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  1. Battletome: The End Times

    Welcome, to Battletome: The End Times. The result of more than 2 years of hard work, this is my tribute to the Old World. This project is a complete conversion of all the original End Times scenarios into battleplans for your games of Age of Sigmar. It also has added Times of War rules and campaigns to make it as content packed and interesting as possible. It has even been designed to be faction neutral, so you can use it even if you don't have any Old World factions. It's a complete Narrative gaming package for all fans of Age of Sigmar.
    For those of you unfamiliar with the story, the End Times were a series of campaign books that detailed the doom of the World-That-Was. Over the five tomes, we learned of the heroics and tragedies of our favorite heroes as they struggled valiantly against the coming storm. In Nagash, we see the Great Necromancer once again ressurected, a bid to stall the chaos gods before they can consume the world. In Glottkin, the full might of Nurgle's followers is unleashed. Khaine gave us resolution to the setting-defining conflict between the High Elves and the Dark Elves, before the isle of Ulthuan was sunk. During Thanquol, the Skaven rise up and destroy the empires of the Lizardmen and Dwarfs. And finally, in Archaon the heroes make their last stand against the forces of Chaos. Ultimately, Archaon, Lord of the End Times, succeeds. The Old World is destroyed, leading to the birth of the Mortal Realms.
    Battletome: The End Times features contributions from more than 50 people! Many have sent photos, given technical help, done proofreading or a thousand other things. This project wouldn't exist without all of you. Thank you. This also makes Battletome: The End Times one of the largest community collaborations in all of Warhammer! You guys are all awesome. Really. I have been humbled by how generous everyone has been with their time and efforts.
    All five End Times campaign books in one massive package 49 battleplans 6 Times of War 5 Mighty Battles campaigns The full Mighty Battles campaign system More than 100 pictures of awesome models Original art by Max Fitzgerald A huge community effort Entertainment to last you a whole year, even if you play weekly! And much, much more  
    I hope you guys enjoy!



  2. Mighty Battles: An Age of Sigmar Campaign System

    Mighty Battles is a campaign system for two players, designed to be played across a single day, weekend or a couple of club nights. If you've ever played a campaign that just died a slow death, you know how frustrating that can be. Mighty Battles is here to allow you and an opponent to string your battles together in a simple structure, add some narrative details, and finish the story in a reasonable amount of time! Included is a guide on how to design your own Mighty Battles campaigns.
    All 5 End Times campaigns are also packaged in, giving you plenty of content right off the bat!



  3. Battletome: Nagash

    Battletome: Nagash was the first of the End Times campaign books. It follows the story of his resurrection all the way until he crushes the kingdom of Nehekhara. 
    This is the longest tome in the project, featuring 21 battleplans. It also includes the two Times of War "Haunted Battlegrounds" and "Darkest Depths" as well as the Mighty Battles campaign "The Rise of Nagash".



  4. Battletome: Glottkin

    Battletome: Glottkin is part 2 of the End Times books. This is the original appearance of the Glottkin, a trio who would return again and again to plague the Mortal Realms. Where Nagash focused on the Undead, this tome is set squarely in the Empire, with Karl Franz taking center stage.
    Among the shorter tomes, it contains 6 battleplans for your to play. In addition, it has the "Chaos Ascendant" and "Streets of Death" Time of War rules and the "Conquest of the Tentacle Lord" Mighty Battles campaign.



  5. Battletome: Khaine

    Khaine is the third part of the End Times saga. This was the turning points in more ways than one, as the massive conflict between the High Elves and Dark Elves was resolved, and the enigmatic Wood Elves were brought back into the fold. 
    This is another shorter battletome with another 7 battleplans. It contains a single Time of War, "The Great Vortex Weakens" and a Mighty Battles campaign, "The Return".



  6. Battletome: Thanquol

    This is the fourth tome in the End Times series of campaign books. The Skaven unleash their endless hordes, and the empires of Dwarfs and Lizardmen fall. There would be no coming back from this.
    Here you will find 6 battleplans detailing the fall of Lizardmen and Dwarfs, as well as Thanquol's shining moment! The Time of War "Realms of the Lizardmen" is also included, as is the Mighty Battles campaign "The Doom of Belegar".



  7. Battletome: Archaon

    This is the final tome in the collection. Battletome: Archaon covers the final moments of the World-That-Was.  This is really where the whole sage ends. Archaon the Everchosen shows why he's called Lord of the End Times.
    It contains no Time of War rules, but compensates with 11 battleplans, many of them quite complex. It also has a Mighty Battles campaign, "Plague and Death", no points for guessing who's involved in that!



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