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  1. The Rumour Thread

    Maybe. Its perspective. The guys I know that won't play AOS have all tried it, and all think its too simple for them. If it is or is not is not the thing... from a lot of peoples' perspective... it is a very simple rules and strategy game. What is classified as "simple" cannot be defined for an entire community, its a personal taste that differs from person to person. When you compare AOS to other games of similar genres, it is to a great many people considered a very simple game in comparison. Thats neither good nor bad. A lot of people that I know that LOVe AOS love it because to them its simple and thats what they want.
  2. The Rumour Thread

    Mysterious terrain changes every game. Consistency is what I want. I don't want a hill that changes its rules every game. Movement hindering terrain is for me a requirement to any wargame.
  3. The Rumour Thread

    We do have terrain warscrolls. These do very little to actually impact most of the battles (and are largely ignored by most people I know). I'm talking about things like area terrain blocking line of sight, hills that provide a benefit to holding them, difficult terrain that can slow an army (right now the game moves on fast forward and while I see how that can be appealing, I really miss when holding a ford or bridge or whatever meant something) - -things like rivers and lakes slowing you down. They don't even need to be super in depth. Hills granting +1 to hit if you are on the high ground, not being able to run through difficult terrain and slowing charges, and area terrain blocking line of sight would with just those three things make for more interesting battles to me than what we currently have. I know I'm not alone in that thought either because this is asked for often in forums and my own group which is normally VERY adverse to houserules likes my campaign terrain rules because it makes battlefield management more of a thing than it is now. They are also really easy and don't require having to place tokens down to remember what they do (the problem with the random mysterious terrain is one day the hill may be deadly terrain the next game it may be arcane and the next game it may be super spooky... and because terrain changes its rules all the time like this people largely tend to ignore them) AOS and 40k are to my knoweldge the only "wargame" today that makes the table relatively unimportant. I know there is the argument that the terrain scrolls have rules and that should be enough but a lot of those are situational, cause fights because a lot of them only benefit one side (like the mausoleum) and there are no decent random tables to generate a table off of like there was pretty much forever.
  4. Season of war: Firestorm

    The faction would act as one player. Whatever the faction received, the players within that faction would use.
  5. The Rumour Thread

    Actual terrain rules would be super awesome. I could stop having to houserule them into my campaigns.
  6. Season of war: Firestorm

    If I wanted to expand it past four players I'd simply have each side be a faction of armies. Then put multiple players into one faction.
  7. Blight Kings

  8. Blight Kings

  9. Blight Kings

  10. Blight Kings

  11. Blight Kings

  12. Blight Kings

  13. unit fillers

    the skirmish formation nature of this game would mean to me that things like unit fillers would not work at all. There would be a lot of arguments I forsee.
  14. Let's chat : Nurgle

    Stormcast and Blades of Khorne were basically re-releases of existing stormcast and khorne book with artefacts etc added on so I don't really consider that a new release... rather an update of an existing book that was about a year old itself. GHB and Firestorm don't do anything to warscrolls save the one khadron updated scroll. We've basically had two real releases this year and a couple of updates to a pair of year old books to bring them up to the same consistency as existing books. I'm sure there will be a couple books next year. However, we don't know what those books are. And that means having to deal with subpar and outclassed nurgle rules for an indefinite amount of time.
  15. The Rumour Thread

    Death guard are still missing a unit. Tyranid codex pre orders nov 4. Craftworld eldar are supposed to also be coming out. And shadespire. And Necromunda. So yeah ... I'm doubting we see any AOS releases the rest of this year into next year.