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  1. Does curse of fates stack with Lord's of time and space? Both affect a single unit so it seems it would?
  2. heres an example; 20 attacks hitting on 4s wounding on 3s with 1 rend and 2 damage. vs a 4+ armour, rerolling saves of 1 if you hit on 4s, you take your attacks(20) and times it by 0.5 (which is half, as 4/5/6 is half the dice rolls) so with your 10 hits, you now times it by the amount you wound, which is 0.66666 (or 3/4/5/6, which is two thirds) now with your 6.66 wounds, you take his armour saves (it would be 0.5(4/5/6), but you have rend 1, taking it to 0.3333 saved (only 5 and 6) but he rerolls ones, meaning you take 0.333 and times it by 7/6 for 0.3885, meaning he saves around 39% of the hits, so now taking 6.66 and multiplying it by 0.61(100%-39% is how many you will DEAL) means you will get through 4 times, you then times that by 2 for 2 damage, so 8 damage in total is dealt ON AVERAGE now if you want to figure out a likely minimum (80% of the time this will happen), or potential maximum(0.001% of the time this will happen) you need to go more extreme, but averages tend to be enough to give you a good estimate
  3. Sports scores are stupid, and wildly subjective. changing them later may as well be allowed as voting 1 for them not knowing there rules properly or questioning a rule is also allowed. better solution imo is getting each player to nominate top 3 games in order at the end, and then awarding players bonus points according to that. if someone feels its a bad game they should let the TO know so that they can warn/watch/penalise/ban a player
  4. was an awesome game, i deployed incredably poorly and you took full advantage of it, i learnt a lot you are the only player i didn't table, so you were doing something right haha
  5. if he can get a turn, very hard to alpha strike him. if he doesnt get mystic shield/command ability, some armies can drop him quite easily.
  6. sounds pretty good, my list struggled massively without Draz, you really really need that high speed option, thinking allies but i have an idea for a good draz/magmadroth conversion so i dunno lol im dropping magma cannons for iron daemons in my list i suspect, those big guys are just so amazing. keen to try bull centaurs, they sound like they do quite well
  7. battalions used to be awesome, they are too expensive now... i cant justify taking one anymore
  8. any Aussies want to head over to this? i might be able to if i start saving now lol
  9. game 1 :major loss to beastclaw in gift from the heavens, his list was a stonehorn, some mournfang, a thundertusk and a huge amount of frost wolves, he was good player who just stick to objectives to the detriment of everything else. i forgot inspiring presence and it cost me 10 dwarves and probably the game on the first turn, as the mournfangs managed to kill 11 and battleshock rolled a 6 killing another 8, leaving the mournfangs out of combat and able to go grab the objective for a single turn. Turns out that if you can grab the objective for a single turn in gift from the heavens, you win if you can just hold your own by letting wolves block the way the rest of the game lol. one magma cannon didn't do much because i deployed in the wrong part (really need at least 1 fast unit... a bad meteor spot can mess up this army because its slow) game 2 :major win vs sylvaneth gnalroot. Started well with shooting off his venator before it did too much and jumping everything in my army onto the objectives, but then drycha came up and damn near 1 shot my army with the amount of 6s she was rolling. Took her off straight away, and tried to pick off hunters, but they just kept regrowing. My shooting was absolutely terrible, and i never ended up killing 2 units of hunters, i didnt do enough wounds. At one point his treelord ancient teleported up the back, and thanks to fireglaives/ironsworns mortal wound leader ability i was able to nuke him pretty hard. Overall, he just didnt have the damage with 6 hunters to push me off objectives and claim the win (thanks 3+ iron daemon!). game 3: major victory. good fyreslayers player, it was epic match up on a volcano fire board. i managed to kill everything but 1 unit(even tho i forgot the magma cannons get 2 dice on 10+ models!), i was able to snipe out heroes, which really hurts fyreslayers, he nearly won but got a bit greedy for the easy turn 4 win with keeping a unit on an objective but right near me to get a longer pilein on his big squad of 30, which backfired when my magma cannons managed to shoot them off and let me win by a single point. (need to remember magma cannons ability, and always check up on rules of units, shooting out heroes can be amazing) game 4: vs nighthaunt. turn 1 he charges me with 9 spirit hosts with damned and morghasts (ouch) managing to do 2-3 wounds on every single iron daemon and magma cannon. in return i got a double turn and my magmas did over 20 wounds alone... so good when they roll well. called it at turn 3 because all that was left was 2 heroes. was painful to see what good rolling can make this army do... game 5 vs flesh eaters, huge amounts of the big flying horror things. we camped off a f ew turns before he engaged, he killed around 22 of the ironsworn in a row, and managed to heavily wound an iron daemon. I proceeded to shoot the big unit not on the objective because im silly. his terrorgeist then managed to kill an iron daemon and 2 magmas in a single turn(feeding frenzy AND the 6 for wounding 6 auto mortal wounds), then he won priority and did it again ouch. not my game but by the end of it managed to catch back up on kill points but way too far behind on objectives. (for this one, i really needed to push up to him, and not let him engage me on the meteor. I was scared of the big bats, but once they got in combat they werent all that scary. the terrorgeist on the other hand was brutal) At this point i have just realised i never once used cunning deciever or the "roll 6 and get +1 to hit in combat" which both would of helped quite a bit, ill need to remember that next time. The khorgarath was nice, but i really needed something fast in my list. The daemonsmith wasnt all that useful, mystic shield was the most useful thing about it typically. tempted to drop him, the khogorath and a magma cannon so that i can fit drazhorath in, giving me a bit more speed/power in the list. overall very happy with iron daemons, they were consistantly better than magma cannons except for rare targets with 2+ rerollables
  10. 3 is the good spot i find. i was running the pestilins formation with 3 of them really well pre ghb2017, not sure if i will still include that, but i also had a block of 30 plague bearers, 10x2 marauders nurgle marked, and 3 demon princes (fast objective grabbers) and a few other bits and pieces, worked pretty well... with a double turn, i was getting the +1save (2+ demon princes) on my first "turns"
  11. running this in a team tourney this weekend should be good fun: ill post up a bat rep on Sunday night Standard bearer -general -cunning deciever Daemon smith -crown of command 30 iron sworn 10 fireglaives 10 fireglaives 4 iron daemons 4 magma cannons 1 khorgorath not sure it would be massively effective in a normal tourney, teams should help me get the better match ups tho
  12. bring the 4th magma cannon, 4 of them is scary good lol
  13. i do magmas/rockets on 105x70, infantry on 25 mm and heroes on 32 mm, otherwise im using the same sizes
  14. exalted tzeentch demon is the only one i think thats worth taking out of the exalted... because tzeentch doesnt have any high wound/save monsters, and he has his own unique spell (arguably)
  15. best use of 80pts spare now? khorgath and hellflayer are the best 2 choices i could find for a unit, but not sure how to justify it into chaos dwarf theme/lore herowise masque of slaneesh of skaar were the best 2 i could think of
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