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  1. ReynakZhen

    The Rumour Thread

    I for one, am super excited for this change!
  2. ReynakZhen

    Wish list for season 2 - design and rules

    I doubt they'll add a magic round. More likely they'll add "spells" in the power deck tied to certain fighters. The more powerful ones perhaps being ploys.
  3. ReynakZhen

    My Turn

    GW really needs to release a comprehensive chart of when exactly certain reactions can be played. This would solve pretty much all rules issues and have the added benefit of GW rules writers having a visual aid to help their future card writing.
  4. ReynakZhen

    The Rumour Thread

    Gotta be the rigging of a grot Zepplin!
  5. ReynakZhen

    Let's chat: The Farstriders

    Perhaps trying hidden paths after whittling down enemy leader with ranged in attempt to finish him off? that's assuming your opponent retreats his leader to the back of his territory.
  6. ReynakZhen

    Glory Records

    I beat my opponent's Chosen Axes with Steelheart's Champions 17-0
  7. ReynakZhen

    The Shadespire News and Rumour Thread

    Not exactly correct. Fighters CAN make multiple move/charges in a round with the right kind of ploy(s) just not with Time Trap as that card does not specify an action type.
  8. ReynakZhen

    Realm of Shyish: Table Terrain Project

    Off to a good start i'd say!
  9. ReynakZhen

    Future warbands - Wishlisting?

    For the goblin warband, They could do something like the following: leader - grot shaman, main beat stick - fanatic, secondary beat stick - cave squig, then 3-4 chump grots that are similiar to the chump skaven, in that they can be "brought back" to simulate a horde.
  10. ReynakZhen

    The Rumour Thread

    I thought Slaanesh was being held between Hysh and Ulgu?
  11. ReynakZhen

    Support with Last Chance

    My group and I agree with Sleboda's interpretation of the card. So, if I had Steelheart get taken out by inspired Fjul (who has cleave) then for Last Chance the only roll on a defense die that is not a failed result is a critical. Any other roll would save Steelheart from being removed from play.
  12. ReynakZhen

    The Rumour Thread

    My god that model is gorgeous!!! love it!
  13. ReynakZhen

    Let's chat: Steelheart's Champions

    With the release of the new warbands, here is my revised deck. OBJECTIVES: awe-inspiring butchery precise use of force seize ground crushing force conquest contained denial no remorse unbroken wall swift advance lightning strikes PLOYS: sidestep time trap tireless assault last chance spoils of battle righteous zeal earthquake distraction healing potion peal of thunder illusory fighter momentary madness UPGRADES: soul trap shadeglass darts flickering image fatal riposte vampiric weapon heroic might shadestep cunning duelist blessed armor heroic stride great strength trickster's charm I've built this deck with offense in mind eschewing most 'hold objective' type objectives in favor of 'kill objectives'. I use vampiric weapon on either obryn or steelheart as those two will be my front line fighters. cards like triskster's charm, shadeglass darts and flickering image are reserved for brightshield who i'll have in the backfield to clean up any rat infestations that pop up. Worked quite well so far as i'm currently undefeated with this list.
  14. The arena compliments of Malerion leave it up to a Dark Elf to create an arena where people can fight and die all over again.
  15. ReynakZhen

    Shadespire community FAQ

    No, it's basically allowing you to dictate what hex your fighter gets driven back to. But, since it counts as a push, you can still remain adjacent to your enemy. Which is awesome.