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  1. Did you ever build one yourself? Sent from my G3221 using Tapatalk
  2. With just a quick look, I like the look of it! Certainly took me back to the 'original' rat tank! C&C time - I think the movement rule is a little convoluted but I can definitely see where you're going with it! Its the get within three, but can't be within three bit that's a little confusing. I wonder if something like a 'grind' attack would reflect what you're trying to achieve? If in combat with the tank for more than one turn, auto inflict the D3 wounds to represent tank moving around and running folks over as they try and attack it. Sent from my G3221 using Tapatalk
  3. Skaven Warlord. Do you take the warpforged blade or the halberd and barbed blade combo? With a chaos rune blade magic item, the warpforged blade could have 4 attacks. Thar and the -2 rend is selling it to me, but what do other folk take? Sent from my G3221 using Tapatalk
  4. Have now done cards for each of the Verminlords (excluding Forgeworld) Verminlord Warbringer Made a change to the existing Death Frenzy card. Updated the card subtype and switched around the artwork. Vermindlord Corruptor Despite its short name, the description for 'Plague' is rather long. It's been edited for brevity, but hopefully, confers the full rules. Vermindlord Deceiver Verminlord Warpseer The full title of the Warpseer Command ability (Forth-forth, Children of the Horned Rat) had to take a cut, as cardsmith wouldn't allow the full thing, but it should be obvious enough.
  5. Only had time enough to put one more together. For the 'honorary' skaven himself, Sayl.
  6. I like@orion976 's take on it. To quote someone (napoleon?) "quantity has a quality all of its own". Sent from my G3221 using Tapatalk
  7. So on the back of the work of @Soulsmith and @Killax who've made Tzeentch and Khorne cards (and for the sake of my own gameplay) I've been making some Skaven play cards for the various spells and command abilities. For the moment these cards are based on my own needs, but if anyone wants any knocked up then let me know. If you've got a suggested artwork - even better. Also - comment/critique on design, colour combo choice etc is welcome. I also wanted to make up cards for the 'generic' command and spells, with a Skaven focus. So i've managed Arcane Bolt and Inspiring Presence - appropriate artwork for Mystic Sheild is a little lacking.
  8. Would love to see this on the battlefield. No idea how it'd play, but it'd look amazing.
  9. By no means an expert on these things. Looking at pictures of oil online, it looks like it reflects a lot of light - there are greys into near white on it depending on the source of the light. Maybe you need to add some highlights to the black before applying for the 'ardcoat Sent from my G3221 using Tapatalk
  10. Honestly, I've not worked with the plastic grey seer, so pinch of salt as i'm not sure exactly how easy it would be to convert. But looking at the sprue, it looks as though it would be a reasonably easy model to work with, every main part is separate - including the head you mentioned swapping out. Doesn't even look like there's many amulets/items that are directly 'grey seer'.
  11. Again, stunning work. The eyes are brilliant - subtle yet you're drawn to them. Look forward to a battle report!
  12. Yeah, I certainly didn't think of it, and 9 times out of 10 I bet they wont do anything of use, but there'll be that game where they outnumber at an objective and win it for you and you'll have beaten your opponent with 30pts of giant rats [emoji23] As for the Star, I'm sure only the most ball breaker opponent or TO would object to counts as for a single giant model with a different weapon! Sent from my G3221 using Tapatalk
  13. Nice, almost identical to my list, though I went with Warbringer and a ratling gun for the third weapon team. Based on the advice I got, you can put 30 those last 40 points to use with some giant rats. 30pts for six. Use for screening or objectives. Sent from my G3221 using Tapatalk
  14. Small update, as nothing happens quickly when batch painting 40 clanrats! Base skin/fur colours and the base for the yellow has been applied to all the clanrats. Next up will be to put the lighter skin on face and hands, the cloth colours and metals. followed by a generous dab of agrax. Then the yellowing begins. I've also finished painting my first full unit! When working out my list, I had a spare 40 points - so with the suggestion of @Dez, 30 of those points went on six giant rats. Turns out I had exactly six of the old metal marauder-era rats. Really nice sculpts - and very easy to paint!
  15. Clan Skurvy is a great colour scheme. Was an inspiration for mine, for sure. The NOVA event looks awesome - so many games Sent from my G3221 using Tapatalk