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Nighhaunts Army in Progress

Mengel Miniatures


I ended up having to push my Nighthaunt tutorial back to next week due to issues with the post. Looks like a few packages of mine are taking longer then expected to arrive from the UK. In the meantime though I have started on the rest of my army. All I'm missing at the moment are my Banshee and Mourngul. I have glued everything else together, primed it all white, and given everything the first wash of Nihilakh Oxide. On 3 of the Spirit Hosts I have also gone in with the more selective wash of Coelia Greenshade, and on the ghost in the bottom of the first picture I have done the highlights. Looks like my technique transfers well across the whole army. I think the Hexwraiths will end up taking the most time though and I may have to insert a few more steps because of how large and flat their horses robes are. Hoping this will be a quick project.






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