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  1. flamingwalnut

    Thoughts/suggestions Stormcast Theme

    Leaving the base white and painting in cracks and tiles to make it look like marble flooring would look nice. Fighting in a big temple would be fitting for Stormcast.
  2. flamingwalnut

    The Darkwood Court

    Welp, the Geminids have me SUPER curious. Looking forward to that one!
  3. flamingwalnut

    Realm Themed Armies

    Hysh Skaven would be hilarious. Reminds me of the thread a while back about "pure Skaven". Having a knightly, almost heroic (all relative...or just in their head...or to blend in?) So steal a lot of Stormcast and High Elf bits, make them all regal...ish, and use a lot of weird glowing crystals on the bases. Bam! Hysh Skaven.
  4. Just wanted to say that this army is FANTASTIC! It was a joy to watch it all come together and almost makes me want some Phoenix Temple. (Must...resist!) Can't wait to see more of this and more of future projects.
  5. flamingwalnut

    The Darkwood Court

    Gorgeous. Both the models and the writing! Every time I am impressed. Do you write professionally? I feel like ya should. This Plog has been an inspiration for a while. Maybe one of my own can kick my current projects into gear... Even if it is half as good as this one, mission accomplished. BTW, while you seem to build narratively, you mentioned a 2000 point list? Care to share that? I am mostly curious as to what you see as an "end goal".
  6. flamingwalnut

    Mortal Slaanesh Army Revisited

    That head also bothered me a bit. The new one looks awesome! A Slaaneshi army has been calling me, but the lack of mortals has been part of the reason I have stayed away. Curious to see what you can cook up!
  7. flamingwalnut

    Realm Themed Armies

    There might be a city mentioned in the Kharadron Overlords Battletome, but you can always just make up your own. Start with the Free City generator they posted on the conmunity page a while, or just start throwing together ideas based on what you'd LIKE to see.
  8. flamingwalnut

    AoS 2 - Legion of Blood Discussion

    It is rather nice to see a lot of the lists on here resemble the basic structure of my own army. Glad I am on a solid track at least. What are everyones thoughts on the more...forgotten elements in the Battletome. Mostly Fel Bats, Bat Swarms, and most importantly...the Coven Throne. I like the Coven Throne when I used it in Path to Glory, and it is the biggest reason I started Death. The Beguile spell can be BRUTAL, especially on big death star like units. Also, anyone think the Castellens of Crimson Keep batallion is solid? Will probably run those units anyways, so worth a try... Will try and get some games in soon, see for myself.
  9. Wow... Yeah, each Wildwood is 1 to 3 Woods, and each time you place woods it is a Wildwood. Figured that would be the easier of the fancy rules to understand. Guess the Tzeentch player was mad about the mass amount of "Roused by Magic" coming his way? lol BTW, for the second question, I do believe you use the second portal as the origin, so it will rouse the wood it is next to and potentially extend the range of any spell you use through it. So yeah, Spellportal should allow you to launch woods at your opponents. lol
  10. flamingwalnut

    Cavalry armies post-Brettonia?

    @Beliman You are correct except: Eldritch Council is not a legal ally for Free Guild. So, any archmages removes your Demigryph battleline. That is all I was saying. So, a legit list could be: General on Griffon Demigryphs for battleline Battlemage on Griffon You can even use Stormcast stuff as long as you stay in your ally points. Then just use Tempest Eye instead of Freeguild for Allegiance ability and you're golden. It is just those Archmages that throw off your Battleline. If you want to keep everything, Reavers can help. Anyways, all of this talk is a bit off topic. To add to the All Cavalry idea: I am building a Blood Knight heavy force and so far it has been awesome. Even in Legions of Nagash, you can fill Battleline with Dire Wolves and keep a Knightly theme (hunting dogs, etc).
  11. flamingwalnut

    Cavalry armies post-Brettonia?

    Except you don't qualify for the Freeguild allegiance at all, so how would you get the Battleline If? If you removed the Archmages, than perhaps. Pretty sure all of that discussion in the Firestorm thread was in regards to armies who had no allegiance. Either way, to unlock any part of an allegiance you need to qualify, and taking things that are out of faction and not allies removes that. So, you can have Battleline If when you still qualify for the allegiance, but opt for a General Order/Firestorm allegiance. So, say, Order Serpentis with Anvilguard. It is fine, as long as you keep to Order Serpentis and their deaignated allies so you don't break that allegiance. Otherwise all Mixed Order lists would still have Skink battleline.
  12. flamingwalnut

    Cavalry armies post-Brettonia?

    Love the list, but got to point out for those that care: for Matched Play, Tempest Eye has to be Mixed Order, so the Demigryphs aren't battleline and this list now lacks them... Of course! Swifthawks are in Tempest Eye, and while the models are out of print (and thus may get phased out at some point...) Reavers are always battleline and not hard to convert out of Wild Riders or Marauder Horsemen.
  13. flamingwalnut

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    Anyone have a brief rundown of what the other stormhosts do? The community article mentioned one of them being more magic focused...
  14. flamingwalnut

    AoS 2 - Free Cities (Firestorm) Discussion

    The Free Cities are quite possibly my favorite aspect of Age of Sigmar. The amount of fun stuff you can do with them, as well as giving center for stories and Mixed Order armies and themes are just fantastic. That being said...none of the fun Free Cities allow all the factions I want. lol Greywater Fastness is about as close as I can get using what I have in my Mixed Order so far. But I always want more! I guess its Hammerhal for me... Can't have everything! Would love to have a customizable Free Cities generator. Similar to the Kharadron Overlords one, where you can pick a combination of abilities and put in a number of factions. Make your own city! Would go well with the Free City lore generator they have.
  15. flamingwalnut

    AoS 2 - Ironweld Arsenal Discussion

    Soo...for the General's Handbook, we are all good, but the App has us...split. Awkward? I assume it is just a mixup, but hey....awkward. I am glad the crew do seem to be included in the profile, but 4 wounds is still kinda lacking for a cannon and such...