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  1. Dan Hadert

    RAW17 - Critique

    Hi guys, Sorry it took so long to leave some feedback. Overall I had an awesome time and Tom and I are gutted we couldn't make the monstrous arena. It was a huge step up from last year which is quite and achievement. So thank you for all your hard work! If we could book for next year we would immediately. Im going to mirror Untimentions and say that I think everyone would love to see more TO interaction on the table, you guys are kings of narrative and it would have been cool to see you directly steer some on the tabletop. Painting wise I am extremely proud of my Best hunter trophy and its on my desk currently and Im looking forward to pushing myself with my project for next yeah The only thing I would change, would be to change the best army selection back to 'coolest army' (which I love compared to best painted or best army and set last year apart) I was obviously delighted with an army nomination, but I was gutted that a couple of armies that I thought should definitely have been up for 'coolest army' didn't get the opportunity to showcase themselves. And I would hate for those people to be discouraged from making the effort again. I understand that 'Coolest' is still very subjective but I think it helps people with there voting choice and the judges selection. That said the top 3 armies would have been in the same place anyway so congratulations to those guys they were all stunning. Overall my best tournament experience of the year, thank you.
  2. Thanks again Jon. As tom said we both really enjoyed the missions. Thank you everyone who voted for my stormcasts, I was really chuffed with the win and it's spured me on for my next project.
  3. @Jimbo never fear we are both at south coast, I went to uni there so I'm psyched.
  4. Hi Ben My second entrant is Tom Wall. My name is cooler but he insists on using his own.
  5. Please put myself and Tom Wall down for a place! Looking forward to it.
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