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About this blog

This is my painting log for King Pharakh the Vain as he gathers his numberless legions within the Endless Deserts of Shyish. I will also be posting my various other AoS painting projects here from time to time.

Entries in this blog

Mengel Miniatures


I did some greenstuff work on my Banshee last night. Mostly just filled the gap in her wait, and some gaps on her arms. I still have a bit of work to do on the hand holding the knife, and probably will round out the waist in a few places. I also still want to do the magical energy coming off of her outstretched hand.



I'm also thinking about putting her on the base with the two banshees swarming around her, and use them to elevate her a bit, kind of like a mini Nagash. At the moment it looks odd, so I will mess around with it a bit more, maybe heat them up and see if I can bend them more.


I also messed around and came up with a warscroll for her to use in narrative/friendly games. In Matched Play games she will just be a regular Banshee who's my general with the command ability that makes her a wizard. The black box on the warscroll will have a picture of the finished and painted model later on.

Mengel Miniatures

So last night I was messing around with the Banshees from the Mortis Engine kit, trying to figure out the best way to stick them on a regular base when I looked at some of the other bits I wasn't going to use from that model. I thought the torso from the lead vampire on it was particularly Banshee-esque so I started messing around with other parts and this is what I came up with!


Still a lot of greenstuff work to do, mostly filling gaps, like at the waist, and re-sculpting detail that was lost. I may sculpt magical flames coming off her outstretched hand. I'm also playing with the idea of elevating her above 2 of the banshees from the Mortis Engine, so they are swarming around her.


I may switch out the head too for one from the Mortis Engine Banshees with some greenstuff work. I'm unsure on that though, I kind of like the look of this, like the death magic has stripped her flesh away. Thoughts?


Her robes are made out of the Coven Throne curtains by the way ;)

Mengel Miniatures

Last night I managed to finish up my Banshee and my Mourngul. With these two done my 1,000 point army is done! This was my original goal, but I will probably continue to expand these guys out to 2,000 points. I think I will go on to a different small army for the moment though.





I will have better pictures of everything by next week most likely.


Mengel Miniatures

Started in on my Mourngul for my Nighthaunts last night. So far I just have most of the shading down, no highlighting yet. I think I'm going to continue making the hands a bit darker. The claws and teeth will be black with ethereal highlights. I don't think this guy will take too long.


Mengel Miniatures

My Hexwraiths are now done and ready for basing. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out, especially the fire since I was unsure about that.





Now all I have left to paint (besides the bases on everything) is one more Wraith, a Banshee, and the Mourngul. My goal is to get the all done before I leave for a 2 week vacation in 2 weeks. I think I can do it.

Mengel Miniatures

Hexwraiths ho!

My Spirit Hosts are done now except for the basing so it's on to the next unit, the Hexwraiths.






I have


I have the ghostly parts done on 3 of them so far, so just 2 more to go. They are taking about one per evening right now, so not a bad pace. After all the ghostly parts are done it's onto the scythes and the flames. The flames will be a bright green when they are done, via the use of a Waywatchers Green glaze. I think that is suppose to be grass underneath their hooves on a few of them, but since my bases won't have grass I will be painting those the same as the flames. 

I also got the Malignants box for Christmas so I can start planning out the expansion of the army beyond 1,000 points. If I convert the Mortis Engine into a Black Coach then all I will need to buy is one more Spirit Host box, a Banshee or Cairn Wraith (unsure which I want yet) and another Mourngul... 2 Mournguls in 2,000 points isn't bad, right? ;)

I wish Nighthaunts had one more type of unit because I would like to not add a second Mourngul, but at the same time I don't want my army to just be a ton of Spirit Hosts. If I do get a second Mourngul I would convert it somehow. Right now my thoughts are closing the jaw, changing up the hair, and maybe extending the raised army backwards and putting a Stormcast victim in it. :)

I hope to have my first 1,000 points done by the 12th because I leave for vacation for 2 week that weekend. Let's see if I can do it.

Mengel Miniatures

I ended up having to push my Nighthaunt tutorial back to next week due to issues with the post. Looks like a few packages of mine are taking longer then expected to arrive from the UK. In the meantime though I have started on the rest of my army. All I'm missing at the moment are my Banshee and Mourngul. I have glued everything else together, primed it all white, and given everything the first wash of Nihilakh Oxide. On 3 of the Spirit Hosts I have also gone in with the more selective wash of Coelia Greenshade, and on the ghost in the bottom of the first picture I have done the highlights. Looks like my technique transfers well across the whole army. I think the Hexwraiths will end up taking the most time though and I may have to insert a few more steps because of how large and flat their horses robes are. Hoping this will be a quick project.





