral Guard

    If the undead player is smart he'll put the warden in the back so you'll have to mow through the other 6 guys to get to him. Easier said than done.