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Halflings crush Khorne!!! + Hobby Update



Alright guys here's to another blog update!

Quite honestly not much got done during the week, but I accomplished to make the basic combs and wattles for all my chickens! There's still a little bit of greenstuff work to do, but the basis is there. 


I also got a few games of Age of Sigmar this Saturday (haven't played in about a month), both skirmish and 1000 point Matched Play.                                                                                                                                            It was a great chance to see how the Free Peoples perform and I quite like how they play. The first game was against Spiderfang, playing "Knife to the Heart", and let me tell you  THESE SPIDERS ARE SCARY!! I barely got a minor win by killing more enemy units, but it was a very close game. (!my objective marker is a chicken because halflings!)


Then I played against my good friend Chuck Moore and his freshly done KHORNE ARMY!! He does a lot of community work, is involved with GW and AOS community as a whole! He also does a bunch of projects ALL the time (really puts me to shame)! Check out his "Realm Gate" Blog and follow him on Twitter @odiamh. 



We played "Duality of Death", and while I was quite worried about his Khorne, I think the scenario was slightly in my favor and his positioning was a bit too widespread. In the end, I got out of it with a major win, yet it was still very fun to play as always!!


Hope you like what I've got,

Until next time!

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7 hours ago, Kramer said:

Haha What a Cool theme. Glad you like the play style! Keep 'me coming. 

Hahah thank you, they're fantastic! And I absolutely will!!

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1 hour ago, Odiamh said:

My Khorne shall have their revenge!

Neveeeeeeeeerrrr!!! Okay well maybe sometime ?

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7 hours ago, Frankenfreund said:

This is so wonderful. I will steal your idea and make a halfling army myself. Please keep posting ideas and inspirations!

Thank you! I'm glad that this project inspired you,  and trust me I definitely will!

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3 hours ago, Frankenfreund said:

Where did you get Halflings with Twohanded Weapons?


Those were converted from random duadrin and Free peoples bits + sculpted halfling torsos casts. Check my previous post for better pics!!

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