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  1. Do yo have a painting tutorial for the stormcasts? they are truly magnificent
  2. Thanks buddy lookinh forward to your next report too im playing Friday against a khorne army yikes see ya soon
  3. SGusky

    Bloodclaw Starhost

    Hello all I posted this on the general site and so I'm reposting it here I have a game on Friday versus the blood bound and I was thinking of using this battalion has anybody had any luck with it? also if you used it what character did you use in it ? 0looking forward to your replies I'll try to have a video up on my channel soon thank you
  4. Greetings all playing a game vs khorne on friday anybody try this formation out just wondering how it is abd what characters people used with it thanks
  5. Hi guys here is my first video AOS battle report I know the next one will be even better enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kbAUJYxHS8 PS this is the slann mage priest that Dan Heelan signed for me at adepticon two years ago yes I'm that guy it is still brining me good luck cheers steve
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