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  1. OK The RCA then, fine! Gosh.
  2. Where did I say incredible? This is the standard of most the painters in my local GW. Sorry if I didn't know that there was another secret hobby where you need a BA from Goldsmith's!
  3. These all look great to me, I don't know what people expect!? Painting is a great hobby but it's such a different skill to playing the game, not fair to expect 'Eavy Metal from everyone. F the haters!
  4. Does anyone have a photo of the army? Not wanting to judge, just feeling left out of this conversation without seeing it
  5. @Gaz Taylor What buffs can it give to the skyfires?
  6. Does anyone know how Alex played the Tzaangor Shamen in his winning list? (what spells, tactics etc)
  7. I think the winning list is hilarious because you can tell exactly what it does just be reading the list. I've seen all those parts separately but bringing it together does show creativity and fair play to them. Up to GW to rebalance some of those points if they're too generous.
  8. For sure with 80 there are a lot of options - unless you've already chosen 6 heroes when it's a bit more limited. 60 is ok (clan rats etc I guess). The real problem is 40 - it seems like too much to waste but nothing that good to get for it
  9. It's great and the models look great, but almost everything in the box is not setup with the "competitive" options. - Paladins: only 3 and no maces - Liberators: no special weapons - Prosecutors: hammers not javelins - Lord on Dracoth: No shield That said, it's a very cheap entry point with loads of models - it's just that in retrospect buying the kits separately would have meant not worrying about how to do all the conversions - which I still haven't got round to!
  10. For chaos, You can get 6 giant rats for 30 points - I guess you could charge them up the field and get in the way a bit.. chaos familiars prob more useful if you're taking any wizards?
  11. When I make lists using the models I want to, it often comes out with awkward left-over points. What is the best way to use up those spare points? Some factions/alliances have cheap units, cheap heroes etc. So which are the best ones and when are you best off just going for a triumph? e.g. Black Ark Fleetmaster - only 40 points, worth it?
  12. bloodsecrator

    I had assumed from the various podcasts etc that the not-stacking would be really clear cut now, but actually looking at the warscroll, it's just as ambiguous as before. I would say nothing has changed - where does it say that a unit can't have the Rage of Khorne twice at the same time? Maybe they didn't spell it out because GH2 will put a blanket ban on same ability twice. But until then, or until it's FAQ'd I wouldn't assume it has changed. Remember the "Chaos Talisman doesn't work on Mortal Wounds" debate, and how wrong everyone was.
  13. War dancers are 60pts for 5 models, no? Eternal Guard seem like better screening unit
  14. Another list idea. Had another look at Arch-Warlock's scroll, He is amazing! Allegiance: ChaosLeadersThanquol and Boneripper (500)- Warpfire ProjectorsArch Warlock (140)Skaven Warlord (100)- Warpforged BladeWarlock Engineer (100)Battleline40 x Clanrats (240)- Rusty Spear40 x Clanrats (240)- Rusty Spear10 x Clanrats (60)- Rusty Spear3 x Stormfiends (300)Units1 x Warpfire Thrower Weapon Team (60)1 x Warpfire Thrower Weapon Team (60)War MachinesWarp Lightning Cannon (180)Total: 1980/2000
  15. Hi Kirith, I'm in Cornwall too! Warhammer Truro has a games evening every Friday until 9pm - some AoS being played but mostly 40k still.