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  1. Fair enough Ben. Unfortunately, this is a little too much like warseer for my taste, where the ban hammer will be swung at whomever the moderators may not agree with. Without any hard rules, "complaining" is just too vague. Thank you for the time you put into the site. It is appreciated. You won't hear another peep from me, however. Regards and good luck.
  2. I think Ben you need to be very specific in your rules, because "complaining" can be a very wide brush that someone can accuse another of. Is the official TGA rule "If you criticize or complain about Age of Sigmar, it is not welcome and you should not do it here?" I mean - its your forum you can make whatever rule you want. I just want to be sure that I understand what your rule is, since right now I think it can be very vague and often debate can lead to angry feelings and negative feelings that lead to negative repercussion. Humans tend to not like other humans that don't share their viewpoints. Warseer was a perfect example of that with their liberal use of the banning option.
  3. Well... I know here on our local fb that the tournament powergamers are expressing interest in the map campaign. Though yeah it'll be interesting to see how that goes if there are no points. Interested to see the mechanics for sure.
  4. The buzz all day has been on both the Blightwater campaign series coming up and the new Firestorm map campaign. With the Firestorm especially it seems that an official campaign system (as opposed to the myriad of fan-made ones) has the community abuzz about campaigning. Does this make you more interested in campaigning now that an official campaign system will exist?
  5. I'll be looking at some of what this is for Azyr Empires.
  6. Absolutely! and why I push so hard for narrative events to not let in the OTT stuff.
  7. In new armies? No, I've always said AOS is a dart board. You either get some good busted tools or you aren't that good. Karadon Overlords are balanced. Thats why they aren't very good. You'll need some tremendous skill to have Karadon Overlords competing with the busted goodness that is running amuk right now. The guy who wins a major with overlords will be someone that has my respect. I want nurgle to be busted because hey why not? They aren't ever going to balance the game, the community doesn't seem to want a balanced game and are ok with the power disparity, so I'd like a force that I have an emotional investment in that doesn't get steamrolled. Because I'm only an ok player, and I am not one of those guys that can take a weak army and beat an OP list with a weak army... I need an OP army as well. My preference would be to nerf the OP and bring everything to the same level but I have a better chance of finding real life unicorns in my backyard so here's the alternate route. I am also very interested in Blight Wars being a new campaign arc with new novels and campaign books. That has peaked my interest levels moreso than any new GHB to be honest.
  8. Well Realmgate Wars were campaign books and novels, so I would guess both of those.
  9. Blight Wars I'd imagine is the next arc of the story (which were the Realmgate wars)
  10. Based on the Path to Glory book... its not looking like we'll get any. We'll have to ally in Slaves to Darkness units to have any mortals representing other than the heroes or blight kings. The lack of chaffe bubble wrap units is concerning, but maybe thats what the plague bearers will have to be.
  11. Just get me some rules that allow them to play in a competitive powergaming environment without getting blasted, and I will be happy.
  12. Should be interesting!
  13. I have a sizeable death guard force in 40k. Like... enough forgeworld models without any GW models to field a whole force. Ive been wanting to do a nurgle force in AOS (its the only faction for mortals I have not ever done) but have been waiting on better rules because the current nurgle models are kind of lackluster rules-wise and power-wise. I started painting my nurgle champion for my PtG campaign coming up, and this is excellent timing.
  14. Hopefully they are viable and not like a wet sock like the Overlords were.