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  1. I might have to run some sneaky smugglers screen by sporesplattas in place to buff some boing Boyz 6 attacks on the charge 4+ 4+ (or 4+ 3+ if buffed by manger squigs boss) + MW sounds great fun just a shame the sporesplattas doesn't effect them as well haha
  2. Yup they get their own spidery spell lore was confirmed in one of the recent community articles... This book is shaping up to be great fun
  3. Hahaha well I may have to make space for more moonshine on my shelves... Hopefully the wife doesn't notice
  4. How essential do everyone think the moonshine will be as I just don't have space for massive terrain piece 😥
  5. You never know could be part of the kit as we know the big guy will have lots of extra options
  6. I would say for you skin tone instead of an off white use a light flesh tone to mix with your green, and maybe on things like the nose use the flesh and light glaze of red. I really hoping this is moon clan and friends i.e other grots, troggoths and maybe gargants with some shiny new models (maybe throw in a fun new character or 2)
  7. Loving these new models and because of Zarbag I accidently a moon clan army just need squigs now... Anyone know of a good way to convert netters?
  8. Hey guys, loving all the stuff on here its really inspiring!. Just thought I would through the start of my merry band of despair. The forest that had bore many names before but most recently "rotspue confluence" that was until the mighty righteous hordes from the heavens drove the darkness from the very ground with their purging lightening. Buzzing, chriping life filled the air that had once droned with the sounds of the debased awoke the slumbering giant of a man. 'What is this, where am I.' The thoughts buzzed through his head confusion seeping from his every pore. Then the voice struck, no mortal sound could make it and none outside the man's skull could hear it. The words if they could be called such as they seemed to ooze, buzz and slide round his mind in a way day old offal might slide from a rusted blade. "RISE MY CHILD, DEFEAT IS NO EXCUSE TO SLEEP MUCH HAS YET TO BE SPREAD. NEW LIFE BRINGS CHANCE FOR NEW INFECTION" His lord and master bayed him to begin the grest work again Nurgle regenerative power rebuilding his broken body anew refilling it with vital energy. It was time he had lost to sigmar's ****** and his beutiful forest had fallen to rebirth but he would not fail again. With that the mighty figure of Glutsplan Goreblessed stood his pale armour glistening with infection his mighty hammer Rotspreader a mockery of those that Sigmar finest carry swinging in his massive fist, corruption seeping around every step. "Now where was that pathetic village, I am in need of followers" Off he strode to bring back his beutiful garden he had lovingly made for his Grandfather...
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