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  1. Really awesome trio, great work.
  2. Thanks all. @galas @Aspirant Snaeper, I think I'll put those points into action. Drop the chosen in favour of some more fodder! Appreciate the help! Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
  3. It was released for the 10th Anniversary of Games Worthshop in Italy and Germany. There's a buy it now for it on eBay for £125 if you're feeling flush! There's an example of a sold one going for £50 so that's possible your starting point price wise. Try the various Facebook trading pages Middlehammer, oldhammer trading company etc. Number of folks on there have these sorts of minis.
  4. I'm hoping you guys can help me. I've got a selection of minis from way back when that i'd like to press into service. Hoping someone might help me construct a 1k force with them? AoS is pretty new to me, so still trying to suss out what works well. At my disposal are; 30 Marauders 20 Warriors 10 Chosen 5 Knights 3 Dragon Ogres 3 Chaos Chariots (Not Gorebeast) 1 Shaggoth Lord on Demonic Mount Belakor/Daemon Prince Slew of heroes and sorcerers For 1k, I had thought the following. Godsworn Champions of Ruin Warscroll Daemon Prince Sorcerer Lord 10 Warriors 5 Chosen 3 Dragon Ogres 10 Marauders 1 Chariot Thoughts? Cheers!
  5. Fortunately, my gaming group is pretty small and not that competitive so I haven't suffered too many defeats. But can definitely see how they wouldn't be too good at a tournament Good to know there's more of us fans of the old minis out there! Working on the lord on mount at the moment, hope to have some pictures up soon.
  6. Stopped playing warhammer around 7th Ed, but have been drawn back again by the allure of Age of Sigmar. There have been some amazing models released as part of Age of Sigmar. but there's something about the old minis that I love. So i'm getting to work on creating my AoS Chaos force using a mixed selection of oldhammer/middlehammer minis (it's also cheaper as I already had many of them ) This'll be my plog recording my progress towards creating my Chaos force. Nothing competitive, just minis and units I like. Here's the force as it currently exists. These are the models that i've based for AoS so far. I've still got a few more (hounds, warriors and marauders mainly) that need re-basing and a pair of chariots that are in need or repair! Now for some select highlights. This group in the middle are a selection of miniatures from the late 80's Realm of Chaos range. With one exception, the 'not' Harry the Hammer guy which is from the initial Diehard Miniatures kickstarter. This unruley lot will be the basis of my Chaos Chosen unit. Moving over, I've got my selection of Heroes to chose from. Couple of sorcerers, Chaos Warrior from Warhammer Quest. I've got one of the Games Day Chaos Lords to add to the pool too at some point. Some Thunderscorn minis to boot. The Shaggoth is an amazing mini, and was a lot of fun to paint. Will be good to get his 'brothers-in-arms' up and painted soon too. And for larger scale heroes i've got the awesome Belakor mini (wip) who'll be running as a daemon prince and the glorious Slaanesh mount with lord! And for the last shot, here's a close up of two of my personal favourite minis, from my Chosen unit. Both were really fun to paint. Hope to keep the whole process moving along in the coming months! See you all soon.