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  1. Next Death Battletome

    Do you have any information that your basing this on or just your opinion?
  2. Blood Knights - No Models nor substitutes?

    The black riders from the dark elf lime seem like fine substitutes. The blood knights in Josh Reynolds new book eigth lemantations describes blood knights like the black riders. Head swaps and color scheme will go a long way aswell
  3. Summoning

    Sorry if this has been answered already or is obvious but do summoned units get the 6 up death save? I know allies don't.
  4. Not sure if anyone has said this yet but will you be able to ally in your battleline? Example, if I'm running FEC alliance can I use my zombies as ally and full fill my battleline requirements?
  5. Wight king infernal standard

    Does he ever make his points back or nah? I think he'd be good for my skellies and zombies but I can always take a liche priest instead or summon something in...
  6. This thread got really ridiculous fast lol, never have I heard so much fear for SKELETONS! Most people are complaining about the POTENTIAL of hard lists that will run a million skeletons in a competitive tournament that most people will never attend. If theres a guy running some crazy unfun list at your club/store TELL Him. Be a real person and not just a internet complainer.
  7. Skeletons are slow and die in droves to battle shock. Youre making them out to be some over powered unit which they aren't. People need to get better if they're losing over and over again to the same thing. Everyone over emphasizes lists and units. In my experience AoS is about how good a player is with thier army.
  8. I'm local so I'm definitely going. I am wondering how it stacks up in popularity against LVO and adepticon? Are lots of people traveling? Will all the famous Americans be there and maybe some famous hobbyist from across the pond? Will this he the most competitive US tournament yet? I'm actually just curious bc it's really cool to have tournament like this in my backyard.
  9. Lets Chat: Flesh Eater Courts

    I like one crazy block, there's PLENTY of things that can off a six man block in 1 round of combat or a double turn. I stopped using horrors for skellies bc they were more cost efficient (used for the same purpose, heavy damage output but no rend) but they can get battle shocked off very easily where as horrors cannot.
  10. Lets Chat: Flesh Eater Courts

    Wayniac, I remember reading a lot of complaints from you about FEC in your local meta. Has that since changed? I started with FEC but have since gone death GA, mainly bc of the same complaints a lot of people have with them. I'm gonna go back, probably buy the skirmish box wich would give me a nice 40 ghoul unit, 12 horrors, varghulf and haunter courtier. Wish I had built the terrorghiest now instead of the zombie dragon tho
  11. Post nerf Tomb Kings and the rest of GA: Death

    So Crypt flayers don't lose thier mortal wound output to - 1 hit modifier? Just realized it doesn't say "6 or more"
  12. Vampire Lord on Abyssal Terror: changed points

    If I were you I'd play the ghb points until ghb2 comes out
  13. Vampire Lord on Abyssal Terror: changed points

    Actually when i 1st got the app Setra and necro knights were the "demo points" (460 and 240). They have since been changed back to 360 and 160 on the azyr. I'm guessing not enough people have sent the app team an email about the VLoAT points. We are the least played faction after all lol. There have been have day to day changes in the app so lets all send em an email and see what happens.
  14. ways to deal with gunlines?

    @Gauchedo you screen your rukk? And if u do does that inhibit your 18 inch range? I'm curious bc several of my friends have just switched over to Bonesplittaz, one magic heavy, 1 kunnin ruk heavy