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  1. How would these female knights look with liberator shields? I think the scale is quite big, but maybe not stromcast level huge. https://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/Vigilator-Squad
  2. All great - did you miss Tales of Sigmar?
  3. This looks fantastic!
  4. Regarding OPness - hopefully they are balanced and play tested against current battle tomes like stormcast, Tzeentch, BCR etc. Regarding all the other factions from the grand alliance books - hopefully (and this has been hinted) you will see an across the board points reduction for units that aren't currently competitive in GH2, which is perhaps only a few months away. So even existing duarden may get a buff soon
  5. Regarding the look and "too sci-fi" / "too 40k" - I predict it will all grow on people in no time. I remember when Stormcasts came out, lots of people hated them for the same reasons. But hating on "too much detail" etc just seem crazy - it's basically "I wish the models were smaller/worse like I remember". Just buy the old models!
  6. How can there be so much / any salt about this?? These look amazing!
  7. scenery

    I spent about £30 on 6 fish tank ornaments- ruins, bridges & trees. They look great and come painted!
  8. I face the Prosecutors down with their wings resting on the top of the foam waves. That foam is Very forgiving - I've stuffed loads of things in their and the only things that have come apart are a couple of parts I hadn't glued properly - no plastic snapping so far
  9. I have the starter set - if I get Start Collecting Stormcast Eternals is it possible to build / convert in such a way to build the grand blade and grand hammer so I can make 2 units with a special weapon? Don't mind cutting bits off my existing models if necessary!
  10. These are great! What paint are the gold parts? Really subtle
  11. What do people use as Sayl? Obviously the legit model is quite nice but it's not amazing. It seems like it would be possible to convert Kranon the relentless, which also a really nice model. The hardest part would be modelling the snake staff. Do some people just use the generic Chaos Sorcerer model?
  12. There is almost no fluff in the Chaos book - it's really just pages and pages of different models. Some of the factions have Battalions but Slanesh doesn't. So... other than some great pictures of the models there's nothing much for a Slanesh player
  13. I really like the idea of having heros and wizards that buff, heal and protect my brave warriors. What are the best units for this in order? Especially ones that aren't subfaction-specific (like Spellweavers blessing etc)
  14. Personally the 1st thing I did when I got interested in AoS was buy the Chaos and Order books (+ Generals Handbook) from my local GW, and they are both awesome. Great if you're trying to decide what you want to collect and like me you weren't a WFB player. C'mon, £20 for a full-on Argos catalogue of fantastic models and rules! I then bought Death and Destruction, which were both a let down due to much smaller selection of units. The weird bit for me was getting the app later on, and seeing all these weird out of print units and factions like Wood Elves, Bretonians etc. It's a shame that I can't unlock the points and battalions I have in the book on the app because I bought the physical copy, but overall worth it. the thing I actually wouldn't do again is buy the starter set - it makes you put a lot of time into building and painting models that wouldn't necessarily be your army of choice.
  15. Chaos Knights look great on paper but haven't used/fought them yet. Any good? Is Be'lakor good in AoS?