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  1. Ah damn, you're not wrong there! Shrine makes some sense, actually quite impressive what you get for that extra 20 points. Guess it's two of the new boxes then
  2. So what constitutes a reasonable 1k list for folks here? Following list seems to come out at an even 1,000 points; Cauldron of Blood Death Hag 20 Witch Aelves 20 Witch Aelves Bloodwrack Medusa Bloodwrack Sisterhood battalion Is the battalion worth taking at this level, with just the two big blocks best poised to make use of it? Any way to wrangle a unit of Doomfire Warlocks in a 1k?
  3. So it seems that the new box will be retailing at £60 - so £20 saving over buying individually. Buy it from third party then for £48-£51 which isn't so shabby. Sent from my G3221 using Tapatalk
  4. [emoji24] In a true first world problem, I'll be on holiday so can't pick up the new toys. I guess if I was a true wargamer, I'd find a GW near me! Sent from my G3221 using Tapatalk
  5. Ah, knew there was something I couldn't put my finger on with the number of models. They're showing the shrine on the box so maybe it's 'technically correct' if you build it as shown. But in reality it's 13. Sent from my G3221 using Tapatalk
  6. Also, anyone with access to the past games on twitch - there was a match with daughters the other day. Good demonstration of some of the armies synergies in action. Sent from my G3221 using Tapatalk
  7. Seems that daughters are getting a little love with the new handbook. They're getting a mixed box called 'daughters of khaine - blood coven' with a unit of witch elves/sisters and a shrine/cauldron. Hopefully this will come in at £50 like some of the other boxes of this sort. Sent from my G3221 using Tapatalk
  8. I can see the desire to do this - being the one to choose to get the charge can be powerful - but once they're in they're just run of the mill guys with no buffs - unlike all the new guys on the block [hopefully this'll change come GHB17]. Perhaps try keeping your army the same but change up the marks you give them. If you're up against shooting try Tzeentch to get that extra save protection or depending on your weapon load outs try Khorne or Nurgle for combat. Make tweaks first, and if that doesn't work, make changes.
  9. This will be easier to navigate under the new GHB. as you'll be allowed 400 pts of allies, whilst still retaining the benefits of a 'pure' StD army. With the new book in mind, StD will be getting some allegiance abilities that will hopefully give them some umpf - so don't ditch them just yet! If you can, try taking Marauders in larger blocks, so they become a tar pit [I think going forward, they'll be a 20 min unit if the GHB17 hints are true] 30 of them are great for 180 pts. Chosen can give buffs to *all* other slaves units within 8" with their 'Slaughter-Leaders' ability - and just need to kill one model. Great against hordes, low AV units. They're expensive though, so keep them protected. If you're taking the chariot and knights, try using them in tandem to really hit a particular unit, but maybe not against big blocks. And I can't remember which lord/champion it is [book not to hand], but if you give each unit in the army the mark of khorne, the lord can help buff them all with his command ability. Take a Lord of Chaos and which ever mark you want. Make sure all other StD units have that mark. StD units within 10" of that LoC benefit from that ability - i.e. all StD within 10" can re-roll 1's to hit. I personally don't run knights in my StD list, as they're such a point sink, but other people seem to swear by them.
  10. Also, what are you running in your list? and what's your play environment like (casual, competitive etc)
  11. That's not a problem! If you send me a DM, we can figure out the postage and get the money over to you. Thanks again.
  12. In Search Of: Skaven Doomwheel Banner, as per picture. Don't mind if painted. Bits sites have it priced at about £3 (sadly out of stock), happy to pay something along those lines for it!
  13. Hi Max, thanks for checking - Never saw a notification of a reply, so sorry it's taken this long to say thanks! That would be fantastic help. DM incoming. (again, didn't see a notification, sorry it took so long to reply)
  14. Tretch Warbringer Sayl Warlord 30/10/10 clanrats 30 Stormvermin Warpfire/Ratling Gun/Ratling Gun Stormfiends (3)
  15. Pretty much hit the nail on the head. I do agree with you that things do and should be shaken up with new releases, keeps folks on their toes and stops things getting stagnant. I'm just being melancholy about it as it's not some list i've been running for years which i'm hoping stays the same - it's something i've been buying, building, painting since May towards a single goal - a project - that now needs to change. It's the way of things for sure, I'm just a little sad that it's when i'm so close to achieving my 'goal'. c'est la vie!