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About this blog

This blog is all about creating a Halfling Army in the Mortal Realms. This is a fun project, and I'm just planning to take my time with it. Hope you guys enjoy it at least half as much as I do! 

Entries in this blog


Halflings are back!! 

My apologies for not posting for a while, but college got the best of me. Still, last weekend I was fortunate enough to attend an event in Ohio hosted by "Rend 4" Club with my good friend Chuck Moore. You can check out his coverage of the event right here 

Anyway, the day before the event came and more than half of my army wasn't painted so I had to hold a 6-hour painting session after school to get three colors minimum on all my models (I'm sure some of you know the struggle).  However, the task was accomplished and the Halfling "Free Peoples" force was ready to go. 


Going into event, I was not expecting to do too well since I brought a mediocre list (Steamtank, archers, and demigryph knights are not particularly overpowered), but I planned to have fun anyway. 

My first opponent was Michael representing Pittsburgh "Steel City Sigmar" club, and from what I've heard he was quite a good player and indeed he was! We played "Duality of Death" and boy I got crushed! His stardrake held one of the obejctives the whole game, while he promptly shot off anything that I tried to hold the second objective with. I've got a major loss that game, but I did score a secondary objective and Mike was a great sport and it was great chatting with him throughout the game!


Getting crushed the first game didn't particularly get my hopes up going firther into the tournament but I still was in quite high spirits and even managed to get second in the Painting Comp with my "Ice Queen". 


Moving on to the second game I ended up playing Chuck's Khorne in "Battle for the Pass" as we both ended up with pretty much the same scores. So far, my Halflings had an undefeated record against his Khorne, and maybe someday he will get that hobbit blood, but today was not that day! Getting initiative  pretty much every turn, and rolling incredibly well with my shooting I managed to score a major victory and a secondary objective for that game. 


Going into the last game, I played Dave Roke who is a part of "Rend 4" club, and I'm just now realizing that I played against all three clubs represented at the event, including my own. The scenario was "Starstrike" and Dave used a Seraphon army with Celestant Prime as an ally. It was my first time playing Seraphon and they are quite a formidable force, especially with Slann casting three spells per turn and blocking all my spells. 


The absolute MVP of that game was definetely my General on a Griffon holding out on his own against Celestant Prime and Saurus Guard with 1 wound left, and rolling 12 succesful save rolls of 3+.


In the end, it was an extremely close game up until the last second of the last turn, where if Dave managed to kill one more model he would've won the major! But that was not the case, as I managed to snatch a major victory from right under the Lizard's claws, which put me at 4th overall and surprisingly 1st in Order! 


In the end of tha day, I got to play some amazing games of Age of Sigmar and meet some fantastic people passionate about the hobby! The event was a success and the T.O. (Neil Larocca) did a great job putting it all together!


That's it from me this time! See you in probably like another month or so.

Hope you like what I've got,

Until next time!



Wow, I really didn't post anything for a while.

Anyway, life has been quite busy and not much hobby has been done. I've built a battlemage and wanted to give him a sort of a steampunkish look, so tell me what you guys think. I know it's not halflings, but he's definitely going to be allied with my army.  


I've also got to test out Shadespire with my good friend Chuck Moore @Odiamh , and while I was skeptical at first, now I'm absolutely in love with the game. The rules seem a bit complex at first but once you play 1 or 2 games it becomes a very quick, fun and tactical game.  Chuck decided to take the side of Stormcast, while I was playing Khorne. We played the best of three, with him taking the first victory, and me winning the other two. Last game was especially fun, as I killed all three stormcast with a single bloodreaver in the last phase. Check out the pics below!




That's it for this update. I'll try to post more hobby and especially halflings as the time allows!

Hope you like what I've got,

Until next time!


Chickens and Dead Grots

Alright alright alright, finally another hobby update. 

To be quite honest not a lot got done during the last week, but it was not completely fruitless. I cleaned some of the gaps in larger models and finished the chicken combs and wattles on demigryphs and a griffon.  


Also, I do not quite have the lore of my army yet, but I do know one thing for sure, and that's that they absolutely despise grots, especially the moonclan type. Thus, I'm planning to sculpt a dead grot on every base of a hero from this army. I also considered adding some to unit champions and will definetely have quite a few on a display board, but that's far in the future. 


That's it for this week's hobby update. What do you guys think? I would be happy to hear any feedback, criticism, or ideas for the army since it's definetely a WIP!

Hope you like what I've got,

Until next time!


Alright guys here's to another blog update!

Quite honestly not much got done during the week, but I accomplished to make the basic combs and wattles for all my chickens! There's still a little bit of greenstuff work to do, but the basis is there. 


I also got a few games of Age of Sigmar this Saturday (haven't played in about a month), both skirmish and 1000 point Matched Play.                                                                                                                                            It was a great chance to see how the Free Peoples perform and I quite like how they play. The first game was against Spiderfang, playing "Knife to the Heart", and let me tell you  THESE SPIDERS ARE SCARY!! I barely got a minor win by killing more enemy units, but it was a very close game. (!my objective marker is a chicken because halflings!)


Then I played against my good friend Chuck Moore and his freshly done KHORNE ARMY!! He does a lot of community work, is involved with GW and AOS community as a whole! He also does a bunch of projects ALL the time (really puts me to shame)! Check out his "Realm Gate" Blog and follow him on Twitter @odiamh. 



We played "Duality of Death", and while I was quite worried about his Khorne, I think the scenario was slightly in my favor and his positioning was a bit too widespread. In the end, I got out of it with a major win, yet it was still very fun to play as always!!


Hope you like what I've got,

Until next time!


Halfling Greatswords

Alright, I guess it's time to finally update this Blog. Truly has been quite some time. From now on I'll try to Update this at least biweekly, so those of you interested may enjoy yourselves some hobbits. 

This time, 10 freshly painted greatswords and a Halfling General with decapitated moonclan grot's head at his feet!



Hope you like what I've got,

Wubba lubba dub dub,

Until next time!


Halfling Steam Tank

One of the more recent additions to my Halfling Army was the STEAM TANK! However, not the GW one, but rather a scrap-build one from various bits and garbage in my possession. My reasoning was that first, it's a nice model but way too expensive; second, I would have to do a ton of conversion work anyway to fit the halfling theme. So here it is ladies and gents, the terrifying Steam Engine of the Moot!




Free people halfling army

Here I'll be sharing my Empire/Bretonnia Age of Sigmar Halfling Army. I've actually started it when the 8th edition was still rolling but at the time it was a small 500 points force. Now I can field around 2500 points worth of half men, however sadly most of it is yet unpainted and needs some more love. Here is an Emire General to get things started!

P.S. I would love to hear what u guys think! If you have any critique or advice!