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  1. AoS Wish For 2018

    I always thought these two 40k Eldar models would make great foot Vampire conversions. I do not know the artists or I'd give credit but they are both great pieces.
  2. The Rumour Thread

    I'm sure she will and also become a generic character as well like the LCoD can be a named or generic character. Knight Zephyros or something like that. Stormcast assassins I believe. Untill then I just picked her up off eBay and going to make a knight Venator with her. (:
  3. The Rumour Thread

    Pretty sure its another dudecast. I would've much preferred a woman variant though. (Using Neave Blacktalon for a Venator conversion or she'd make an excellent Celestant.) Im assuming this is the order herald model? So we just need to know the destruction one now... Good looking model though. No mortal wounds, hammer cape for this fella though...
  4. Will Destruction fit in the new narrative?

    Didn't Azhag the Slaughter have a crown of Nagash or something like that?... that could play into it.
  5. US based Flash Sale. Everything must go!!!

    I'll look into it. DM me your address please so I can give you a more accurate amount.
  6. US based Flash Sale. Everything must go!!!

    Posting to Ebay tomorrow so if you want something, get on it.
  7. US based Flash Sale. Everything must go!!!

    Updated with new items May 31st Sweet deals!
  8. WTB Stormcast Liberator sword arms

    Location? I may have some.
  9. The Rumour Thread

    I just wanted to be on page 200....
  10. New Ironjawz Units - What would you like to see?

    F*** Gargants!!! Send in the trolls!!!!
  11. How do you guys treat True Line of Sight?

    Ok, what I mean is models in front of said model you are trying to snipe. Of course with a lot of AoS rules some common sense would be applied. NNot saying this a fix all, just a suggestion.
  12. How do you guys treat True Line of Sight?

    I do find it silly that a hero can be sniped 5 models deep but for sake of simplicity I understand. Id like a simple mechanic along the lines of using a ranged weapons rend Stat as a measurement for penetration. Example: Judicator bow has rend -1 so that would allow you to penatrate one row of models from afar. It keeps it simple and doesn't add a whole lot more to the rules while making the general game more tactical. Just an opinion.
  13. New Ironjawz Units - What would you like to see?

    I could definitely get on board with some Ironjawz komman..... scouts. I'm sooo hoping that GW does right by Troggoth when they get around to it. The Age of Chaos bred an elite bigger breed of Orruk, no reason why Trogs should be any different. And with all the chaos tasties they've been feasting on will probably do some.... weird things to Troggoth biology.
  14. How would YOU bring back Slaanesh?

    Off topic but all the more reason to drop a proper female stormcast kit.
  15. New Ironjawz Units - What would you like to see?

    I think a lot of it is perception when it comes to the Jawz. The initial release was such a purely foundational release albeit a great one. Some players view Jawz as "Hulk Smash" and only that. Others view them more as the Uruk Hai of the warhammer world, my self included, with a bit more military mentality to them. Time will tell with future releases. But the way AoS seems to be going is in a newer less classic view of their old IP. The whole angry, dumb orc thing has been done to death and I'm hoping for something a little more fresh. They can still be violent and brutish but let us not forget.... One is brutal and cunning.... The other is cunning and brutal....