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  1. Really looking forward to test it. Startet with the new Skirmish Rules and switched to a narrative RP-Campaign with Hinterlands, but i am missing the ongoing development, for good or ill, of my warband
  2. Hi TGA Community, i wanted to drop in to say hello and thank you for being able to get my feet wet in the hobby. Just got 40 this year and wanted to start with a hobby i was always afraid of "Tabletop Gaming" . it took me several weeks of research and reading fluff to decide with which game to start. Important as a lifelong roleplayer and board gamer was history and feel of the game. i wanted to be immersed in the history of the world in which i take my armies to battle. So i ended up with Malifaux, Infinity, Warhammer 40K and Age of Sigmar. I decided to start with Age of Sigmar. Main reason: Atmosphere, "new" beginning of the world after the end times and sooo much novels, fluff to dig into. And, last but not least, a wonderful community. So thank you all in advance for any newbie questions i might ask in the coming months. Started buying the starterset, some terrain, battlemap, nurgle starterset, blight things set and the Khorne/Stormcast Battletomes, Generals Handbook and the first big book before the Realmgate Wars-Books. Oh and reading all the novels in the new world and loving all of them. Now i am in the middle of building, painting and having a GREAT time. Its so relaxing and fun. Cant wait for my first game! "Only the faithful" :-)
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