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  1. Gotcha, I have the original battle boards w/ the canvas carry case. love it!
  2. They don't have a black carrying case? weird.
  3. I'm looking at the Disciples of Tzeentch cover right now and the only discernibly mortal characters are Stormcast.
  4. This is a difficult question to answer, so many awesome models in the AoS range!, I'm probably in the minority here, but, I REALLY love the Star Drake model! that was my favorite to paint.
  5. There is a clarification on this in the newest FAQ:
  6. Extreme Flank added to the ban list; superior tactician, deathly fortitude and sudden growth added to restricted list.
  7. ReynakZhen


    Well, GW said this new game is not season 3.
  8. ReynakZhen


    Oooh, kind of like the oath objectives but, ones both sides can try to score? THAT would be neat.
  9. ReynakZhen


    I think those red backed cards are going to be the new 'thing' introduced to WU. They seem like they'll have AOE effects that hit the whole battlefield. Also those warbands seem to be the same models as the second edition AoS 'filler' packs.
  10. In an ultra high- fantasy setting? yes, lots of humans can do just that.
  11. Stormcast absolutely ARE human. Says so right on their warscrolls.
  12. I was thinking, since KO are basically pirates, that their terrain piece would be a part of a ruined holdfast, probably another ruined tower. Or, as was mentioned earlier, a refueling/refitting station.
  13. I've never thought about buying a night goblin force before now. Those models are all amazing! I'm thinking about getting minimum 1500 pts.
  14. I think if you just have whoever plays each faction use only the cards (including the universal ones) that came with the specific box the warband came with. That should be fairly balanced. Of course, that would mean that only stormcast and reavers would get the1-5 hold objective cards...
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