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  1. Lets Chat Wanderers / Wood Elves compendium

    What's the deal with Sisters of the Thorn? A lot of points for a 1 spell wizard with a bad save - but fantastic models. They should put the missile range up to 18 inches or reduce the points. Or maybe 2 spells? They're some of my favourite models!
  2. Seems like the problem here is that there aren't really any proper channels. The social media team are seperate to the rules team, and the rules team don't have a public presence.
  3. All the prices on Ebay end up almost exactly the same as Element Games so I can't be bothered with it anymore to save a small % on the cost. Plus you miss out on the building stage which for me is one of the most fun bits.
  4. TLDR: faction is just a way of grouping models together for easy reference, you guys. I think we should consider the possibility that "faction" wasn't really intended to have a specific rules meaning, and is being used in different places, as 1) a synonym for "allegiance more specific than chaos/order/destruction/death" - evidence = in GHB it says e.g. "Battleline if allegiance Slaves to Darkness" - not faction , and 2) merely a way of grouping different models together in a way that is easy to look up - hence "Blades of Khorne" being all the models with warscrolls in that battletome, even though I think we all agree Khorne armies are not limited to the models in that book. On the app, SILVER TOWER is listed as a faction, as are DARK ELVES, BRETONIA, DREADHOLD - obviously none of these have a rules meaning. I think the other interpretations, with deep intended meanings, are just too convoluted, sorry.
  5. Resurrecting this thread because I still can't make my Stormcast list fit exactly 2000 points - always 40 points left over. Not sure if they were before, but Razordons are now just 40points - https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/AoS_Warscrolls/aos-warscroll-razordon-en.pdf - seems like some solid shooting!
  6. Warscroll Builder updated for GH2017

    Amazing work! A quick question: some units are battleline only if you take a certain general (e.g. Sisters of the Watch) - would it be possible to have this correctly reported by the app? Currently it just shows them as battleline regardless of the general
  7. my guess with spire of dawn is that they sold all the units they had of the printed box / booklet - they probably didn't print that many. I imagine they still have 1000s of sprues from the old starter set and the original tooling. I hope they do bring it back at some point because I meant to buy it but never got round to it!
  8. OK The RCA then, fine! Gosh.
  9. Where did I say incredible? This is the standard of most the painters in my local GW. Sorry if I didn't know that there was another secret hobby where you need a BA from Goldsmith's!
  10. These all look great to me, I don't know what people expect!? Painting is a great hobby but it's such a different skill to playing the game, not fair to expect 'Eavy Metal from everyone. F the haters!
  11. Does anyone have a photo of the army? Not wanting to judge, just feeling left out of this conversation without seeing it
  12. @Gaz Taylor What buffs can it give to the skyfires?
  13. Does anyone know how Alex played the Tzaangor Shamen in his winning list? (what spells, tactics etc)
  14. I think the winning list is hilarious because you can tell exactly what it does just be reading the list. I've seen all those parts separately but bringing it together does show creativity and fair play to them. Up to GW to rebalance some of those points if they're too generous.