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  1. Freehand across the chest cloth is great!
  2. Vasshpit

    The Rumour Thread

    @GeneralZero I don't think these have been released yet... Got this pic from when the soul wars was first shown from the warhammer community site.
  3. Vasshpit

    The Rumour Thread

    There's more Azyrite ruins coming, two story even. 😉
  4. Vasshpit

    Hexwraith Conversions

    @Nevar DM incoming.
  5. Vasshpit

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    @Coganaut Hi. Choppas for units of 5 and hackas for 10+ is what seems to be the preferred method.
  6. Vasshpit

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    @Ahn-ket Pm inbound.
  7. Vasshpit

    The Rumour Thread

    How in the hell is the Grimhaler only $25 but a single sprue stomcast hero is 35-40$... O_o Not complaining as ill eventually get that model but da fuq!?....
  8. Vasshpit

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    Glaivewraiths dont even get a max discount or a unit leader... I to like the models, working on a full squad currently, but I don't really see them doing much outside of cheap objective holders. I'm hoping that they'll get tweaked or perhaps a shadespire hero of sorts that'll affect them but I wont hold my breath. Kinda silly for them to do with the flood of them coming from the new mini starter sets.
  9. Vasshpit

    Hexwraith Conversions

    Looks great! Going to go the same but use the new dreadblade harrow mounts.
  10. Vasshpit

    USA: Tzeentch, Stormcast, Necrons

    UPDATED!!!!! new prices new items
  11. Vasshpit

    The Rumour Thread

    @Still-young Can be built pointing or with an hour glass.
  12. Vasshpit

    The Rumour Thread

    @Still-young Thanks. I know theres the one GoS but they didn't preview the 2nd LE yet so I just assumed it was one as well. I don't use FB so I'll have to figure another route. That's a pretty cool group effort thing though.
  13. Vasshpit

    The Rumour Thread

    Regarding the exclusive minis, how is that usually handled? Does every store get some? Warhammer world only? I really want to make sure I get the two NH ones.
  14. Vasshpit

    The Rumour Thread

    Still missing the two alternate GoS, LE kits for Nighthaunt and that other SE make wizard with hand held up. I guess they're exclusives or something. I really hope they're not ridiculously stupid to come by...