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  1. Absolutely love these! excellent work really like the sorceror and harbinger. May i ask what is the base model of the sorceror? Also the harbinger is that just the rider from the rotspawn kit and a plague drone? They look incredible i find the stock GW models for them very bland and nothing exciting about them but love how youve portrayed them. Looking forward to seeing any more pics you post.
  2. Me and a few mates have never played AOS before and thinking of picking it up and building 2000pt armies. What were looking into doing is some kind of ongoing campaign where we can build our armies up whilst playing over say the next 6 months. One game a month where we have a deadline of either a certain points or certain troop types built and painted ready to play. Similar to white dwarfs tale of four warlords. Just wondering if any of you guys have attempted this successfully and any tips and help with suggestions of game types for different points levels and views on doing it points or specific units? If i can create something with a ongoing narrative for it aswell will be a bonus. As a bit of a guide these are the armies 3 of us have picked - Nurgle mortal, death and a Sylvaneth army. Cheers
  3. I agree, thanks for all your help can't wait to build this and trial it out
  4. Ive had a bit of a look and a think and ive created a new listed very similar to yours @sal4m4nd3r but ive changed out one of the blightguards. plaguetouched warband Harbinger of decay - General bloab rotspawned Festus The Glotkin 3 5 man blightkings 1 10man chaos marauders with mark of nurgle not included in the warband 2 10man Chaos Marauders with mark of nurgle chaos sorceror lord with mark of nurgle thinking of using the 2 10man marauders that aren't included in the warband as objective secure units. Then the others can get the buffs from the warband and focus on taking out the opponent. Any thoughts on my changes?
  5. cheers for your great advice on that im thinking i may have to save the skaven for a future list and just focus soley on mortal nurgle list. Your list does sound like it would be great fun to play im not fussed about making a list that is majorly competetive just one that i can have great fun playing. The blightking models and rules are just too nice to let slip by so they are defo being a focus of what i build my army list around. havent looked into the plague touched warband formation much so will have to check that out. With what you was saying about using plague bearers im assuming thats the skaven plague bearers not the nurgle demon ones is that right?
  6. Thanks i dont mind my list being torn to pieces. Im new to AOS so im happy for any advice i can get. I didn't realise that blightkings weren't battleline with me adding the skaven i just assumed they were cus of the Nurgle tag on the warscroll. I love the blightking models so they are a defo include for me. I did originally look at epidemius purely cus i like the sound of the nurgle tallyman ability so may look into that a bit more and expanding off them more than using the skaven. Whats your opinion of what comes in the nurgle starter kit are they worth it for this kind of list?
  7. Im New to age of sigmar just picked up the generals handbook and the grand alliance chaos book and starting to plan my first army for 2000pts. Im liking a Mortal Nurgle theme with Pestilant skaven. Heres what im thinking so far: Blightguard formation: Lord of plagues Rotbringer sorceror 4 units of 5 putrid blightkings Pestilant Clawpack: Plague priest 3 units of 10 plague monks Plague Furnace This takes me to about 1700 just unsure what to add to it thinking of getting the skaven starter set which would give me a plagueclaw that i could add to it to get a bit of range or i also like the looks of the bloab rotspawned. With being new to Age of Sigmar wanted to seek advice from experience players on where to expand my list or if any changes they would make?
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