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  1. In 2016 the top 40k Player won $3,500 US. That would more than cover my costs for events for the year.
  2. Hey there right back at ya my man! Hope you are well.
  3. Would be great to see you there!! Rock another awesome looking dragon!
  4. Good evening. You've chosen to call me out, I'm the TO for the Midwest Meltdown. I started it last year and we had about 26 players or so. It's the only event I run so I'm hardly the guy making decisions for the Midwest. I decide for my event. Full stop. This statement above from you is a flat out lie Zach. I've explained to you personally why I chose not to adopt the ITC and you've chosen to misrepresent me. I'd like an explanation as to why. My personal reasons for choosing not to adopt the ITC are as follows; Cash prizes in 40k (*its the model, so its not if they end up in AoS but when...) Run by a For-Profit Organization (ITC terrain packs for sale!) BCP had no soft score support We've all seen or heard of the debacle at the 40k ITC streamed event at the LVO. If THAT behavior doesn't explain why I'm 100% against anything that could ever even remotely possibly turn into cash prizes then I can't make you understand. I've also met Reece of FLG at Adepticon and later spoken with him directly about the subject. And we discussed it like professionals. I chose a different path. He accepted that and there was no ill will on either side. We wished each other the best and went on with our lives. Since you bring it up, I do have a grudge with one guy, and yes the ITC is involved but not at all in the way you might think. He is someone that I considered a friend. He was the first to bring ITC up to me and after some investigation I chose to pass and told him so, stating the same list of reasons why. He continued to hound me about it for the following 6 months (or so) and crossed a line with me personally after refusing to accept my decision. That was completely brought upon by his behavior and nothing to do with ITC itself. I'd also like to point out that his behavior also was a factor resulting in him being removed from the gaming club he's been involved in for at least the 5 years since I've known him. And that club is filled with some of the greatest men you could ask to meet. I'm not naming him as my intention here is not to shame him. I do feel like there is a very good chance he is influencing this narrative. So, for my part, my event is and likely always will be ITC free. If asked my opinion on the subject, I will repeat what I have said on the subject from day one. Ultimately, all I want is to be done discussing it. Domus aka James Hyde
  5. Yep, those LOTR bats are what I am using.
  6. domus

    Hobby Tunes

    Lots of goodies, nice. I love to listen to certain shows on Netflix while I hobby. It doesn't work with all shows. My TV is setup out of LoS from my hobby station so I can only hear it with an occassional look. So far the shows I have found work very well with Audio only are - Breaking Bad and West Wing. Another great piece of music to hobby to IMHO is the Mad Max soundtrack from the most recent movie.
  7. Here's my Soulblight Soulblight - Swift Death Vamp on Zombie Dragon - General - Mistform / Sigil (*alpha armies failing charges is bad... I'd take the goblet if it worked on me mount) Vampire Lord on Nightmare 3 x 5 Blood Knights 2 x 3 Vargheists 3 x 5 Dire Wolves 1770 pts Units of 10 are intriguing as they do get the most mileage out of the command ability but the unit of 5 maximizes the return. I've also been considering sneaking a Wightking in with a standard. The remaining 230 pts spent on summoning. I'm new to death but this, to me, is so strong with possibilities. I love having the toolbox to dip into. Plus there is a bit of mental jihad having all these extra models on your display. Cairn Wraith (for obj holding in Duality / Three places) Spirit Hosts Skeletons Dire Wolves Balewind (could be used for the little vamp vs an army without shooting / magic to simply own an objective) Morghast Harbingers This list is gonna have some hard matchups but I think is fun to play, and play against.
  8. I like the troll hag as an IJ ally. Big attention getter, hard to kill, and dishes out the dmg. That shooting attack is short Range but should do serious damage. I really like her for the 2 scenarios where Heroes hold objectives.
  9. Warlord Edition + Digital copy for me.
  10. My Clan Pestilens was built using SCGT comp with a Glottkin prior to GHB1. I played an event with them and put them away. They will definitely be coming back throughout the coming year. Massive Units beg for Catalpults to rain filth upon their heads. The best command trait has yet to be discussed anywhere but it will be worth the wait. ;-) Verminlord Corruptor - General 4 catapults 3 x 40 Plague Monks That's the core of the list. Will add to it as able.
  11. Hey guys, the battle between Pete Foley and Ben Johnson on the Warhammer TV stream today was amazing and absolutely worth watching. One of the most exciting games I've seen on the stream to date! Brutish Cunning happened (*not British Cunning, as some of my friends misread LOL - although that happened too!)
  12. If Gordrakk goes down enough, I'm super excited to give him another try with this new allegiance ability.
  13. The damage reduction change is a big change. Dmg 1 units can actually inflict some dmg now.
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