Mengel Miniatures

I recently decided to start a new small force for my half of the Team Tournament for Adepticon. I'm taking my Tomb Kings for the singles tournament and wanted to play something different the day before for the Team Tourney to give myself some variety and avoid burning myself out on 8 games in a row with the same army. This also gives me a little break from painting Tomb Kings.

I also have Stormcast but I'm trying to paint those to 'Eavy Metal standards. I have about 500 - 700 points done so far, but didn't want to rush anything to hit 1,000 points, plus that would probably take up all of my painting time before Adepticon and I still need to finish my Necrosphinx before then at the least for my TK.

After going back and forth between Ironjawz, Bonesplitterz, and Nighthaunts I decided to do the ghostly guys. I picked them because they are relatively low model count, fairly unique, and quick to paint while still looking good!

My 1,000 point list will be

  • 2 Cairn Wraiths
  • 1 Banshee
  • 2 Units of Spirit Hosts
  • 1 Unit of Hexwraiths
  • 1 Mourngul

Before I committed to the army I bought a Cairn Wraith to test out my color scheme on. I wanted to make sure I could paint them quickly and still look good. This guy below took me about an hour or so of pure painting time. Lots of drying time though, but when painting several units at once that should be mitigated a bit. I'm really happy with how he came out and especially like the solution I came up with for his weapon.

I'm still waiting on stuff for the base, which will look awesome, but it's a surprise until it's done! I will also have a step by step tutorial for this guy on Mengel Miniatures, most likely next week, but possibly the following week. It all depends on when all of my basing material gets here. 



Mengel Miniatures


So I took the plunge and started painting my Necrosphinx. I expect this guy to take awhile. I will probably break up my painting on him and do other projects in between sections so I don't get bored. I'm painting him in chunks, starting with the stone, then I'll move onto the gold. I decided to start out with the main body, next I'll move onto the hood and tail then the legs before moving onto the gold. I am going for a black marble look. I have a tutorial for it up on my website. I'm pretty happy with it so far.



Mengel Miniatures

I finally started working on a Tomb Herald on chariot conversion idea I have had for years. This guy is still very WIP and has a lot of work left to be done, the chariot is just a stand in for right now, his will be much fancier. The raised hand will either have a flail of skulls or be hurling a fancy spear. The other hand will be gripping the front rail of the chariot. I'm also thinking of sculpting on a half cloak around his wait of scale armor like his tabard, which will be fluttering back in the wind.

I'm pretty excited about how this guy will turn out. In friendly games I will write a custom warscroll for him, in other games I will just use him as a king in a chariot.




These two images are my main source of inspiration for this model along with the description of Settra's Herald, Nekaph, from the 8th ed book.

tomb herald.png


Mengel Miniatures

Tomb Scorpion!

I've started in on my next TK unit, the humble Tomb Scorpion.


i am going for more of an actual dead scorpion over one made of bone or stone. Kind of like they found this giant dead scorpion, entombed a liche priest in its carcass and stuck a bunch of ornamental stuff on it, you know, the usual.

so far I'm liking how it's looking. This should hopefully be pretty quick to paint to. I'm doing the carapace in sections so I don't burn myself out. The legs are next.

Mengel Miniatures

I am playing in the Michigan GT at the end of September and want to take my Tomb Kings. With what I have painted now though I don't have enough Battleline units. I could have split my unit of 30 spearmen up, but they really lose effectiveness at smaller numbers. Instead I decided it was time to add more of my favorite TK unit to my army, chariots! 


I already have 4 chariots painted, so I only need to paint 2 more and a banner to attach to the fourth one I already have (the one at the back of the line in the pic above). I usually paint larger models like this one at a time, and in fact I'm pretty sure that's what I did with the rest of my chariots, it's hard to remember because I started on the unit in 2011. Since I want to get these done in time for the tournament though I decided to paint them together. I still struggle to paint full production line, so instead I do a kind of semi-production line. I do a lot of the main base colors and washes at the same time, but then I focus on one model at a time. Right now I am painting the chariots themselves. One of them is done now, the other is very basic at the moment, but I will finish that one before I move on to the horses. All of the horses will be painted before moving on to the crew, and etc.


There's my first newly finished chariot body! Happy with how it turned out and happy to be back to my TK. Fun fact, the wood on all of my TK units are painted slightly differently because I can never remember how I painted it before!

Now on to finishing the second chariot body, which will be for the unit champion. Thinking of painting the bones surrounding the skull on the front of that one as actual bone to make it stand out more.

Be sure to visit The Endless Deserts website, the home for all things Tomb King in AoS including new lore, rules, maps, and more!